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What is house: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. R

    Logo Merchandise: Attract Attention When You Leave the House

    Where do I find logo items to garner some attention when I can finally leave this house? I'm new. Thank you
  2. PChefAdriel

    Need Help with Home Parties in Cincinnati/NKY? Shadow Someone Now!

    I'm in the Cincinnati/NKY area and I'd like to shadow someone for home parties. I have my first home party next month and I'm kind of freaking out lol
  3. Sara Dawn

    Game Ideas and Thoughts for an Open House

    Like every change of season, I throw a mystery host open house party. One game that my guest love is an auction game. I make up a points system and whatever points they get is their bidding money. I have product wrapped up and they have to bid on it and the one with the highest bid gets the...
  4. Tenille V.

    2015 New Fall Product Open House

    Hi All, I'm holding an open house to preview the new fall product & get some sales/bookings for Sept. Does anyone else have a flyer of something similar? TIA!
  5. Sara Dawn

    What are some fun games to play at an Open House for Pampered Chef products?

    Each new season I host a open house where I play games with my guests, have the new products on display and feed them food. I used to demo something but I just stopped when people started losing interest so I just went with all games for Pampered Chef prizes or logo items I order for Merrill...
  6. G

    Setting Up an Open House w/Mystery Hosts: Tips & Hints

    I want to do an open house with a couple mystery hosts at the end of this month. The problem is, I don't know how to put this into Beta. What do I put under the host's name? What do I put under the host's e-mail address? Am I able to change these once I know who the host is? I want to be able to...
  7. M

    Frustrated with Open House Results - How Can I Succeed?

    Ijust had my first open house today and we had moved so i thought more people would come but no only 2 came and i sent out 68 invites plus on facebook another 120. i got no orders but a talk about a bridal shower catalog show for eather nov or dec. I had a few out side orders come in but will...
  8. DebPC

    Making Ahead For a Big Open House: Apples & Lemon-Lime Soda

    Believe it or not I've never made this. But I'm having a big open house and am looking for a couple of recipes I can make ahead. I would like to make this earlier in the day and refrigerate it for about 8 hours until serving. Has anyone done this? I would dip the apples in lemon lime soda to...
  9. PCCHeather0506

    Health and Wellness Open House What to Make??

    I am doing a very informal health and wellness open house tonight with my cousin who sells shaklee. She asked me to bring Pampered Chef so I'm setting up. There isn't going to be a big demo or anything but any suggestions on what to make/serve? I was thinking I could show off the chip...
  10. pjpamchef

    Host a Memorable House Warming Show with These Expert Tips

    I have a host wanting to do a house warming show for herself? Not really sure how to go about this?? Anyone have any experience with something like this??
  11. pmprdprettyinsnj

    What are some ideas for a successful first open house as a new PC consultant?

    Hey everyone my mother in law has just become a PC consultant and she is planning her first open house. We have never had one before and would love some ideas on what to serve and basically what you would do for one. Ideas would be greatly appreciated. Flora :yuck:
  12. DebPC

    Vinegar Has a Multitude of Uses Around the House.

    Vinegar has a multitude of uses around the house. Stain removal from plastics is one. Another is to use vinegar on a cloth and clean your windshield wiper blades with it. It will make them like new!
  13. M

    Spring Open House Creative Invite

    Just curious if anyone has a Spring Open house invite template they could email me ... [email protected] I really need to get an Open House scheduled for late March/Early April ...would like to start looking at the invites ya'll been using! Thanks!!!
  14. T

    Showing Appreciation to Local Firefighters: Ideas and Suggestions

    I am thinking that I would like to do some kind of appreciation show to our local fire departments, we have had a lot of suspicious fires in the area lately and some of our firefighters have been away from the families for a while...any suggestions on what do to or to make for them...thanks
  15. M

    What are some effective ways to generate bookings at a pantry tasting party?

    I am holding a pantry tasting party on Sunday and my ultimate goal is to get bookings. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make this happen? Should I have some kind of incentive for booking if they book at the pantry tasting? Should I do the booking beads? A giveaway? I just...
  16. P

    Anyone Have Any Holiday Open House Flyers???

