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What is heart: Definition and 143 Discussions

  1. C

    Complete Set of Stoneware Heart Molds

    I have 18 Stoneware Heart Molds that have been retired. Asking $300 for the complete set, plus shipping. NOTE - This is about half the price I paid for all of them. Thanks.
  2. K

    Grandma's Struggles with Congestive Heart Failure

    My husband's grandma is not doing well. She has been diagnosed with congestive hear failure, and is having repeated issues with her legs and feet swelling. My husband sent me a text a little while ago and said her ankles are almost the size of baseballs. She is 92, will be 93 in Feb, and...
  3. MissyPC

    Roundup From the Heart Cookbook Bundle Help

    Hello All. Does anyone have a flyer or a signup sheet with the special "Roundup from the Heart" Cookbook for a cause Bundle? Was thinking of leaving a sheet and copies of the book at my son's daycare or at work in the lunchroom for a week and get some orders? Any thoughts? I mean 30 orders makes...
  4. doughmama

    Having trouble with Valpron Bread Tube? Any tips?

    I have customer who uses this but is having issues. Any clue as to how to make it work better? she was last trying to make rice krispies and now they are stuck. has issues making bread too. any help is appreciated.
  5. Knordot

    Are You Looking for Stoneware Heart Molds?

    I have a customer that is downsizing and has a bunch of the stoneware heart molds that she'd like to sell. NEVER USED...NEW, In Box. $8 each, plus shipping. Here's what's available (not 100% sure about years/dates on all of them).... 8 Total Available. Pictures are also below & in the...
  6. C

    Fs: Full Set of Collectible Stoneware Heart Molds

    18 total in the set - some don't have boxes. I would like to sell them as a set. Please PM or email for pricing details.
  7. cookinforyou

    Authentic Heritage Heart Stoneware Shortbread Recipe | Use & Care Card Included

    Hi I have a customer who has one of the old heritage heart stoneware but lost her recipe for the shortbread, I have searched but no luck. Does anyone have it she believes it was on the use and care card. thank you
  8. ShelbyMichalek

    Personal Prayers for My Heart: Navigating Divorce and Finding Love for My Children

    This is something that's been simmering for awhile. So it's nothing new at all and one or two of you already know. I'm not going to go into major detail because I'm attempting to avoid crying again. I just need to share somewhere. My husband and I are headed down Divorce Lane. He made it...
  9. C

    Round Up From the Heart: Supporting Local Food Banks in Iowa

    I made this to show the guests just how much money has been raised by people like themselves to our local food banks. I know no one else can really use it, except for those living in Iowa, but maybe you could make your own:rolleyes:
  10. A

    Need 2006 and 2009 Iso Round-Up From the Heart?

    When did the collection start? I believe I need 2006, if it started that year. I am also looking for 2009 if anyone has one to spare. Thanks!!
  11. esavvymom

    Kid-Friendly Dessert Recipe- Not for the Faint of Heart or Anyone on a Diet!

    One of the food-blogs I like to occasionally peruse is "Picky Palate". This woman creates some very unusual and delicious recipes....mostly the kind that would get me kicked out of Weight Watchers though! ;)I often take the snacks for our Cub Scout dens, and these two recipes will knock some...
  12. Shawnna

    What are some tasty recipe options for a heart-healthy diet?

    I have a friend who recently had a heart attack and has been in and out of the hospital 3 times in the last 2 weeks. They have put her on a strict diet...low sodium/low sugar. She loves to cook. She was complaining today about not knowing what to cook/eat..."I can't eat anything that tastes...
  13. vanscootin

    Who's Heart Dish Order is it Anyway?

    My mom wanted to order a few of the little heart dishes from the outlet... she lives upstairs from us and doesn't have a computer. So she used my computer... went to my PWS and with my help purchased 4 dishes.... she put in HER name...HER phone number...HER email... HER address (which, yes is...
  14. ChefCKHall

    Wow, Received a Round up Heart Trivet Pin!

    Happy Holidays card from Marla with a Round Up from the Heart Trivet Pin....sooooo cute! Recipe on card is for Creme De Menthe Cheesecake.....sounds like I need to make this!
  15. byrd1956

    Looking for Iso 2009 Heart Trivet? Sell Your Round Up Version Now!

