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What is town: Definition and 70 Discussions

  1. M

    Who's the newest chef in town? Join our community and learn all about cooking!

    Hello! Fairly New PC member trying to get this show on the road!So excited to be a part of this communityLove Cooking and getting others into it as well.
  2. jcsmilez

    My Town Devastated by a Fire, How Can I Help?

    On September 15th a wind driven fire (Boles Fire, Weed, CA) swept through and wiped out nearly half of my small town. 157 homes, our library, food bank, early headstart classroom, human services office, two churches, our brand new community center and only gym were lost in the blaze. I am...
  3. byrd1956

    Join Me in Painting the Town Pink for a Cause | Help Whip Cancer Catalog Show

    I have decided to have a Paint the Town Pink catalog show for October. How does this sound to share with my friends, family and PC contacts? I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you! Will you help me Paint the Town Pink? I am looking for helpers to help on my Paint the Town Pink Catalog...
  4. C

    Bridal Shower Cooking Show W/ Out of Town Bride

    Hi everyone - I am a team member in Carolyn Kraham's downline and I have been asked to help give a bridal cooking show. I am encountering a few problems and could use ANY and ALL advice! Brief background on the party ... it's cohosted by two women who work together. Shower will be in one...
  5. D

    Will Waddington, NY Be Crowned the Ultimate Fishing Town?

    Would you be willing to vote of Waddington, NY. We are in the lead and would like to stay there. I do not live in this town, however I do many shows there. Waddington is located on the St. Lawrence River. When you click onto the site, you can read all the wonderful things that Waddington and the...
  6. P

    Advertise Your PWS in Our Local Town Website!

    I know that we're not allowed to link to our PWS but can we have the website listed in an advertisement? Our local town has a website and I could do a display ad on their website. Can I just mention my PWS without linking to it?
  7. A Pampered Kitchen

    Building a Business in a New Town

    I just found out we will be moving to San Diego, CA. I don't know anyone there. How do I go about getting my business started there? I am just a year into my business and don't have many repeat customers and will need to rebuild my business. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. kcjodih

    Send a Postcard from Your Town: Help Make My Daughter Smile!

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there were any cheffers willing to send a postcard from their town/city or state to my daughter. She's in her final year (fourth year) of Pathfinders and it hasn't been too pleasant this year. Very disorganized leader who promises the moon and the stars and...
  9. C

    Store in Town With Our Products in It

    I found this on Facebook and have reported it to the home office. They haven't done anything as far as I know. She is advertising that she has Pampered Chef products in her store. You can look at the pictures and see a whole section with products. She has the sauces that are $12 for $14.95 in...
  10. J

    Get Started on Your PC Consulting Journey in a New Town - Tips & Tricks Inside!

    I just received my consultant kit today! super excited to have my first show, which the date is not confirmed yet. My family and I have moved to a new town and I am going to try this venture...I have always considered becoming a PC consultant and I feel now is the time! A little nervous of...
  11. emiscookin

    Success in a Small Town: Overcoming Challenges as a Pampered Chef Consultant

    I'm worried that my success won't last very long here in a small town. :( I'm just getting started (signing up today actually) and I'm not sure how many PC consultants are out here, but I'm gonna guess around 5. (My director didn't even know the exact numbers ;)). I mean, this town is not...
  12. D

    Easy Appetizers for a Town Hall Bridal Shower

    I have a bridal shower that I'm doing in 2 weeks and its at a Town Hall. There is no oven or microwave and I told the Bride I would be willing to make some appetizers. Anyone have suggestions of food that would be easy to make and transport. Not sure how many guests will be coming, but would...
  13. gailz2

    Join My Town on Facebook and Connect with Fellow Cheffers!

