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Announcing An Easy Way to Provide Technology Feedback


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Jan 19, 2006
Good morning, Cheffers. This should be in your inbox today. Perhaps this is the way we can get a decent (printable on one page) receipt created in the new system.
raebates, Would this be something you'd be willing to take the lead on? Let me know and I will add my vote (and suggest that others do the same). Anyone else willing to take up this cause?

Dear Consultant,

We're thrilled to announce a quick and easy way for Consultants to recommend improvements to our technology tools! You can post your own ideas, vote on others' suggestions, and see what work is completed or in progress.

This new option is now live on Consultant's Corner! You'll see an orange FEEDBACK button in the lower right of the most-used Web Tools (My Shows & Orders, My Contacts, Personal Business Reports, and others). Click the FEEDBACK button to open a pop-up window. As you start typing your idea, possible matches will appear. You can click a matching idea and add your vote. Or, enter a new idea. That's it!

Your vote matters! We'll be alert to which improvements would be the most important to you.
To get things started, we've posted the most common requests we've heard from you via conversations, emails, Community, social media, and the technology survey. Click the "browse ideas" or "open in new window" link in the pop-up Feedback window to see all the idea categories.

  • See an idea you like? Add your vote with a simple click of the button.
  • Enter other suggestions any time.
  • Voting: Entering a new idea or voting on an existing idea counts as a vote. You can add up to three votes to a topic; you have 20 total votes available. Changed your mind? You can remove votes from a topic if you want to use them elsewhere! When an item is completed, any votes you put on it go back into your available 20 votes.
  • Status labels: Some posts will have a status label, so you can see what's In Progress, what's been Completed, or whether an idea is currently Not Planned to be implemented. (If a post doesn't have a status label, it doesn't mean we don't think it's important; the status labels simply allow you to see what is being actively worked on at this time.)
  • Find answers, too: Frequently asked technology questions have been added here for your convenience. (The Knowledge Center will continue to be available with a broad range of articles and answers.)
We hope you enjoy sharing your feedback this way and getting more insight into upcoming improvements to the Web Tools. As a reminder, if you need help with an immediate problem, please contact Technical Support directly through Live Chat, email to [email protected], or call at 1-888-687-2433 (1-888-OURCHEF).


Your Home Office Team

Admin Greg

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Apr 13, 2004
Thanks for posting! I'm sorry you haven't received any responses thus far. Do you have any additional information or can you rephrase your post to make it clearer?