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What is locations: Definition and 13 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Director What Do You Think? Locations? :Points Needed? Is You Team Excited?

    What do you think? Locations? :Points Needed? Is you team excited?
  2. NooraK

    MSABC Walks: Changes & New Locations in 2020

    I got an email with a note from Marla today about the MSABC walks this year. Is this really true? Are some MSABC walks requiring you to pay to register to walk? We have a new location in my area this year which is offering a 5K in addition to the walk, and there is a $25 registration fee for...
  3. esavvymom

    Did the North Carolina Fall Launch move from Winston-Salem to Charlotte in 2012?

    I dont know about the other sites, but I noticed that the Fall Launch for North Carolina is NOT in Winston-Salem now. They showit now in Charlotte again. :(. Pooooo! I was looking forward to not having to do an overnight!! Anyone else's location change??
  4. L

    Free or Low Cost Locations for Fundraiser?

    I need some help to brainstorm some free or low cost locations to hold a fundraiser please! I'm trying to help organize a fundraiser for a very good friend of mine. Her son has Autism and just completed a very intensive behavioral program at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. The family has very...
  5. K

    Director Only 20 Locations for Fall Launch

    WOW! Nothing even close to where I live. I guess I won't be going after all. I was so excited that Spring launch was close enough to get to and back in a day and hoping that would be the new trend. Guess not. es Saturday, July 28 College Park, GA Columbus, OH Denver, CO Evansville, IN...
  6. esavvymom

    Director Express City Locations?

    I missed what they said about when the Director Express cities would be listed. I know they said 80 cities...She only mentioned that there would be one on March 6th in Williamsburg VA, but that day I've already got something going on...plus, with 80-cities on the circuit, I was HOPING there...
  7. dannyzmom

    Meeting Locations in Northern NJ/Rockland County NY Oct 22-26

    Anyone holding cluster meetings in northern NJ or Rockland County NY between Oct 22 and 26?
  8. M

    Top Leadership Locations for Seasoned Directors | Share Your Favorites!

    Just curious... For all of you seasoned Directors. What locations have been chosen for Leadership that you can remember and which were your favorite?
  9. A

    Free Cup of Coffee W/Sign up - Dunnbros Coffee Vip - Select Locations

    Rating: 3 Posted By: angryman Views: 139 Replies: 1 Text You get a free cup of coffee for signing up plus they send you coupons once or so a month or when they offer new products for 50% a drink of your choice, $2 a pound of beans etc.... They send you a coupon for a free drink on your...
  10. Tara1021

    Free WiFi Locations: Find One Near You!

    Where is there free wifi?? Anyone know?
  11. MissChef

    Wave 3 Who's Collecting Cell Phone #'S and Hotel Locations?

    Okay, I just keep checking on wave 2 (and wave 1!) to make sure I'm keeping up here! I was wondering who is going to collect cell phone #'s for us to make sure we connect at conference. I really don't want to organize this because I'm not great at organization! But I do know I want to meet...
  12. C

    Where Should I Host My Open House for Optimal Attendance and Minimal Cost?

    I'm a fairly new consultant and would like to have a Open House with tons of attendees, and my place is way to small for what I'm thinking of... I want to post flyers all over town and even take out an ad in our local Pennysaver, so I would like to have it at a bigger place than my home.... but...
  13. P

    Connecting with Local Consultants: An Organized Directory by State/Province

    Seems like everyone wants to connect with local consultants, could there be a spot that's broken down into states (and Canada :)..are those provinces? :confused: )? It would be nice to keep all of the 'locality' information contained to an area and not on 10 different threads!