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What is grate: Definition and 34 Discussions

  1. Shawnna

    Grate or Press Garlic? Rachel Ray's Way

    I have been watching Rachel Ray the past few weeks and I have noticed that she grates her garlic instead of pressing it or chopping it...with a microplane grater. I don't think I have ever seen her use a garlic press. Do any of you do this? Its obviously very fine...not chunky. Does it alter...
  2. straitfan

    Looking for an Iso-Ultimate Slice and Grate? I can help!

    I have a customer who absolutely HATES her Mandoline, and wishes everyday that she hadn't sold her USG in a garage sale. I'd love to make her happy by finding her another one. Let me know if you've got one to part with. Shipping to 67579. TIA!
  3. chefkathy

    What is the guarantee for the Old Ultimate Slice & Grate?

    Anyone know the guarantee on that? I am away from my files and don't have an old catalog to look it up. I have a customer with a faulty one (and of course no receipt) and want to at least try to help her.
  4. pchefkristin

    Need a V-Shaped Blade for Slice and Grate

    Hey all... After much waiting on hold, and explaining to HO that my version of PP still has the old style replacements for the Slice and grate, they gave me a # for the V-shaped blade for the old Slice and Grate design. I have a customer whose consultant had dropped the ball a few months back...
  5. PampMomof3

    Don't Make My Mistake: Danger of the Ultimate Slice & Grate!

    I was at my in laws today and it was my job to cut the tomatoes and onions. Well I pulled out the retired Ultimate Slice and grate and yes, I know and KNEW I should use the food safety holder but I did it anyway. I got through the tomato fine and then got to almost the end of the onion and I...
  6. jbachen

    Find the Perfect Replacement Food Holder for Your Old Slice and Grate - TIA!

    Does anyone know if we can still get a replacement food holder for the old slice and grate? I looked in P3 under replacement parts, but it looks like the same part # as for the Ultimate Mandoline, so I want to be sure I order the correct thing. TIA!
  7. M

    Getting off to a "Grate" Start--In 2008

    What do you wish you knew from new consultant training? What do you wish your trainer said if nothing else do xyz---- I am teaching a STRONG START class and your input would be very appreciated---- Keep it positive PLEASE---:thumbup: :angel:
  8. M

    Ultimate Slice & Grate - Price?

    Does anyone remeber the retail price? I am doing a fair tomorrow and wanted to offer it half price -- BUT I don't know the price!
  9. Bren706

    Looking for Use & Care Card for Ultimate Slice & Grate

    I have a customer who is having a hard time using the Slice and Grate, and no longer has the use and care card. Anybody have one they can post for me?
  10. dannyzmom

    Ultimate Slice & Grate for Sale

    Does $18 plus shipping sound fair? The hand guard is a bit roughed up on the underside but it's in otherwise great condition - all blades intact, etc.
  11. jrstephens

    Do You Still Hate to Grate Cheese?

    Even with all of our wonderful grating products I still do not like to grate cheddar cheese at shows! But then I do not want to tell my host to buy the already grated when we sale so many graters! I need to start grating ahead of time, so, I do not have to do is for so long at shows...
  12. lisa717

    Looking for a Used Ultimate Slice and Grate?

    Does anyone have one that they want to sell.??? Used is fine with me....PLEAAAASSSSSSSSE????????
  13. M

    Iso Ultimate Slice and Grate Blade

    I have a customer who's adjustable blade for the Ultimate Slice and Grate is broken. Her warranty expired last month!! Does anyone have a spare one that you would be willing to part with? I would like it to be new. Thanks!
  14. pckelly

    forSale: Ultimate Slice and Grate

    I have the previous Ultimate Slice and Grate. It is in excellent condition, has all the parts. Was only used twice. Looks brand new, but I do not have the box. Asking $15.00 plus shipping. I can mail it priority for $5.00. I have paypal, or you can send a money order. Let me know!! Be blessed!!:D
  15. jenniferlynne

    Question About Returns and Old Ultimate Slice and Grate

    Ok, all at once it seems like everyone is having problems with some products. In one week I had 4 people either call me about something or bring something back to me. Does HO like me to put all these into one email, or email each one seperate? My Aunt bought the old Ultimate Slice and...
  16. KellyRedHead

    Need an Adjustable Thin Slicing Blade for an Older Ultimate Slice and Grate?

