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What is cost: Definition and 78 Discussions

  1. byrd1956

    Has Anyone Updated Cost Images for Products? Search Results.

    I have seen a number of images with the cost per week/month/year for various products. Some have the wrong product prices. Has anyone updated any of these images? I did a search and could not find any files for this.
  2. L

    Conference Registration Fee: Cost & Pampered Chef Incentives

    How much does the registration fee cost for the conference. Does PC have any incentive to earn some of the fees? i.e. as a monthly incentive? like the free for all?
  3. Intrepid_Chef

    Maximizing Sales: The $6 Items That Will Boost Your Profits

    Oh LOL! I am $5.92 away from hitting $1250 in sales this month! I was going to add something to my show as a gift to the host but I miscalculated and ended up paying over $30 out of pocket ... and didn't have any money to contribute to it. Now that it would cost me another $5 shipping, it...
  4. cwinter474

    Discover the Affordable 2013 Calendar Prices | Find Them Here!

    I have the wrong computer with me today, no access to P3 and I can't find it at the pc website. Can someone post the cost of the calendars? THANK YOU
  5. L

    Free or Low Cost Locations for Fundraiser?

    I need some help to brainstorm some free or low cost locations to hold a fundraiser please! I'm trying to help organize a fundraiser for a very good friend of mine. Her son has Autism and just completed a very intensive behavioral program at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. The family has very...
  6. naekelsey

    How to Remember Pages, Cost and Etc

    How does anyone remember what pages products are on? Or what there prices, year of guarantee and etc? Would love some way to remember all this that is easy and fun..
  7. P

    Director What is the Buy-In Cost for Incentive Trips?

    When do they typically announce the buy in cost for the incentive trips? I can't remember from last year. The buy in cost is going to determine if we go on the trip. I have a feeling it will be a lot with the airfare and cruise cost.
  8. aried

    Cost of Postage for Post Cards

    The cost of postage for post cards is going up a penny today or tomorrow. Regular first class mail remains the same.
  9. wadesgirl

    My Mistake Cost Me: Late Car Payments & Husband's Anger

    I'm sad!! I just went to make my car payment and realized while this whole time (1 1/2 years!) I thought my payment was due the 10th of the month! I just discovered today it was due the 9th! Do you know how many payments I've made late because of this?! SEVERAL!! This makes me so upset, my...
  10. Sheila

    Director soI Was Looking to See How Much This Is Going to Cost Me to Go to

    So I was looking to see how much this is going to cost me to go to National Conference and checking airfare. During my search, one of the options was a layover in Paris ... and the airfare is only $14,253.70! Hmmm, decisions, decisions, DECISIONS!!! LOL I'm a millionaire, but since I've not...
  11. A

    What Cost Do I Put in for Taxes?

    Almost done entering all my info into P3 in preparation for filing my taxes. Got a question that I did not think of last year. I think I know the answer but want to doublecheck. Tried looking on CS but I don't think I am coming up with the right words. Any way...here it goes. When I am...
  12. P

    Director I Prejudged....and It Almost Cost Me!

    Several months ago I did a booth and met a TW lady who told me she might be interested in selling PC. I gave her a Come Join Us flyer and we talked throughout the day, she gave me her catalog and told me to call her. Well, I got home and tossed her catalog thinking to myself, this lady is...
  13. wadesgirl

    New Cost for Our Website: What to Expect

    I can only find the "current" cost for our website. I have someone interested in the business and I want to tell her the new cost.
  14. C

    Cost of Old Bread Tubes: Heart & Flower Shapes

    Can anyone recall the approximate cost of the old bread tubes? The heart and flower shapes in particular. Thanks. =)
  15. P

    New Consultant Cost for Conference?

    I've searched this Forum and could not find the answer soooo..... Does anyone know what the cost for conference registration is for a brand new consultant? I just signed one yesterday and I told her it was $200 for new consultants. I was pretty certain when I said it but now I am...
  16. leftymac

    Am I Worrying Too Much About Party Ingredients?

