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What is meeting: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. naekelsey

    Cancelled Meeting: Rescheduling Plans with My New Recruit

    Our meeting was cancelled because only 2 of us could show up. I am so bummed! Where do I find out the information we were suppose to find out about? I would like to still doing something with my new recruit tonight and go over it with her tonight. My director said it is probably on CC now...
  2. DebPC

    Director December Meeting: Before, During, or After Trip?

    Who's having a December meeting this year? Are you doing it before, at the same time, or after the Trip Announcements?
  3. P

    Director Vent... Quote of the Day From My Meeting Last Night

    "Jenni has never had an original idea" I was talking about all of the ideas for fall themes shows, booking ideas etc. I pass a LOT of stuff along to my team, feeling that more is better... let them weed through and pick what they want to use. I tell them what I do but want them to have...
  4. NooraK

    Personal Can You Help Support My Mom's Hospice Project?

    I wanted to ask some help from all of you wonderful Cheffers, because I know that if anyone can do it, you can. My mom embarked on a journey to open a hospice in her hometown several years ago, and last September they were finally able to open the doors. Unfortunately, they have not had any...
  5. C

    We Just Did the Wraps at Our Cluster Meeting Tonight. We Tried

    We just did the Wraps at our cluster meeting tonight. we tried two: the Grilled Buffalo-style chicken wrap, which i didn't taste because everyone was saying was spicy and the grilled chicken & garden-fresh basil wrap...the consultant brought parsley instead of basil (lol):rolleyes: but...
  6. finley1991

    Director Maximizing Team Success: BTB Meeting Follow-Up & Destination Feedback

    How did your meetings go? Thoughts? Do you like the destinations? How do you teams feel about them? Are you doing anything special this year to help your team earn them?
  7. wadesgirl

    Referral Marketing Group Meeting

    I met a lady at my chiropractor in December who invited me to join their FB group. It's a group of local small business/direct sales owners that share ideas, offer up referrals, etc. They have meetings twice a month. The first meeting is always the night of our team meeting so since the Back...
  8. kreaser

    Spice Up Your Back to Business Meeting with Fun and Unique Ideas

    Anyone have anything really different and fun planned for their back to business meetings? I am holding mine tomorrow as my schedule to did not permit me to hold it on the 5th...just wondering if anyone had anything "fun" to add to my meeting
  9. finley1991

    Director Boost Your Business: Innovative Ideas for Promoting Your BTB Meeting

    Any unique ideas to help promote the BTB meeting? Cost effective?
  10. F

    Postcard Opportunity for Back-to-Business Meeting: Don't Miss Out!

    Anyone have a great post card opportunity flier made up? We're having an opp. event prior to our back to bis. mtg. and I'd like something to send out to potentials in post card format.
  11. F

    Director Kick-Off Meeting Flier: Jan. 2021

    Thought I'd share the kick-off flier we are using for our Jan. mtg. Have it in word, but wouldn't let me attached - invalid file?
  12. E

    Back to Business Meeting Invitations

    Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if any of you have started to create excitement around the Back to Business Meetings for January 2012. I'm thinking of mailing personal invitations to my team members and including a raffle ticket in the envelope to be entered to win a prize for coming. Does...
  13. Deb Bixler

    Unlock the Power of Teamwork with a Puzzle Theme at Your Next Meeting!

    Is your training meeting getting boring and stale, is your team members yawning and glancing at the clock. Even as part of a team, the home party plan business often seems like a solo enterprise. :sing: To get members thinking like a team, try the “puzzle theme” at your next meeting...
  14. TerraOB83

    Team Meeting: Sample Size Salsa Purchase Idea

    We had a team meeting yesterday and we were talking about the sauces. It would be great if we as consultants were able to buy sample sizes instead of the 10oz bottles. I know we get them for $7.50 but it would be nice to get like a 2oz or 4oz size just for shows. what do you guys think
  15. C

    A New Morning Meeting Idea: Bringing Color to the Table

    Just another idea for everyone. Maybe we can meet in the mornings in the general dinning area. Maybe someone could come up with a table decoration to let everyone know who we are.
  16. M

    Director Should I Wait Until After National Conference to Host July Meeting?