    I posted earlier about needing the older collar for the food chopper. Well the same guest needs the adjustable thin slicing blade for the older Ultimate (now-Mandoline)slice and grate. I put it in to order and it wouldn't take it, I was surprised. It didn't change too long ago?? Well...
  17. jrstephens

    Ultimate Mandoline for Sale: Price and Usage Tips

    A friend has been wanting to buy mine ever since I earned the Mandonline. I am getting better with the Mandoline and am thinking of selling her my USG. How much should I sell it for? It looks brand new, I have probably used it maybe 10 times. I cannot even remember what they sold for...
  18. lisacb77

    How Do You Keep the Grate Container from Sliding Off?

    For anyone who has this...how do you keep it from falling off the end of the grater? I used it yesterday and it kept sliding off. I finally just grated the cheese onto a plate and used the container for measuring. Thanks!
  19. britishchef

    Can I Find an Affordable Julienne Blade for My Ultimate Slice & Grate in the UK?

    I like the Julienne blade and want one to take to the UK, but I can't afford full price. Thanks!
  20. chefmelody

    Ultimate Slice & Grate for Sale!

    Now that I have the new mandoline, the old Ultimate Slice & Grate is just taking up space in my limited kitchen drawer. Would anyone be interested in it? It's only been used maybe twice.
  21. Aun

    Thick Slices for Burgers: Using the Ultimate Slice & Grate

    With everyone on here talking about the new mandolins, I remembered I have a "retro" question about using the (now discontinued) ultimate slice and grate (sigh, I just bought mine last fall and have only used it a couple of times since and now they have something "new and improved") Anyway, I...
  22. I

    Ultimate Slice & Grate Warning!!!! Got This From One of My Groups

    Hey! :eek: Just wanted to let our group know what happened at my office today regarding the US&G. I work for a plastic surgeon who is also a nerve specialist. We rec'd a phone call from the local ER today saying that we needed to see one of their patients ASAP! She had sliced the tip of...
  23. R

    Ultimate Slice and Grate Success!

    I finally used a USG at a show last night, and I have to say, I finally felt comfortable with it. I used it to slice tomatoes and lemons and yup, I sold one! What I did was slice one or two slices of the tomato without the food holder. Then, as soon as I had a flat surface to work with, I...
  24. gilliandanielle

    Can I Fix Sticky Gripper Feet on My Ultimate Slice and Grate?

    I absolutly love this product, and I sell 3 to 4 at every show. One of my little gray gripper feet got really sticky and now every time I push it against a cutting board it leaves a little gray mark that won't wash out. All my boards that I take to my shows have the "mark" of my USG. Is there...
  25. C

    I Can Never Get My Ultimate Slice and Grate to Work the Right Way

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I have practiced and practiced and I just keep ruinig tomatoes. Once I get it started it works ok. It is really just getting it started. The tomato gets all banged up and wants to wobble off of the holder. My last show I tried to use it and ended...
  26. D

    Help! - Ultimate Slice & Grate for Cheese?

    :confused: Hi All! I am looking to switch to using the US&G for cheese and ditch the Deluxe Cheese Grater in my show demos. Any tips for grating cheese using the food holder? I tried using it last night and the cheese just broke apart. So I grated it by hand (without the holder), but I...
  27. O

    Ultimate Slice & Grate - Stain??

    I had a customer ask me if using beets would stain/discolour the ultimate slice & grate. Does anyone know??
  28. W

    Discover the Top Choice for Grating Cheese at Shows: Ultimate Slice & Grate

    Does anyone use this to grate cheese at their shows? I used it tonight for my family and liked it just as well as my old box grater. (Which is really saying something. I always pregrate the cheese for shows and only use the cheese grater for parmesan, nuts or chocolate.) After using it just...
  29. S

    Grating Cheese Made Easy with Ultimate Slice & Grate - Tips and Tricks

    Is it possible to grate cheese with the ultimate slice & grate? One of my guests asked me how, she has one and is having a difficult time getting the cheese to stick into the spikes..... Any ideas?
  30. K

    Master the Art of Slicing & Grating with Ultimate Tools

    Is it just me?? I tried doing a tomato (small plum size) and a vidalia onion...did just ok with the onion, but couldn't figure out how to use the food holder with it..and couldn't slice the tomato at all..Definitely couldn't get it to work with the food holder...I even used the "Hold N Slice"...