    Do any other cheffers play My Town on FaceBook? I'm needing some more neighbors--hate to say it, but I'm addicted. Since I got started on FB games from a post on here a long while ago, I thought I'd try.
  14. DebbieJ

    Something to Do While in Town for Conference

    http://www.youswoop.com/Default.aspx?SkipLanding=true&Invite=dailygiveaway This looks like fun and it's half price today!
  15. K

    Welcome to Pampered Chef! New in Town? Here's How to Get Gigs

    Hello! I haev someone interested in signing with PC but she is new to the area. How do i encourage her to get her shows when she knows NO ONE! Any suggestions? This is my first recruit and its a friend of mine so I want her to really do well! Thanks :)
  16. G

    Where Is Everyone??!?It's Like a Ghost Town. :Confused:

    Where is everyone??!? It's like a ghost town. :confused:
  17. PampChefJoy

    Out of Town but Working Hard: Project Update

    I'm working on one but I'm out of town right now till Friday so it's hard to get everything together. I should have it ready by this weekend.
  18. janej76

    Hi :Cheerleader: the Uk Incentive Trip Rolls Into Town Next

    Hi :cheerleader: The UK incentive trip rolls into town next week(!) so just wondered if there were any Chicago natives, or frequent flyers on CS? If so what is the absolute must do/see?? I can't wait for the head office tour, and the shopping! But what else would you recommend?
  19. P

    Town & Country: Pampered Chef Products Still Available?

    Is Town and Country still in existence and do they still provide PC products. I remember ordering from them when I was a consultant some years ago. Thanks
  20. M

    Rant 2 Different Open Houses in Same Town

    i just have to rant this out. I a a little upset being there is 2 different open houses in town this weekend and nether of them are ME. I know one of the ladys but the other one i have never met and nether of them are my recruiter. the thing is that being my recruiter quit i thought that i...
  21. gailz2

    Pampered Chef Fundraiser a Huge Success for Small Town Nursery School!

    I'm just so excited I had to write it here. I offered to set up a table and do a fundraiser for my grandson's nursery school this past spring in our small town, at a Big Truck event they held. We sold about $320 and I threw in 5% on top of it. Today we just had a Shopping Day fundraiser for...
  22. susanr613

    What to Say to Someone New in Town

    Good evening - I just returned from a show and have two recruit leads - my host and one of the guests. :eek: The guest is relaltively new in town and concerned that show knows no one besides the host of the show. How do I encourage her? She seems interested in the opportunity and is...
  23. pamperedcheermom

    Host Upset About Out of Town Shipping!

    Not sure if this is the right thread but it will work............ I had a host whose show was scheduled for early Oct. It had been on the books for about 2 months. Two days before the show she cancelled saying no one could come. I offered the catalog show idea and she was fine with that...
  24. Y

    Question About Out of Town Trips and Deductions

    I live in KY and am planning on visiting my mom in FL in a couple of weeks. If I give a couple of shows while I'm there- I can tax deduct the mileage, right? Also- can I tax deduct a car rental? Does Pampered Chef get any corporate discounts at any car rental places or hotels? Thanks!
  25. myjobisaparty

    Looking for "New in Town" Flyer/Letter

    I want to pass out letters to my neighbors and places that I frequent, etc. telling them that I'm new in town without saying "please help me--this moving a business thing is for the birds"! LOL :) If you've done something like this or have a flyer/letter for this purpose, can you please send...
  26. ChefSharain

    A Night To Remember: My Unexpected Trip to Crazy Town!

    I have read so many stories on this site from all of you...some I have laughed my rear end off about and some were really wierd! I always thought, "My goodness, glad that hasn't happened to me"! Well...let me tell you about my night, last night. I walk up the sidewalk to the door and pass...
  27. C

    Watching Mccain/Palin Live Town Meeting!

    Right now! They are in Grand Rapids - packed house at the Community College Fieldhouse. What I really like is that they are holding a Town Meeting, but the questions are not being censored, and the audience has not been hand picked.
  28. P

    Extreme Home Makeover Is in Town!

    They are in Toledo, Ohio this week...yes, Ty and the group! A firefighter and wife and their 11 kids (many adopted). This story should appear on TV in November. How cool when it is so close!
  29. pampered1224

    Hot & Humid Chi Town Week Ahead: Wed-Sat

    Well folks! We did it again! Hittin Chi town when it is going to be upper 80's to low 90's and humid - Wednesday to Friday. low to mid 80's Saturday. With the possibilities of rain come Friday. Some may be sever.
  30. whiteyteresa

    Extreme Home Makeover - Coming to My Town

    Here is the link to my Local Newspaper I am going to try to be there YEAH http://www.times-news.com/local/local_story_178140656.html I will post more when I have more info :chef: