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What is submit: Definition and 87 Discussions

  1. kam

    Do I Need a Pws to Use Beta to Submit Shows?

    Ready to make the leap but I don't have a PWS.
  2. Jennie4PC

    Will the Consultant Not Receive the Round Baker due to Cancelled January Shows?

    I have. Consultant who submitted 2 shows for Dec. But her shows canceled for Jan. Will she not get the round baker now? Did I screw up?
  3. byrd1956

    Need to Submit a Show in Time for Christmas? Here's What You Need to Know!

    I am thinking I didn't look it the right spot, but I figure someone will know the answer and I won't have to look for it.... What is the last date to submit a show in time for Christmas?
  4. Intrepid_Chef

    Do You Need Wi Fi to Submit a Show?

    I took my laptop to work with me, only because I was meeting with a host afterwards and didn't want to leave it in the car. There is, of course, no wi fi in that building. I plan to take it with me again because I have a show to submit. Would do it tonight but I prefer to deposit the checks...
  5. dannyzmom

    Troubleshooting Show Submissions: Solutions and Support Available | Home Office

    help???? "Your submission to the Home Office failed. If this problem persists, please contact the Solution Center" - wahhhh!!! I tried checking for an update & it's saying you need an internet connection" - we I HAVE an internet connection. And the SC isn't open til tomorrow - wahhhhhhh...
  6. A

    Director Exciting December Special: Earn Revolutionary New Product with 2 Shows!

    I just got this from my director... Any guesses what it can be??? Below was shared with me by Director Eunice Alexander via “Lorraine”- thanks, Eunice and Lorraine! J Hello Amazing Team ! I’m so excited to share with you a few pieces of news. First, I’m waiting for the...
  7. emiscookin

    Did You Submit to Get a Free Round Up From the Heart Trivet?

    Hey everyone, I'm just curious, did any of you submit a show between July 1st - 11th in order to get the last Round Up From the Heart Trivet for free??? I did and I haven't received mine yet. :confused: I'm thinking of calling HO.
  8. lockhartkitchen

    Submit Your May Fundraiser - June 14th Deadline

    Question: One of my consultants has a May fundraiser she is submitting on the 14th of June. Since it is over $150 does this count for submitting something in June to be active in June?
  9. chef131doreen

    PHILL Rewards: Triple Points on May 6th - Submit Shows Now!

    I just got a call from PHILL ( recording ) Triple points so far was Thursday May 6th Yuk I submited shows on May 1,4 ,5 so far
  10. clshirk

    Q: Can I Submit More Than 1 Kit Enhancement Order?

    Quick question- can you only submit 1 kit enhancement order during kit enhancement month?
  11. L

    It Wont Let Me Submit a Kit Enhancement

    When I try to submit my kit enhancement order, after I finalize it says "You can only submit a Kit Enhancement order when you have had 3 consecutive months of activity." I thought I did, but maybe I'm wrong. In the policy guide it says that consultants must be active January-March or...
  12. I

    One of My Downline Director's Sc's Did Not Submit Anything for March,

    One of my downline director's SC's did not submit anything for March, and she won't answer her phone or respond to texts or emails. Double triple ugh. I am at least going to be paid as a director this month though- I have 4 senior consultant lines. But still... UGH!
  13. heat123

    I Was Going to Have to Submit a Catalog Show (To Stay Active) This

    I was going to have to submit a catalog show (to stay active) this month.. when a past host calls me out of the blue.. telling me she has $550 in orders, can she turn them in to me!?!? WTH??:eek: The last time I sent her a catalog was June of last year for her son's Wedding registry. So that...
  14. T

    Last Day to Submit Jan Shows: Am I Still On Time?

    When is the last day to send in the january shows? My big show from last Friday, I have to wait until tomorrow for one more order. Am I still on time? I hope so!
  15. Gina M

    Remember to Submit Shows for Triple Points!

    Just a friendly reminder - today is January 10th - last day to submit shows for triple points. Make sure and double check your dates on your shows that held from January 5th through 10th and get them in pronto!:)
  16. K

    Can You Submit Show Using Your Credit Card?

