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What is feedback: Definition and 62 Discussions

  1. chefjeanine

    Announcing an Easy Way to Provide Technology Feedback

    Good morning, Cheffers. This should be in your inbox today. Perhaps this is the way we can get a decent (printable on one page) receipt created in the new system. raebates, Would this be something you'd be willing to take the lead on? Let me know and I will add my vote (and suggest that...
  2. L

    Cooking Tools Feedback: How Durable Are the Spatulas?

    Looking for feedback on the Cooking Tools. My biggest concern is how well the spatulas stand up to use. (I have not seen these in person, so I really don't know.) Thanks in advance! kris (aka leggy)
  3. C

    Going Places Skinny Mini & Collapsible Picnic Basket: Reviews & Feedback

    Does anyone have the Going Places Skinny Mini or the Collapsible Picnic Basket that can be earned next month? What is the quality and how useful are they? Thanks for any feedback.
  4. V

    Feedback on a Neighborhood No Orders Expected Show

    Before I through the towel in on my PC business, I would like to approach my neighbors. Someone suggested that I invite them to a "No Orders Expected" show. Has anyone had success with a "No Orders Expected" Show? I realize PC products sell themselves. Or, should I say it's an neighborhood...
  5. L

    Mini Pie Pans: Feedback Wanted!

    Looking for feedback on the mini pie pans. What do you think of them?
  6. T

    Start Selling Pantry Items to Reach Show Quotas: Feedback Appreciated

    So what do you think of this idea? Ideally I'd like to get enough in pantry orders a month to count as a show. I'd put all the orders under one name since there isn't really a warranty to deal with and I'd pay the shipping then drop the orders off. I want to take the flyer to my show...
  7. PampChefJoy

    soI, Uh, Need Some More Feedback... (Sorry - It's Long)

    Due to an overwhelming (and I mean I am SHOCKED at how overwhelming) amount of feedback about the closure of Tasty Tidbits, I am reconsidering my next steps after the end of the year. I had no idea so many people were dependent on my newsletter. I really didn't think so many people disliked...
  8. M

    PC Opportunity: Meeting with Potential Recruits Tonight - Need Feedback ASAP!

    I met a woman last week who is interested in joining PC. She collected information for a friend who is also interested. I am meeting them BOTH this evening and hopefully signing them... One question: should I sign them both under me OR sign one of them under me and have the other one sign under her?
  9. PampChefJoy

    Clearing Up Expectations: Feedback on Tasty Tidbits Subscription

    Once again, I'm looking to Cheffers for some feedback on my business. I appreciate the candor of the input I get from you guys. So, Tasty Tidbits originated as monthly newsletter offering. Over the years, I added the QuickBites mid-month issue and then the Outlet highlights. Right now...
  10. chefkathy

    Director Share Your Conference Feedback: What You Liked and Didn't Like

    What did you like? What didn't you like? I think it's important to let HO know our comments when we fill out the evaluations so I thought we could share them here. I know I jotted a few things down, but can't remember everything. If we share here, then we can remember to comment!
  11. chefkathy

    Director Celebrate the Magic Feedback Survery

    Did you fill it out? If you missed it before it expired, you can reply to Julie Draho and she'll send you a new link. I REALLY wanted to give them my feedback re:the Hollywood Studios event. Our family had a great time with the Tarduccis that night, but I was overall disappointed in the...
  12. Dotty

    Re-Organized Cookbook - Feedback & Edits Welcome!

    I've taken the cookbook that someone else posted and re-organized it, formatted it, and added some more recipes. Feedback and edits are welcome. Thanks
  13. ChefetteDuJour

    Feedback? Product Suggestions for Non-Cooks

    First of all, thanks to everyone for such generous sharing of ideas and information. I've been reading this site for several months now and have been overwhelmed with the treasure trove of suggestions. I work full-time in a large metropolitan area and seem to run into a lot of "I don't have...
  14. N

    Would Like Some Feedback Please

    Doing my first vendor "fair" on April 11th. I've gotten some great ideas from here but I need some input. I've been a consultant for only about 5 weeks. There are about 8-10 different vendors and we are renting out a hall to try to get our name out there. I have an 8 or 12 foot table. Most...
  15. kcmckay

    Create Your Own Theme Show Flyer with Expert Feedback - Tips and Tricks

    Hello, So I had a theme show flyer in my host packet but then I took it out because I didn't like all the ones that were in there. So I decided I wanted to make my own. I had a recipe breakdown flyer I was using, but decided I wanted to do something more like this. I'm posting it though...
  16. B

    Try Our New Cookie Press & Potato Ricer - Your Feedback Appreciated!

