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What is holidays: Definition and 59 Discussions

  1. Shelbi

    Looking for Unique Holiday Gifts? Try Our Station-Style Show!

    I have been seeing all these really cute gift ideas using the batter bowls and products and was thinking lately many people do those mason jars with the cookie ingredients or whatever inside just like the batter bowls but what if there was a station styled show where everyone comes and makes...
  2. K

    Food Holidays & National Food Months

    I found this really neat list of national food holidays, along with a list of food days. Today, September 23rd is national White Chocolate Day. This would be a great way to make the candy corn fudge on Show Talk, since it uses white chocolate. National Chili week is the first week of...
  3. pampered1224

    Shipping Orders Around the Holidays - Experience?

    I noticed it says shipping orders Dec 06. I also know after this many years that around this time of year that is usually never right. Anyone submit a show after the 6th and get it yet? Just wondering how fast they are moving. Thanks!
  4. A

    Director Celebrating the Holidays with Your Team: Ideas for Gifts & Parties

    What are you all doing for your teams for a "holiday" party, gift etc? I am thinking of investing my HOLIDAY budget in the back to business meeting and providing food and beverages and just sending a nice card to my organization with a bonus bracelet bead to complete their bracelets this...
  5. cookingwithlove

    Director Finding January Host Letters & Homemade for the Holidays

    Okay, so I have the January host letters from the Meeting handout, but where do I find them on CC? You cannot amend the ones from the handout. Also, does anybody know where the Homemade for the Holidays was moved to?
  6. byrd1956

    Need to Submit a Show in Time for Christmas? Here's What You Need to Know!

    I am thinking I didn't look it the right spot, but I figure someone will know the answer and I won't have to look for it.... What is the last date to submit a show in time for Christmas?
  7. vhadley

    Is There a Print Out for Ordering for the Holidays

    Not sure how to ask what I'm searching for. Is there a document/pdf that I can print out and give to people to come look at my website to order for the Holidays? Maybe a flyer? Also what do you do to try to increase your orders from your website? Or mainly do you only get orders from your...
  8. C

    Payday and Pampered Chef: A Winning Combo for Holidays!

    I love Payday - and I love that The Pampered Chef makes it possible to pay for Holidays and Vacations without the use of a Credit Card! No After-Christmas credit card shock for us! TPC has taken care of that. Off today to finish up with a few last minute needed groceries, and stocking...
  9. aried

    Customer Care Calls During Holidays.

    So I really need to make out of the box calls. Should I wait till next week? I know I should at least not make calls over the weekend. These are just "how are your products?" calls.
  10. wadesgirl

    Favorite Pampered Chef Appetizer for the Holidays?

    I was going to bring Greek Cheese Torta along with Pineapple Salsa for dinner on Saturday but the appetizers my MIL is preparing are all cream cheese based so I wanted to try something different. Figured I would see what everyone else would make. It needs to be something that is no-bake or...
  11. straitfan

    Homemade for the Holidays Recipe "Cards"

    I don't know much at all about how to "edit" / resize PDF files. Has anyone taken any of the Homemade for the Holidays recipes and formatted the full page recipe into a smaller size that could be used as a handout at a booth? TIA!
  12. J

    forThose Who Don't Celebrate Holidays...

    So I'm making a flyer for my Pre-Black Friday sale to end my 90 days with a bang. My problem is that at least 2 of my prospective shoppers are Jahovas Witness and don't celebrate holidays. Do you know if Jahovahs Witness recognize Black Friday? (I realize it varies by individuals but I'm curious...
  13. baychef

    Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to All!!

    To everyone on CS...may your time with family and friends be blessed! If you have family members that get you down just remember...God gives us friends to make up for family! May you all enjoy the season that you celebrate! Love, Ann
  14. baychef

    Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to All!!

    :chef:To everyone on DS...may your time with family and friends be blessed! If you have family members that get you down just remember...God gives us friends to make up for family! :D May you all enjoy the season!:party: Love, Ann
  15. melindag

    Top Homemade for the Holidays Recipes: Get Inspired Now!

    Hi everyone! Just wondering what your favorite Homemade for the Holidays demo recipe is. Looking for some inspiration..... thanks!
  16. babywings76

    E-Invitations Are Saying "Homemade for the Holidays"?

