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What is mistake: Definition and 54 Discussions

  1. jbondr

    Looking for a Home: Spanish Catalogs from 2013 Fall/Winter?

    Ordered 2013 Fall/Winter Spanish catalogs by mistake :( If interested in 80 or any number please let me know. PM or email me directly [email protected]
  2. B

    Unexpected Orders: A $100 Mistake to My Benefit?

    Last week I got 12 online orders from all over the country (3 of them were cancelled). I didn't know any of the names and all of them opted out of giving me their contact info, so I have only addresses. It ended up being over $500 in sales! I'm checking with a host on an open show I have...
  3. B

    Want to Buy $40 Worth of Spanish Catalogs by Mistake?

    One of my fellow consultants ordered $40 of spanish catalogs by mistake. Is there anyone here willing to purchase them from her? I just don't understand why HO won't take them back and exchange them. :confused:
  4. wadesgirl

    My Mistake Cost Me: Late Car Payments & Husband's Anger

    I'm sad!! I just went to make my car payment and realized while this whole time (1 1/2 years!) I thought my payment was due the 10th of the month! I just discovered today it was due the 9th! Do you know how many payments I've made late because of this?! SEVERAL!! This makes me so upset, my...
  5. lt1jane

    Learning From My Mistake: Combining Orders at Parties

    I learned a lesson today. Often times, if a person at a party places a small order (under $20), I will combine it with someone else's small order. (I have a hard time making them pay $4.50 in shipping on a $10 item.) I did this at a party in NOVEMBER. I thought I kept track of the...
  6. C

    Restarting My PC Business: Lessons Learned and Tips for Success

    In all the training I listened to (and there was a LOT), there was always advice about keeping your business consistent. Well, I didn't listen! Late in the summer, I was feeling very overwhelmed and decided I needed to take a break from PC. I stayed active but really only did a show, maybe 2...
  7. K

    Learning from My Mistake: An Honest Story About Trusting Too Much

    So, I know what I'm going to do, and how I'm handling it, but just had to rant! Had a show in October for my nail tech that I've been going to for about 2 years. She is an awesome lady, and my former boss has been going to her for about 23 years or so. This lady is honest, and a great...
  8. dannyzmom

    Director How Can Forgetting to Send Orders Impact Small Business Events?

    I did a show in July - VERY small show, weird crowd. I held it for a few days waiting for the checks to clear...and then totally forgot about it. Host called me today asking where their orders are. I look and realize I forgot to send it through. It's now the 16th and I can't get them the...
  9. L

    Web Order Mistake ~ Help Please

    I have a customer who placed an individual order by mistake. She wanted to order for a fundraiser show, but ended up placing an individual order instead. I phoned the solution center to try and cancel it, but they say there is nothing they can do because it is already being processed. I am...
  10. babywings76

    Made a Big Mistake on a Closed Show

    I'm just really struggling right now and things are just going downhill for me. I'm such a bozo. I had a show on the 12th and at the show the host handed me a little scrap of paper with an outside order. I thought I put it with all the other order forms. Well, I came home, entered in the...
  11. ChefMary412

    Bride's Registry Set-Up: Was it a Mistake?

    I have a registry set up now. The bride did it online. I met her at a show and she asked for info on the registry. I gave it to her and then she set it all up. She must have clicked "DO NOT" contact. Now, it seemed when we talked that she wanted to work with me on it. What would you say I do? Is...
  12. beepampered

    Avoid These Costly Mistakes: Real Life Examples From a Direct Sales Consultant

    So, I've made two big mistakes this month and they are both going to cost me. I feel like a double big idiot. Where was my brain a few weeks ago? The mistakes are just now come to light.... 1. I NEVER entered an order on a show. I had the guest name entered, had entered her payment but didn't...
  13. esavvymom

    Avoid Newbie Mistakes: Sending E-vites with Correct Host Name

    Ok. So I just realized that when I send evites for my host, if I send them from my PWS section where I set up the shows, etc....it puts the return email address as MY name, not the hosts. I didn't realize that I need to log-in as the Host through my PWS and then send them that way- so it has...
  14. baychef

    Director What mistakes can you learn from when submitting a party?

    I submitted a party yesterday morning and it was $642 something. I totally forgot the dollar level for this month to get the Chillzanne so even if I reminded the host, I still would have thrown something on to get her to that level. I have taken the Host specials from the Consultant News and...
  15. babywings76

    I Just Made the Dumbest Mistake W/ Vista Print

    So here I was all excited to get my HWC postcards that I made. (Thanks to Joy's great postcard format for Vistaprint! :) ) They just arrived today and they are business cards instead! :cry: I'm so frustrated...I went and logged in to my account and went to my order history and lo and behold...
  16. BlessedWifeMommy

    Learn From My Mistake... Refrigerate the New Sauses...

