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What is asap: Definition and 155 Discussions

  1. V

    How Can I Increase my Bookings as a Consultant?

    Hello everyone, i have been a consultant for a year this last August. I have loved my first year in, and I love the people I work with as well as the hosts I work with and the great products I bring and use on a daily basis. Although I had a great first year, I have struggled with getting...
  2. 6

    Needed Asap Bridal Shower Apron

    My Order is on hold and I never received an email. Just so happen to see it today and its been on hold a WEEK!! Bridal show in 1 week! I need an Apron!! If anyone has one they can send me, I can pay you VIA PayPal for Shipping and Apron... Or Pay you Via PayPal for shipping and Send you the...
  3. N

    Pampered Chef Banner Needed ASAP - Can Pay Tomorrow!

    If you have a PC banner, any style I need one for next weekend. Can pay tomorrow if you can ship no later than Monday. Thanks in advance!!
  4. L

    Can anyone sell me a chili lime rub and ship it out on Monday?

    My host for next Saturday wants to make the mango salsa and I don't have any chili lime rub - don't think it will make it here in time if I do an order, can anyone sell me one and send it out on Monday? thanks!!
  5. nikked

    Urgent Need Votes Asap Pretty Please!

    https://www.facebook.com/freedom.divine.3#!/questions/454028277953232/ Don't normally do this, but a dear friend of ours, whose daughter has Williams Syndrome (and many of you have prayed for over the years), is trying to win an ITunes card for some music (she ADORES Elvis lol) Please vote...
  6. A

    What are some easy no bake recipes for a hot and humid party in Mississippi?

    I have a host who has no air and we live in south Mississippi. It is hot & humid & we need some no bake recipes for her party. She wants to do the Double Chocolate Mousse Cups but it's at 6:30 on Friday afternoon and we want to have something else as well for those guests that come straight from...
  7. VeronicaW

    Get Your July & August OOF's Now - Limited Time Offer!

    Need the July & August OOF's please!
  8. P

    Recruiting Special: Need Help ASAP!

    Can someone please post the recruiting special for this month? I am sending an email and I don't have it .... yikes!
  9. T

    I Need a Cookie Press Asap - Dayton Ohio Area

    Does oanyone have a new cookie press that I could buy and pick up today? It would have to be in the Dayton, Ohio area.
  10. P

    Show Order Form Kn23 Needed Asap!

    Hi my internet at home is down and I cant download PPartners on the computer here at work. Can anyone send me a copy of the KN23 Form? I had a bridal shower and want to get the order in ASAP Thanks!
  11. A

    Looking for an Iso Sling Bag ASAP?

    Hi all! I really would like to buy one of these from you if you're selling one. I would love to have it before my vacation at the end of June. I've been looking for a bag like this and I figured, what better than to have a PC bag so I can promote at the same time?? Please respond to me via...
  12. dannyzmom

    Director Missing April Meeting Planner - Need ASAP!

    Did anyone happen to download the April meeting planner to your hard-drive before CC went down for maintennence? I though-ahead enough to download my team's stats - but not the &*%$^ meeting planner...and my meeting is tomorrow night ARGH:yuck:
  13. cookingwithlove

    Order Form: Needed ASAP - Kam, Anybody, Appreciated

    Looking for the Outside Order form. Kam? Anybody. As always it is greatly appreciated.
  14. M

    PC Opportunity: Meeting with Potential Recruits Tonight - Need Feedback ASAP!

    I met a woman last week who is interested in joining PC. She collected information for a friend who is also interested. I am meeting them BOTH this evening and hopefully signing them... One question: should I sign them both under me OR sign one of them under me and have the other one sign under her?
  15. chefkathy

    Director Sheila, Please Check in Asap (Earthquake in Japan)

    8.8 magnitude earthquake in Japan tsunami warnings Hope you're okay!
  16. K

    Need Help With 2 Catalog Shows! Asap!!!

    Hi all, Ok, I'll jump right to the point. I have three shows scheduled. One is a cooking show tomorrow. That one is ok. The other two are on catalog shows on shaky ground. The two catalog hosts agreed to have a show for me about two or three weeks ago. Today I [U]just received one host's guest...
  17. P

    What are some quick and inexpensive recipes for a tight budget?

