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What is stupid: Definition and 66 Discussions

  1. Intrepid_Chef

    Can I Update My Non-Beta Site on Consultants Corner Classic?

    UGH! I get the whole new consultants corner thing but I didn't know that this also meant I cannot update, change or add shows to my non-beta site! I tried to set up a show there for my Relay for Life team. All the new site would let me do is set it up under Beta. Well sorry, this is not...
  2. K

    Director Is It Just Me or Is This Stupid

    Yesterday, I'm making out my host kits for February and I'm downloading the outside order form from p.c. website and it says that for guests ordering $60.00 or more that they will have to wait until the announcement on the 4th. before they can choose their selection. I have a show on the 1st...
  3. P

    Why use unsalted butter in cooking?

    Besides the obvious ingredient (salt) .... what is the reason for Salted or Unsalted Butter? I always stand at the butter aisle scratching my head on which to pick up. I 95% of the time reach for salted but was wondering what you would use the "unsalted" butter for.
  4. wadesgirl

    Tips for Catching a Clever Mouse in Your House - Peanut Butter Trap Hacks

    There is a mouse in my house!! I've seen it, the cats have tracked it around the house but don't do anything to it! Usually peanut butter on a trap works perfect but this one has been the king of getting the peanut butter off the trap without setting the trap off. Or in the case this morning...
  5. Sheila

    Rant Are German Home Based Business Regulations Causing More Harm Than Good?

    So even though they are not in my downline, I'm trying my best to make life in Germany better for all Home Based Business people. One of the bases (Hoeschele) is telling people that they can't drive their car to do a show and they can't go into other people's homes to do a show. I just...
  6. Sheila

    Director Are German Home Based Business Licenses Too Restrictive?

    So even though they are not in my downline, I'm trying my best to make life in Germany better for all Home Based Business people. One of the bases (Hoeschele) is telling people that they can't drive their car to do a show and they can't go into other people's homes to do a show. :veryfunny...
  7. I

    Director Wahoo Recruiting Club: Insights from Jenni on Reaching Ruby Status

    Ok I know the Wahoo recruiting club started over. But when? I know Jenni has already made it to ruby so I am hoping Jenni has some insight lol. Thanks!
  8. Sheila

    Director Never Underestimate Stupid People

    I'm not sure HOW they still amaze me. You'd think after all these years I'd be used to hearing about the stupid things people do. But somehow I still sit here scratching my head & wondering what in the world this woman was thinking!
  9. vanscootin

    Who's Heart Dish Order is it Anyway?

    My mom wanted to order a few of the little heart dishes from the outlet... she lives upstairs from us and doesn't have a computer. So she used my computer... went to my PWS and with my help purchased 4 dishes.... she put in HER name...HER phone number...HER email... HER address (which, yes is...
  10. dannyzmom

    Director How Can Forgetting to Send Orders Impact Small Business Events?

    I did a show in July - VERY small show, weird crowd. I held it for a few days waiting for the checks to clear...and then totally forgot about it. Host called me today asking where their orders are. I look and realize I forgot to send it through. It's now the 16th and I can't get them the...
  11. NooraK

    Lesson Learned: The Consequences of a Lazy Mistake

    I had a customer at a show on February 28th, who wanted the Snowman Platter. Unfortunately, by that time, it was gone. I did some asking around, and found two fellow consultants in the area, willing to sell theirs. It happened to be the day of our cluster meeting when I spoke with them. I...
  12. Intrepid_Chef

    Cake Disaster - Trying Out Torte Pans

    Well ... I made a cake tonight and against my better judgement, I used the torte pans. Even used the circles of parchment to avoid sticking and trying out the cake. Well, after 15 minutes I had to pull it out of the oven b/c I could smell it burning. Didn't want it to burn more in the...
  13. I

    This May Sound Like a Stupid Question, but Is Deb Bixler a Real

    This may sound like a stupid question, but is Deb Bixler a real consultant, or is she a motivational speaker who frequents sites like these? I am just curious. okay really I'm nosey. Thanks!
  14. S

    Stupid Me!! Girls Night Out Show Booked and This Weekend!!!

    I offered a girls night out show and booked one and the host says whats different about this show? Ok pleeeaaaasssee help me figure out what to do!:eek: Margaritas and dips?? Games?? Set up as a buffet or do a show?? Help!!!!:eek: Schel
  15. M

    Rant Stupid, Stupid Order Entering Mistakes

    So tonight I found out from a host that one of the guests at her show got double charged and sure enough it was me who entered this person's order into P3 twice. Not only that, I did it to another customer too. There were 17 orders on this party. I just double checked myself to death I think...
  16. P

    Is This a Really Great or a Really Stupid Idea??