    I'm having a Holiday Open House or shopping day at my house the 1st wkend of Dec. and really don't have a lot of time to invest in making a flyer up? (not really savvy at that stuff) Can anyone help me??? Thank you!!::confused:
  17. jbondr

    Holiday Open House: A Successful Way to Reach Customers?

    I have participated in a local Holiday Bazaar vendor event for 8 years with great success. This year due to family and work commitments I can not attend this event. I am trying to come up with another way to reach some of my customers. Has anyone had a Holiday Open House? Was it a success...
  18. V

    Gift Basket Ideas for a Weight Watchers Open House

    Hi, I will be having a table at my Weight Watcher's center next weekend and they asked my to provide a gift basket. I know what I will make for the demonstration, but I need a Pampered Chef gift basket idea.
  19. Jennie4PC

    Prayers Needed: Our House to Sell Quickly

    I know I havent posted alot on here lately and this might seem minor compared to what others are going through but we need prayers for our house to sell. It has only been on the market about 30 days but my DH is currently working where his new job is and I am here taking care of the house and...
  20. babywings76

    at aBooth I Did a Couple of Weeks Ago, There Was a Princess House

    At a booth I did a couple of weeks ago, there was a Princess House consultant who also was representing Norwex. She was cleaning all over the place and I was pretty impressed with what she did. I'm not one to just buy without learning more, so I decided to host a party. But...I'm still...
  21. R

    Open House Show Ideas for Consultants

    Has anyone ever done and open house type show, where the guests can come and go? If so, does anyone have any iedas to share? I am a new consultant within the last 6 months and am having a hard time getting some bookings. I am considering doing an open house, showing some of the products on a...
  22. Intrepid_Chef

    Cooking Without a Stove: Easy and Affordable Microwave Recipes

    My roommate picked up on a gas leak. I didn't smell it but called the gas company just in case. They found a leak INSIDE THE STOVE and turned the gas off to it. So now I have my crock pot (requires advance planning which I am not good at) toaster oven (small quantities, anyone) my mirowave...
  23. pampchefrhondab

    Dealing with a Mouse Infestation: Any Tips?

    Ugh, went in the attic today to put some things away and there was evidence of a mouse!! We bought some poison and put it up there. Anyone else deal with this? I never had them with my old cat, he was a mouser. I really miss him:-(!
  24. kristina16marie

    offTopic-My Neighbor's House Burned Down Today

    So I woke up to the sound of an explosion and went to the window to see thick black smoke pouring out of the vacant house across the street and the suspected arsonist on the roof. I called 911 and then started taking video with my iPad. It was an eventful morning to say the least. The guy was...
  25. EmilyStraw

    My First Recruit Has Her Open House

    Hey everyone! I feel very blessed, my first recruit is having her open house this weekend! I am so excited for her, she is a wonderful lady and she will be great. I was wondering, what are some things you liked that your recruiter did (or wish he/she would have done) when you got started? I want...
  26. sailorsarah

    Win Prizes at Our Open House! Hostess Benefits & Discounts Available

    I'm going to have an open house and I'd like to offer some of my hostess benefits as door prizes for people that order. I'd make the half prized items and maybe some credit towards guests orders as prizes. My question is how would I do this. Do I put myself as the host and then add the people...
  27. naekelsey

    Frustrated With My Open House Responses

    I sent out my invites, emails and etc for my Open House and all I am getting back is, Sorry Can't make it. When is your next one? I would to have loved to order. How do I put, without being rude, that they can still order online (I would like them to order now) and that this isn't an...
  28. naekelsey

    Pictures of How You Set up for an Open House or Anything Else

    Does anyone have pictures they would be willing to share of how they set up there things for an Open House? Or for anything else? Anxious to do mine and would love some things to go off of..
  29. S

    Last Chance/First Glance Open House

    Hello! Can any of you give me any tips on how I can make my last chance/First glance Step up my business open house a HUGE success. I mailed out over 200 invitations, I am going to do follow up calls (using the phonevite thing from the Pampered Perks), and doing facebook evites. What else can...
  30. A

    Is It Worth It for an Open House....

    To mail out invitations to every one of the almost 175 people who I have addresses for? It would be a double invite for some as I've already sent invites through evite, facebook and my website. Seems like no one really responds to those except for close friends. Or should I call everyone and...