    I was so excited to get the new sauces in my SAT shipment that I opened them to give them a taste last Thursday. I did not realize that they needed to be refrigerated after opening. I placed them in the pantry. Last night at my cluster meeting, my director got hers out of the refrigerator...
  17. PCMelissa

    Did I Miss Out on a Potential Recruit by Not Asking?

    OK, I have to get this out there so you all can learn from my mistake :( I had a recruit lead from the time I pretty much started my business. She is VERY shy and currently sold Southern Living. I was worried about pressuring her and scaring her off. So I never officially asked. (she...
  18. B

    Did I Miss Something or Did Ho Make a Mistake?

    I just got my CN and it is not the Director's Edition. I vaguely do remember reading something about the planner or something being available only on line but I don't recall them saying they were doing completely away with the DE.
  19. elizabethfox

    Pampered Chef Exchange: Mistake with Large Bar Pan and Round Stone w/ Handles

    I made a mistake...iIordered a large bar pan at 20% off for a customer when she wanted a large round stone w/ handles at 20% off.....The host just got the orders today and called me with the mistake. Couldn't get through to HO ....going to try again tomorrow, but I was wondering...since it was...

    Did I Mess Up My Pampered Chef Order? Feeling Discouraged.

    I messed up !!! :eek: I had my host's order shipped to the neighbors house !!!! I typed a 5 instead of a 9 as the last #, and just got off the phone w/ fed ex and they said that they cannot notify the driver to have the 2nd box delivered to the correct address ... i just have to wait it out ...
  21. D

    My Mistake: Spending $230 I Wasn't Planning On

    I am so angry at myself right now! I just put in my kit enhancement order and I meant to pay with my PC dollars but I forgot and just used my pc debit card!!! That's $230 I wasn't planning on spending!!!!!:mad::blushing::mad::cry:
  22. S

    Unexpected Surprise: Pampered Chef's Apology and Compliments for Mistaken Order

    SO!! I received an email from the Home Office to inform me that one of my customers will mistakenly be receiving an unordered/unearned bamboo square bowl. They apologized for the confusion and said they wanted the customer to accept the mistake with compliments from Pampered Chef. I can't...
  23. KellyTheChef

    Don't Spin Platter on Countertop - Learn from My Mistake!

    DON'T spin your SA platter on your laminate countertop. I was frosting a cake on my round SA platter and was spinning it around as I was working on it. Now there are scratches on my countertop! Obviously, I know not to do this with our STONEWARE, but I never thought twice about moving...
  24. M

    Need Help--Customer Made a Mistake!

    I have a host who is doing the mystery host show with me this month AND also doing a separate cooking show in August. She had a guest who wanted to place an outside order, so he did so on my website, only he picked the wrong show! He picked her show for next month instead of the one for this...
  25. P

    Avoiding Common Hosting Mistakes: Lessons Learned from a $700 Mishap

    I had a show last month for a repeat host (a good host!). When I set-up the show I just selected her from my P3 contacts....NEVER thinking about the fact that SHE MOVED!!!!! Today she calls me wondering when her show will be delivered :eek: it was 10 days ago! Immediately I get a sick...
  26. PampMomof3

    Don't Make My Mistake: Danger of the Ultimate Slice & Grate!

    I was at my in laws today and it was my job to cut the tomatoes and onions. Well I pulled out the retired Ultimate Slice and grate and yes, I know and KNEW I should use the food safety holder but I did it anyway. I got through the tomato fine and then got to almost the end of the onion and I...
  27. C

    Bank of America Error: What Should I Do About an Accidental Deposit?

    Ok, I got a call from my bank because they are about to take money out that was accidently deposited in my account in December, has this ever happened to anyone?? I had a deposit in Dec from PC so I did not realize the extra $$$ what do I do now that there is not enough money in the account and...
  28. pampchefrhondab

    Can I Correct My Stupid Mistake?

    I had a show re-schedule from Feb. 2 to Feb. 26th. You guessed it, I forgot to change the date in PP until I hit "submit.":yuck: I'm sure there is probably no way to have it updated is there? Who can I email at HO? Thanks!
  29. lockhartkitchen

    Did a simple flyer lead to a new client and wedding registry?

    I recently got a call for a booking. I ask how she found me. Her friend lives in a town 1 1/2 hours away from me. At the beginning of the month, I mailed a stoneware flyer to past guests/hosts. One of my past guests had moved, so the flyer arrived at the address with the new home owner. The...
  30. heat123

    Double Charged a Customer by Mistake? Here's What Happened and How to Fix It!

    I just got a call from a past guest (outside order) from a show transmitted on 11/6/07... she told me she was double charged for her order plus another random amount. I check it and sure enough I some how entered her card # and the other guest name on the other order!:eek: Never have I done...