    I'm thinking of submitting this as a suggestion to Product Development, but wanted to get your opinions first. Someone mentioned in another thread they would like to see a smaller DCB, to fit smaller microwaves or for people who are cooking for 2 or less. This is a wonderful idea, but the...
  17. K

    Am I Just Stupid or Something???

    Okay...I subscribed to Merrill's Ad Generator...yet, I not received an e-mail telling me how to access this tool or how to use it. From Merrill's website, the only link I can find related to the Ad Generator is the link to subscribe to it. What am I missing? Am I totally overlooking the...
  18. M

    How do I start a new thread on this forum?

    :confused: I feel dumb asking but here goes I have never seen a stick of butter! what is it equivalant to? please stop laughing! I live in Saskatchewan ok
  19. K

    Stupid Question...but I'm Curious...

    What's the difference between wave 1, 2, and 3? When I registered, I only had the option to register for wave 2. Are they all the same? The website (unless I totally overlooked it) didn't clarify any differences. I'm just curious...that's all :-)
  20. baychef

    Director What mistakes can you learn from when submitting a party?

    I submitted a party yesterday morning and it was $642 something. I totally forgot the dollar level for this month to get the Chillzanne so even if I reminded the host, I still would have thrown something on to get her to that level. I have taken the Host specials from the Consultant News and...
  21. C

    This May Be a Stupid Question But...

    Do you still get commision from orders placed on the outlet section of the personal website? I am asking because I only need $25 more in sales to get HO leads and I wanted to buy a few things on the oulet section. So I may just buy it myself.
  22. kcmckay

    Stupid Question About Business Casual Shoes??

    Ok maybe I'm a pain, but I know it was mentioned that dress for conference is business casual and no denim. Which I have no problem with. However, it's also been mentioned to wear comfy walking shoes. Shoes translates to me sneakers. Sneakers don't fit into business casual in my opinion?? What...
  23. princessmeshelle

    Stupid Question About Ordering the Sa Heart Dish

    OK, I would like one at least. And I was just going to buy some for my mom while I was at it. It occured to me that I was about to order under my name and all that. So, can I order one from my website for myself. I know we aren't suposed to order as guests on shows, but am unsureif we are...
  24. jrstephens

    I Am so Stupid - I Ran Into a Storm Door

    My Inlaws got one for their door about two weeks ago. I make the 3rd person to do it. I was hurrying back to the car to get something b/c Cole was crying when I handed him off and I wanted to get back inside. Well, I rammed right into it!!!!!:eek: I now have a purple bruise on my chin...
  25. Y

    Rant Maximizing My 90-Day Success: How I Almost Missed My $50PC Bonus!

    I thought my 90th day was Dec. 6. I worked my BUTT off to get one more catalog show in so that I could get another $50PC before my 90th day. I got all of my orders yesterday, but thought, "I'll wait one more day to see if I can scare up one or two more." I just got an email from corporate...
  26. pcsharon1

    Stupid Moment of the Day....hopefully the Month.....

    So today I get home and there is a message from my host for Dec 14th and she asks me to call her back because she has a question about the invitations I sent out for her- we just booked on Monday night and they went out yesterday. So I come to the computer to check the address and phone number...
  27. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Ignore This Post, It's Just Another Stupid Test Post

    Meditabar aliquid enotabamque, ut, si manus vacuas, plenas tamen ceras reportarem. Meditabar aRidebis, et licet, enotabamque, ut 110 Non est quod contemnas hoc studendi genus. Mirum est ut animus agitatione motuque corporis excitetut. Iam undique silvae et solitudo ipsumque illud silentium...
  28. pcsharon1

    soI Know I Was Stupid, but Now What Do I Do....

    Okay, so I did a dumb thing. I had a customer at a show in early September that was really excited about the cookware but couldn't outright buy it. I told her she could have show and she wanted to but couldn't pull it together by the end of the month. I suggested a catalog show, which she was...
  29. ChefJWarren

    Is Parchment Paper or Wax Paper Better for Rolling Dough at a Kids' Workshop?

    At my Kids in the Kitchen Workshop I'm going to give each kid a small ball of dough and let them roll it out with the Baker's Roller and then punch out their cookies. Would it be fine to do this on Parchment Paper or do I need wax paper?
  30. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Does Great Britain Celebrate Fourth of July? Find Out Here!

    Does Great Britain have a Fourth of July?