    Can I submit using pampered partner with my credit card? I don't have my pc debit card yet (I'm new) but can I send the order online and pay using my credit card? The two people for my catalog show paid using cash. Thanks!
  17. P

    October Promotion: Submit 2 Shows for a Surprise!

    Anybody have an idea what the October promotion is for submitting 2 shows yet?
  18. A

    Do I Have to Submit by Tonight?

    Hi all! I'm brand new and closing my first shows tonight. I had a home show last weekend, two catalog shows that closed this week, and my own open house a few weeks ago, but was waiting for outside order checks to arrive. So, I've been submiting shows today. When I submitted my show, a...
  19. linojackie

    Can I Submit a July 1 Fundraiser Now?

    I have someone who has put together a fundraiser, has all her orders and everything is ready to submit. However, she prefers the July special over the June one. There is a deadline on when they need the funds, so waiting another week to submit the show would be pushing it. Could I submit it...
  20. raebates

    Wave 3 CSers: Get Connected - Submit Info by 7/14!

    I'll be glad to put together a phone list for CSers attending Wave 3. Just PM me your real first name, screen name, and cell number. You can also let me know where you're staying if you want that info included. Deadline for being included on the list will be noon EDT on Tuesday, July 14...
  21. C

    Getting Ready to Submit My Biggest Show Yet!!

    Hey Kris, looks like the PC bingos are paying off!!! A friend of mine is doing the 3 day walk in October for Breast Cancer. They have to raise 26K as a team. She knew of the bingos I have run for the animal shelter, so I told her, the best thing to do, have a show, use the free product to buy...
  22. B

    I Am Currently Inactive, and Want to Submit a Show and Get the

    I am currently inactive, and want to submit a show and get the changeover kit so I can start my summer shows - do we still need a $200 show or can it be $150?
  23. F

    My First Fundraiser: Is There a Min. Amount to Submit?

    I am having my first fundraiser this week. So far, there haven't been many orders, just two! (It is for a health fitness club.) Does a fundraiser have to be a certain amount or do I submit it at the end of this week regardless of how much money/ orders were taken? Thanks!
  24. elizabethfox

    Trying to Submit a Show and Can't!

    I just was able to finally get the rest of the orders from a show I was supposed to close last week. Two of the customers have called wanting to know when to expect their products, and i told them the host had not closed the show yet. Now i finally have the rest of the orders, and info all...
  25. D

    Can I Submit an Adjustment/ if So, How?

    Hey, guys! I have a lady who just got a huge shipment & a couple of things were missing from the box. Do I have to call Home Office & sit on hold forever waiting for someone to pick up the line, or can I do this myself somehow? Thanks for the info!!!!
  26. D

    Can I Submit an April Show Before April?

    Hey, guys! I was just wondering if I could submit an April catalog show before April? Or, do I have to wait until April 1st? Thanks so much!!!!
  27. lockhartkitchen

    Help!! I Need to Submit Asap and Can't

    I have a new consultant that does not have a computer. I input her show into my computer and need to print it out to mail. It is a Feb. show so I have to have postmarked today!! (before 1 PM PST)When I'm on P3 I only have the option to print receipts or show summary. The print mail-in money...
  28. D

    When Is the Last Day I Can Submit a Feb. Show?

    Since the Feb. host special is so fabulous, I have several ladies who would like to take advantage of it by hosting catalog parties. I have told them that they have up until March 15th to collect orders & then I have to submit their shows no later than March 15th. Is this correct? Thanks...
  29. DebbieSAChef

    Have a Question About How Late to Submit a Jan Show!

    I have a show on Saturday, January 31st and as much as I would like for her to close her show that day, it probably isn't going to happen so how late can I submit into February to have it count for Jan? This is typically a big show for me so I want her to get her extra money in FREE products...
  30. esavvymom

    Once You Submit 4Th Show as New Consultant....

    how long does it take before you are considered "qualified" and the privileges that go with it? Do you get an email from HO or something to show they've changed the status? I'd love to send out that email that I can accept Individual Orders on my website now, etc. I submitted my 4th show...