    Does anyone have a 2009 Round Up from the Heart Trivet they would like to sell? I have a customer that would rather have that one than this years.
  16. C

    First Heart Shaped Round up From the Heart Trivet

    Does anyone have the first heart shaped round up from the heart trivet? I would love to purchase a couple if I could. I am also looking for the square one. Thanks, you can email me privately. [email protected]
  17. C

    Looking for RUFTH Heart Cookie Molds? Check out our collection!

    I'm selling my entire collection of RUFTH Heart Cookie Molds. I'm asking $7.00 each plus shipping (from 93560). I can accept paypal payments. 1996 - Gardens of the Heart - no box or use & care card 1997 - Seasons of the Heart - no box or use & care card 1998 - Welcome Home Heart - no box...
  18. S

    Unboxing My Huge New Purchase - :heart: Excitement Abounds!

    Got mine today. It is huge. Can't wait to use it.:love:
  19. emiscookin

    Did You Submit to Get a Free Round Up From the Heart Trivet?

    Hey everyone, I'm just curious, did any of you submit a show between July 1st - 11th in order to get the last Round Up From the Heart Trivet for free??? I did and I haven't received mine yet. :confused: I'm thinking of calling HO.
  20. chefheidi2003

    Can prayers help after a heart attack? Please pray for Stringie's recovery.

    Hello all. Yesterday when I got to my boyfriend's house he told me that his uncle (who he lives next to and is more like a father to him) was not doing well..this is a relatively very healthy man who only goes to the doctor when he is very sick. Andy, my boyfriend, told me that Stringie, his...
  21. C

    Looking for Main Dishes: Recipes at the Heart of Every Meal

    If anyone has this for sale can you please let me know? I have someone who would like to buy it for a reasonable price. Thank you very much! Andrea
  22. RMDave

    Want to chat with a celebrity? Raise $250 for a good cause!

    Just received a mailed parcel from HO: a burgundy apron with The Pampered Chef® and Round-Up from the Heart® logos stenciled on the front.It was their way of telling me that I am now a volunteer Food Bank Coordinator for the Feeding America® program.Yay! A worthy cause and I'll be bugging all...
  23. pampered1224

    My Aunt Is Having Heart Surgery Tomorrow

    I am scared. No one in our family has under gone this type of surgery. She is only 11 years older, 60, than I am! She is the youngest of my mom's 4 siblings. She has a bad ticker. Apparently there are several issues including a partially blocked artery. She goes in tomorrow to get it all fixed...
  24. RMDave

    Track Your Small Donations with Round-Up From the Heart

    Sorry but I couldn't figure out where to post this question. Is there somewhere/someplace/(somehow) where we can track submitted donations? Not the big donations but the 1-99 cent donations?
  25. mountainmama74

    American Heart Association Booth / Fundraiser

    I need some ideas! I have a booth at an American Heart Association event. I need some heart healthy recipes, tips, product ideas, etc. Also, any sales from this event will be a fundraiser for the AHA - any ideas how to maximize this? This literally fell into my lap - a girl I went to HS with...
  26. N

    Iso: Simple Additions Heart Dish

    I am looking for 2 of the Simple Additions Heart Dishes from last February I believe. If you have any extras please let me know. [email protected] Thank you so much!!!!!:o
  27. SeeMe4PC

    Round up for the Heart Trivet Flyer

    Thought I woulds share this flyer in the event someone else may want to use it. Hope it helps....
  28. E

    Round up From the Heart Trivets for Customer

    Hey Everyone, I have a customer that is looking for all of the Round Up from the Heart trivets. She has the one for 2009, but would like to buy the rest. If you have extras please PM. Shipping would be to 76543.
  29. P

    Boost Your Business with a "Heart" My Car Sign: Real Customer Success Story!

    A few weeks ago I was riding home from work and I got a call from the person behind me. She had a question about a product she already had but ended up ordering some stuff. Then today I am coming out of the grocery store wondering why this car is sitting behind my SUV. As I get closer she is...
  30. mbh06

    Round up From the Heart Trivet Q

    So when I sold before each consultant was able to order one for free on a supply order, am I still able to do this? If so what is the code for it? Thanks so much! :thumbup: