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What is announcing: Definition and 12 Discussions

  1. chefjeanine

    Announcing an Easy Way to Provide Technology Feedback

    Good morning, Cheffers. This should be in your inbox today. Perhaps this is the way we can get a decent (printable on one page) receipt created in the new system. raebates, Would this be something you'd be willing to take the lead on? Let me know and I will add my vote (and suggest that...
  2. T

    Need a Flyer Announcing I'm Doing Pampered Chef

    I'm looking for a flyer announcing that I'm doing PC. Does anyone have one?
  3. lakamper

    Email Announcing You as a New Consultant

    Does anyone have a form email that can be tweaked to personalize that announces you are a new consultant? I have a new gal who wants to send something out to her friends and family but doesn't want to sound too pushy....help! I don't have anything like this and looked and looked on files...
  4. P

    Announcing My B-Day Club! How Do I Make It "Catchy"?

    I want to start a birthday club for my hosts and customers! I would like to treat those that are interested to either 10% off their order during their birthday month OR they can choose $10 in additional free product if they host a show during their birthday month. I plan on sending an email out...
  5. pamperedpals

    Maximizing Results: The Power of Inviting Over Announcing

    This was a great tip from The Success Factory: SUBJECT: Getting results! Often it may feel as though we are doing all the right things and yet we are not getting the results from our business that we want (booking parties and signing new team members). Today, we encourage you to step...
  6. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Announcing the Cs Non-Cruisers Cruise

    You didn't qualify for the cruise? Do you feel left out? Do you feel like there should be a cruise for us losers that didn't qualify? Well, TKG is with you. I think we need to have our own cruise. Whaddya think? Beautiful Scenery...
  7. R

    Announcing My Website to Customers??

    I've recently signed up for the website and plan to send info out to all my customers. I would like to put something into my email announcement to entice them to check out the new site. Any suggestions? I know someone mentioned something about hiding a recipe on the site and if customers found...
  8. kaceyleigh2

    Announcing Your New Pampered Chef Business

    I'm not sure where to post this...but I'll post it here :D Ok...so I know that you can't have you're personal website address posted anywhere online...( I don't have one, yet, anyways...) but you can send out e-mails to family and friends to announce your new Pampered Chef Business (without...
  9. Cindycooks

    Flyer Announcing Stoneware Sale

    Does anyone have one like this? I am searching the archives also. I need something - even half-page size to insert in our Chamber of Commerce newsletter. They need it by the 15th of August - and the newsletter will come out then end of this month. I want to announce the stoneware sale...
  10. C

    Announcing New Consultant Kick-Off Show

    Has anyone ever made an invitation for a kick-off show for a new consultant that they have signed and now you are doing their show to announce their new business and get their first bookings?
  11. J

    Announcing Your Website: A Guide to Mass E-Invitations and Neighborhood Flyers

    Is there a way to send out a mass e-invitation to your contacts to let them know that you now have a website. I kind of wanted something that looks real professional like the invitations and reminders that are already on the site. Any Suggestions? Also I want to make up a flier to pass around...
  12. Cindycooks

    Script for Email Announcing Website

    Any ideas - I am sending out a mass e-vite tonight to all my customers. I dont want to leave out anything! A couple things I want to be sure to include is the Round Up for the Second Harvest for Hurricane Katrina and the stoneware specials. Also the new recruitment incentive. Im just having...