    I just spoke with a host today. She said that when she sent out the e-invitations, they had the theme about the holidays. I looked into it and sure enough, even though the show is slated to be a standard cooking show, when you go to send and invitation, it brings up the Homemade for the...
  17. AmyP

    Get Ready for the Holidays: Ideas for a Festive November Booth

    I have a few upcoming booths in November. I want my table to have a christmas theme. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. EX: decorations, flyers, signs, what PC products to display....Thanx!!! :)
  18. F

    Decorating With Pampered Chef for the Holidays

    Hi, Everyone! A hostess of mine would like to have a "theme" show of Decorating with PC for the Holidays. I need help with this and thought maybe I could get some great ideas from all of you! I will then put together a flier and make sure to post it here! Thanks so much for you help! :)...
  19. S

    Fliers for Jewish Holidays: Get Yours Here!

    Are there any flies or does anyone have fliers for the jewish holidays?? THanks, Stephanie
  20. janetupnorth

    Getting Ready for the Holidays: What Are You Shopping For?

    So, what are you all getting? I'm probably getting: Package C Cookie Press Stainless Mesh Colanders (set of 3) I'm looking at the 4.5" knife but not sure if I can fit it in the budget...and the shaker (for show, I really wouldn't use it at home). I really would like the Digital...
  21. C

    Online Party: Feedback Wanted After Holidays

    Have any of you ever done an "online party" at one of the party sites? I'm thinking about doing it after the holidays. I heard about it on a wahm site...just looking for some feedback. I know it's done in a chat room set up.
  22. wadesgirl

    Trying New Recipes for the Holidays

    there are so many recipes in the Festive Holiday Desserts book that I'm trying a few of them for the different holiday get togethers I have to go to. I'm making: Caramel Bourbon Spice Cake Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake Peppermint Meringue Wreath Cookies Creme de Menthe Cheesecake...
  23. wadesgirl

    Shopping with Sister in Pampered Chef Logo Wear for Last-Minute Holidays!

    I'm shopping with my sister tomorrow and you know I'll be all decked out in PC logo wear to help get some last minute holiday orders. I have my ribbon tote all ready to go and I think I'll bring my pink sweater to work and change when I leave. Plus I have plenty of mini catalogs to get rid of...
  24. babywings76

    "After the Holidays" Are the Replies From Potential Hosts

    At almost all my November shows, everyone who expressed interest in booking said they didn't want to think about it until after the holidays are over. So my calendar is really empty right now. I tried to encourage catalog shows and last minute Christmas present shows, but no takers for...
  25. K

    What Pampered Chef Stuff Are You Giving for the Holidays?

    My family is having a very PC holiday! Here's my plan so far, and I'd love to hear what you're doing. My mom: Breakfast set Large bar pan, batter bowl, small mix 'n scraper, cinnamon, (pancake mix, real maple syrup) My dad: BBQ set BBQ mitt, BBQ basting bottle, grill quick recipe cards...
  26. krackley

    Interactive Homemade for the Holidays Party

    I'm doing three different recipes - the Turtle Pretzel Candies, the Pretzel Wreaths (from last year) and the cranberry bark (also from last year) - what if I split everyone up into "teams" and let a few people work on each one together - then have them come together to talk about each recipe and...
  27. babywings76

    Host Wants "Homemade for the Holidays"

    I have a host who is interested in the Homemade for the Holidays theme show. Unfortunately I haven't tried any of the recipes yet. I need to talk to her tomorrow and now I don't know what to say. Do I confess that I haven't tried them out yet? I've read the posts about the brownie lollipops...
  28. M

    Home for the Holidays Recipes Collection

    Has anyone put together a collection of recipes for Christmas- Home for the Holidays. I have a table at the bank on Wednesday, and I am doing gifts and entertaining ideas, and I am not quite sure what to do. I woudl like to hand out a collection of recipes, bnut I am not good at compilations...
  29. H

    Host a Homemade for the Holidays Show with Delicious Baking Recipes - Book Now!

    I'm excited!! I touched based with a customer who wanted to book a show but couldn't decide when. I emailed her about the Homemade for the Holidays because I know she loves to bake. Well she emailed me back that she is definitly interested and to call her on Sunday. Now my dilemma! What...
  30. M

    How Does Every One Get Bookings Around the Holidays?

    I want to get some more bookings for the holidays. How does every one get some for nov and dec or evern after the holidays? i would like to know. want to get more bookings. i have one in nov and i am planing for a cookie exchange for then too but I really want to get the biggest level for...