    This is gonna be a long-winded post. A party that my partner's mother is doing brought all this on. First, have you ever had a host who didn't know that she was supposed to purchase the ingredients? I just assumed they knew. She didn't and when she got the list of ingredients, she was...
  17. B

    Is a Bridal Expo Worth the Cost? Weighing My Options

    So if you had the opportunity for an Bridal expo for 250 and or 350 is it worth the money. Two different ones have offered to allow me to attend and I am debating. I would offer to cluster and sell some times but want to know in advance if you think the prices is too high for prospective...
  18. cwinter474

    How much does a 2010 Calendar cost?

    Does anyone remember the cost breakdown? I bought 100, my husband had to have major surgery and I am selling 50 of them to my cluster mates and want to be sure I don't over charge them. I can't find my invoice. Thank you in advance for your reply!! Carol
  19. kam

    Outlet Order - Consultant Shipping Cost ?

    I can't seem to remember...maybe someone can answer this. If I make an Outlet order through CC - my first outlet order of the month is $4.25 shipping. I THOUGHT that it was also only $4.25 shipping if I went through my own website and ordered as MYSELF - not a customer. I decided to try...
  20. pc_jessica

    Planning for My First Conference: How Much Does it Cost?

    Hi all! I know conference is over but I want to go next year it will be my first year! I am just wondering how much it normally costs so I know how much need to save each month. Thanks
  21. meganmcg

    Outlet Shipping Cost: Affordable Rates for Your Needs

    I'm sure this info is located somewhere but I haven't located. How much is shipping from the outlet? From the posts I did find where it mentioned shipping it eludes to it being costly. I have a host/previous consultant wanting to know. Thanks!
  22. J

    Cost of Booth Under Income & Expense

    Does anybody know how I should add the cost of a booth in P3. I tried adding a category but it wouldn't let me go any further if I chose flat rate. How should I add the expense of a booth? Thanks for any help. Judy::confused:
  23. L

    Can I Mail a Mini Catty with Just One Stamp?

    I know this is on here somewhere, but I'm in a rush and can't find it. I have a mini catty, an invite (single sheet of 8 1/2 x 11) in an envelope. Can I use a single stamp?
  24. P

    Director What is the cost to mail a Season's Best through the mail?

    Does anyone know offhand who much postage is necessary to mail a Season's Best through the mail in a matching size envelope? I really don't want to have to take them into the Post Office. Thanks!
  25. pampered1224

    How Will You Justify the Cost...

    of the new Sauces to Customers? I just put mine out at work on my desk. Several people came up to look and they oo'd and ah'd over the names of them but when they caught the price, they pratically dropped the bottles. Tastefully Simple has several sauces that come in 12 ounce sizes and are...
  26. K

    Does the Booking Benefit Cost Us Money?

    One of my first hosts had three people book off of his show. The first party has now come up, and my original host is very excited to take advantage of the booking benefit! February's 60% off any one item has him drooling over the knives, and it has pushed him to ask his friends to hurry up and...
  27. R

    How Much Does It Cost to Mail a Catalog?

    Does anyone know the postage on mailing one catalog? and 1 catalog in a large envelope? How about a host packet? Folder, 2 catalogs, 8 outside order forms/flyers in a yellow large envelope??.. I am stuck at home with nothing to weigh my packages.. Thanks!!!
  28. R

    Exploring the Changeover Kit: What's In It & How Much Does It Cost?

    This is my first new season, can somebody explain what the changeover kit is? What is in it? What does it cost? Thanks!
  29. Sheleif

    Ordering Write-In Forms: Cost vs. Convenience

    I just ran out of the triplicate write in order forms that came with my starter kit. I really like them as I can leave a receipt with the customers right there at the show. I was looking at the ones that you can print out yourself on CC with the monthly specials on them and that seems like a...