    Ok so like my title says I need a couple of inexpensive recipes that are good for a show ASAP. I have a host who is very excited about hosting but she is very tight on cash and was wondering if we could keep the ingreient cost low. I know PC advertises these $2 a servings meals but to someone...
  18. cmdtrgd

    Urgent Can Anyone Help Get Paperwork to a New Consultant in SLC ASAP?

    Looking for a consultant near the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. A new consultant on my team is there with her 17mo old and has no catalogs or order forms. She is in her first 30 days and really wants to try to get orders from the staff there so she can work on her $1250 when she has some...
  19. cmdtrgd

    Director Can anyone help with paperwork at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center?

    Looking for a consultant near the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. A new consultant on my team is there with her 17mo old and has no catalogs or order forms. She is in her first 30 days and really wants to try to get orders from the staff there so she can work on her $1250 when she has some...
  20. T

    I Need to Book Shows Asap, but Don't Feel Motivated...

    I need to bring in some extra $$$. But that means I need to get on the phone and ask people which makes me feel like I am begging for $$. Not very motivated to do it, but need to do it... Any advice? Thanks!
  21. B

    Help! I Need Advice on Buying a Digital Camera ASAP!

    Hi everyone, I need advice asap. Of course once again I ran out of time and Disney is next weekend already. I want to buy a new DIGITAL CAMERA before the trip. I need help!!!!!!! I want to be able to have a great zoom, not much of delay when I want to take a picture and good in bad lighting...
  22. T

    Need a Great Recipe for the Dcb Asap!

    I have the opportunity to show off my DCB at Church at Homecoming Sunday & I have no idea what to fix. I have 2 of them so I could fix a main dish & a dessert. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what I could fix? I've talked to a few of the ladies at church about me selling PC, but...
  23. U

    Need Fall Mini Catalogs ASAP? 50 Needed in Zip Code 89433!

    I need 50 fall mini catalogs ASAP does anyone have some they could priority send to me? Send me your price. Zip codei is 89433!
  24. lisa717

    Looking to Buy Catalogs - ASAP!

    Does anyone have 10-15 catalogs they could sell me ASAP?
  25. S

    Needed Asap!!! Feb Guest Special Page 2

    Needed asap!!! Feb & March guest special page 2Can anyone change these to word doccuments for me? I need to put it horizontally on the back page so I can post it on the back of my order forms. Thanks! My order forms are also attached, so you can see what I mean. We got a new computer and it...
  26. D

    Help Need Asap! Saute Pan Flyer!

    I am wondering if anyone has a flyer for a X-mas gift that won't be here on time? I just got an e-mail from someone from work who wants the 10" saute pan but is just telling me know. Has anyone come up with anything like this before? Thanks!
  27. OhmyDLM

    Quick and Easy White Chocolate Cranberry Torte Cake Recipe

    Hi Everyone, At my team Christmas party tonight someone brought along this super yummy recipe from the Pampered Chef Festive Desserts cookbook. I want to make it for a family Christmas party tomorrow night and thought I had the cookbook at home, but nope! It was called something like...
  28. FromMaria'sKitchen

    Need a Quick and Easy Creamy One Pot Pasta Recipe?

    I'm at work and need to stop on the way home for ingredients to do Creamy One Pot Pasta tomorrow at a lunch show. Does anyone have the recipe handy? TIA
  29. kcmckay

    Personal Best Homeowners Insurance? Please Post Asap!:)

    Hi all as you may know we are in the process of purchasing our first house. It's very exciting but overwhelming at the same time. We need to purchase homeowners insurance for the first time and I'm a little lost. I've only gotten one quote because that's the only one that has returned my call as...
  30. N

    Need Ideas for Pampered Chef Christmas Ornaments Asap!

    I have booked a booth come Dec. 4-5th. THis is my first one and a great opportunity for my business.:chef: One thing is troubling me, though. It is manditory that I assemble a Christmas tree designed with some of my company's products to put next to my booth! It must be between 5'-8' and have...