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Free or low cost locations for fundraiser?

Apr 20, 2011
I need some help to brainstorm some free or low cost locations to hold a fundraiser please! I'm trying to help organize a fundraiser for a very good friend of mine. Her son has Autism and just completed a very intensive behavioral program at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. The family has very specific things they need to purchase for their home, vehicles, etc to help keep their son safe and to implement the programs that Kennedy Krieger recommends, but are rapidly running out of funds. Many of the family's friends have direct sales businesses (like me with The Pampered Chef) so we all want to get together and basically have a personal vendor event with all proceeds being donated to help the family! We will of course have catalog shows going too, but want to find a location to have this "vendor event" as well on a Saturday or a Sunday. We just don't want to pay a lot of money to rent a space, as that would take away from money we can donate to the family!

I'm looking into some pavilions at public parks, maybe seeing if a local fire department might have a location we could use... but also thought I'd see if anyone here could come up with some great ideas that I could look into as well! Any and all ideas welcome and appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!


Jan 13, 2011
Here are a few ideas that came to mind:
city and county public meeting rooms (sometimes there is no fee if you're a resident)
party room at a large apartment complex
ask a local business to donate space ie: banquet room at a hotel or restaurant
church or school

Good luck !