    The redesigned cookie press has only just launched with us in the UK and everyone is very excited about the inclusion of the potato ricer disk as a potato ricer has been a product our UK customers have been requesting for years! However, I'd love your honest feedback on this product ladies and...
  17. susanr613

    Personal Jenny Craig Weight Loss: Honest Feedback on Food, Support, and Results

    Efforts to lose weight by preparing food myself have failed miserably so I am considering Jenny Craig. I would appreciate your feedback on: how much weight you lost (%, sizes, whatever), how is the food, how is the support, how things went after you were done with their food and/or the program...
  18. kcmckay

    Looking for Feedback on My Incentive Offer: How Can I Make It More Appealing?

    I really want a strong June so I'm offering a really good incentive for bookings. I just would like feedback on wording or how I can make it seem more appealing. It may seem like it's high but I have hefty goals and I want to achieve them. I would still appreciate any feed back. Thanks
  19. P

    Ho Follow Ups to Miami Trip Feedback?

    I just spoke to Ann at HO about the feedback I left at the hotel. She wanted more details. We discussed the issue with getting the luggage to the rooms after check in, the fact that they ran out of dessert at the Welcome Dinner, the room service cart that wouldn't go away, and the fiasco my...
  20. byrd1956

    How Does Bamboo Wash Up After Frequent Use? - Feedback Requested

    I have a customer that wants to know how the bamboo washes up. I have only used mine afew times and it cleans up great; was wondering if anyone has used theirs quite a bit and if they feel the pieces will continue to clean up great. Thank you for your input.
  21. C

    Online Party: Feedback Wanted After Holidays

    Have any of you ever done an "online party" at one of the party sites? I'm thinking about doing it after the holidays. I heard about it on a wahm site...just looking for some feedback. I know it's done in a chat room set up.
  22. L

    Share Your Recipes: What Did You Make? Feedback Wanted!

    Hi all, I'm going to be doing a spin off of this, as I didn't have as many people show this past weekend, and my one show this weekend is usually a low attendance show, so I'm going to give rest of prizes and such away, but wondered what recipes everyone made?? Loved them?? Do again?? Do...
  23. bobbyjack

    Feedback Please! Holiday Open House Postcard

    This is my Grand opening postcard - A Holiday Mystery Host Open House. These are the postcards I made - any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  24. linojackie

    Feedback on My Pab Dropoff Letter...

    I am about to drop off my PAB packet and wanted some feedback on my letter. Please let me know what you think... Dear ___________________________________ Employees, Congratulations! Your office was the lucky recipient of my new “Pamper A Business” promotion. You were either...
  25. CyndiWilliams

    Peewee Football Fundraiser Flyer -- Looking for Feedback

    Hi everyone! Here is a flyer that I did for a PeeWee football fundraiser I am doing this weekend. Now, I am in Canada, so the pricing and numbers are a bit different than for you gals (and guys) in the US. Please offer any feedback that you have. Cheers, Cyndi
  26. PChefPEI

    July Newsletter & Your Feedback Invited!

    Thought I would share my newsletter for July. I'd love any feedback. I'll be sending it out later this evening.
  27. S

    Sharing My Work: Open to Feedback

    Just thought I'd share! Also - I am OPEN to ALL critiques and suggestions.
  28. A

    Feedback on HWC Jacket & Polo Sizes

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone purchased the HWC jacket or polo. If you did, how do the sizes run? I am debating which one I want to get. Thansks for anyfeedback. :)
  29. J

    Feedback on My April Newsletter

    Hello Everyone, I would like some feedback on my April Newsletter. I just changed my format and I would like to know what other consultants think before I send it out. Thanks, Julie PS. If you like the email and would like a copy for your own use, message me.
  30. PampChefJoy

    Send Your 2nd Newsletter Mid-Month - Get Feedback Here!

    I'm getting to roll out my mid-month newsletter to my subscribers and I wanted to get some opinions on it first before I send it out to everyone...This is an option for those who want to send out a 2nd newsletter mid-month, or who want to send out a short, non-graphic newsletter instead. Bear...