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  1. PChefAdriel

    Looking For Someone To Shadow

    I'm in the Cincinnati/NKY area and I'd like to shadow someone for home parties. I have my first home party next month and I'm kind of freaking out lol
  2. K

    Holiday Open House Invitation

    I thought this may be helpful for some of you!
  3. N

    Open House Questions

    I've been a lurker here so far, but I enjoy reading the posts. Mainly I don't post because I usually find someone else has given a good answer. I am a new consultant (sort of). I was a consultant a handful of years ago and loved it but unfortunately had to stop for awhile. As soon as I...
  4. C

    Where are you all holding your cluster meetings if not in your house?

    I have a small house. Any suggestions as to where to hold a cluster meeting? ME :)
  5. S

    Need Recipe For Open House

    hi! i am having a open house with the theme of Back to school -- i am diong a joined thing with a friend. she is doing demo's for Stampin' up & i am doing demo's and recipes for back to school. so anyone know any good, easy recipes for kids (after school). :D thanks! shellie consultant in...
  6. C

    Locations for Open House?

    I'm a fairly new consultant and would like to have a Open House with tons of attendees, and my place is way to small for what I'm thinking of... I want to post flyers all over town and even take out an ad in our local Pennysaver, so I would like to have it at a bigger place than my home.... but...
  7. C

    How do you have open house?

    I am a new Consultant and I have heard about people having open house and I was wondering how I would go about doing that and what do I do. Also who would be the people I would invite and has this really been a success with having open house? :) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.. thanks...
  8. C

    Open House Flyer

    I'm having tons of trouble coming up with an open house flyer. :confused: I need to get these sent out. Any ideas? Any open house ideas? Thought I'd have it from 10-3 serve brunch, light lunch, then ice cream creations. I've got a list of over 200 people to invite. I'm really excited about it...
  9. J

    Hi everyone, I am in my SS1 month and am having an open house to kick

    Hi everyone, I am in my SS1 month and am having an open house to kick off my new business. The first open house is on Saturday, June 4. One of the people who will be attending asked if she orders something for a wedding gift if it will be here in time for the June 25th wedding? I know stuff is...
  10. K

    Open house

    Hi! I am doing an open house for someone in June. I have never done one before. What do I do at one? What kind of invitations should I send her to mail out? If anyone has any input it would be much appreciated!! :confused:
  11. S

    Open House Flyers

    Hello All, I am hoping to have an open house as my boyfriends condo the first Saturday in June. I know that personal invitations are best, but he is a little concerned about me "invading people's privacy" by knocking on their unit door. He would rather that I just leave a flyer in their...
  12. B

    Need help with PC sampling open house

    :eek: I'm planning an open house for July. I was think of doing a PC sampling type of show with dips, beer breads, etc. How do I do a demo with a show like this? Do I skip the demo and just talk about some of the products and play games?
  13. P

    Open House recipes?

    Hi, I'm having an Open House this coming Saturday 4/16, this is my first SS month and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about recipes I should serve? I was thinking about making the Pink Lemonade Squares, Strawberry Bruschetta, a veggie platter and possibly something else? Any ideas?? I...
  14. N

    Whip cancer open house

    Hi all- I was thinking about doing a help whip cancer open house in May so I can reap some hostess benifits and up my kit since I just started. Any ideas? Does anyone know if I can advertise this as a fundraiser for cancer in the local newspaper- not one of the top 100. Ideas as to what I...
  15. K

    Open House Mystery

    I have distributed over 100 flyers to my neighborhood inviting them to my open house and announcing my start as a PC Kitchen Consultant. However, I am days away from the event, and have only received two responses-out of at least 135 flyers- and those were 'no thanks'. I am still going to have...
  16. J

    PC Open House

    I am new to PC, I want to do an Open House but my house is too small. Is it okay to do one at a meeting room at a local hotel? Please help. Also any ideas on flyers or invitations for Open Houses? Jeanette
  17. D

    Looking for Open House Info

    I just found this Forum totally by accident and am sooo glad that I did. I have literally been sitting here for almost 2 hours reading through the forums. I know....I know.....I should be on the phone! Anyway, I am looking to see if anyone has an invitation for an Open House I am having...
  18. DebPC

    Open House Tips

    I had a holiday open house yesterday...small place so I was only able I had a holiday open house yesterday...small place so I was only able to bring 1 table, but for the amount of people that came through, I figured I did fine. I tried a couple things I hadn't done before & thought I'd share...