    I am waiting until after the National Conference to have my July monthly meeting. Is the 11th too soon to have a meeting and share all the exciting news about conference with my team (new products/promos/discontinued items)? My Director has discouraged sharing anything previously with...
  17. cookingwithlove

    Director Boost Team Meeting Attendance: June Invitation Tips

    I am really trying to encourage everyone to come to my June meeting. Lately my team meeting participation has been dwindling. Does anybody mail invitations to their team members? If so can you share the invitation?
  18. A

    Director Late Meeting Fun: Share Your Stories!

    our meeting is late this month....but wondered if any of you did anything fun....that you'd like to share??? TIA!
  19. chefkathy

    Director Quick! Help With Meeting Tonight!

    Tonight will be my very first team meeting after breaking from my director a couple months ago. I have one consultant coming (and her aunt--they kinda do this together) AND at least one lead. What should I do? Just follow the meeting planner as is? Start with a quick recruiting spiel...
  20. dannyzmom

    Director Missing April Meeting Planner - Need ASAP!

    Did anyone happen to download the April meeting planner to your hard-drive before CC went down for maintennence? I though-ahead enough to download my team's stats - but not the &*%$^ meeting planner...and my meeting is tomorrow night ARGH:yuck:
  21. Bren706

    Relay for Life Kick-Off Meeting

    Our local Relay for Life Kick-off meeting is this Monday, and I will be there offering fundraising information. For those that have presented at the meetings, what do you suggest I bring, besides catalogs with fundraising packets? Do you set up a table with products? Do you present host...
  22. N

    Urgent: Need Help With Back to Business Meeting

    I am in charge of our clusters meeting tonight. My director is out of town and there are a few things I need and I was going to see if someone could help me out. I need: 2011 Incentive goal worksheet Take Control...Make it Happen Now! 2001 Goals If anyone can help me out and email me...
  23. chefruthie

    Director Handouts for B2B Meeting Are up on Cc!

    Just wait til you see the new recruiting incentive! I'm totally motivated now!!
  24. lockhartkitchen

    Join the Phone Version of Back to Business Meeting on January 5

    Is anyone doing a phone version of the Back to Business Meeting on January 5 that I can join in on?
  25. natural

    What's the Best Theme for a Back to Basics Meeting in January?

    Hi all I posted this and I did get a reply, still looking for ideas...I was thinking of going with the Oh the Places You will Go theme and call it "Going Places" it revolves around the trip and moving forward with your biz....any other thoughts? SAndra
  26. natural

    What fun theme are you planning for your Back to Basics meeting in January?

    Anyone have a fun theme they are doing fro their Back to Basics meeting in Jan?
  27. finley1991

    Director Join Us at the 2011 Kick-Off: A Night of Food, Fun, and Surprises | RSVP Now!

    I got really fired up yesterday after our Leader Call with Amy Neal and she was really adamant that we market the heck out of the BTB meeting in January. She said that in addition the evaluating they've done with the Career Plan and those changes, they've also evaluated the incentive trips. As...
  28. C

    What are some fun game ideas for recognition at my end of year team meeting?

    My director is traveling to my area to hold a team meeting with my team and guests. I want to do some fun game for recognition. Any ideas? I have bath and body works lotions, sprays, gels... for each of them. But wanted to do something for top earners that was really fun. I have 3 potentials...
  29. pckelly

    Director Effective Cupcake Show Strategies for Sales Meetings

    Anyone have info on how to do a successful Cupcake Show? Some of my team requested this info at our last sales meeting and we didn't have time to talk about it.
  30. baychef

    Director November Meeting Handout Delay Notice and Updates

    Was there any notification given if the Nov. meeting handout was going to be delayed? It mentions one in the meeting planner but there is nothing to click on. Wanted to plan my meeting this weekend as my meeting will occur right after I have 3 big parties the first weekend in November.