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What is weight: Definition and 95 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Urgent What's the Weight of RockCroks? Help Needed!

    I have a customer asking what the RockCroks weigh. Mine are in my fridge filled with food, so I can't weight them. Can anyone help me out?
  2. DebPC

    Losing Weight and Healthy Eating Group

    I want to lose 10lbs and firm up before shorts weather here in Wi. Any others want to join me? We can encourage, support and motivate each other. I did great last week, then bad meals on Sat. night and Easter dinner. Today I plan to stay on track. Who's with me???
  3. DebPC

    What are some healthy snacks for weight loss?

    Eat these if you're trying to lose weight.
  4. L

    Discover Delicious Weight Watchers Party Recipes & Tips for a Successful Event

    I need help. I am doing a show in a couple weeks in which all of the guests do weight watcher. I need recipe ideas and maybe some tips on which product to focus on.
  5. V

    Gift Basket Ideas for a Weight Watchers Open House

    Hi, I will be having a table at my Weight Watcher's center next weekend and they asked my to provide a gift basket. I know what I will make for the demonstration, but I need a Pampered Chef gift basket idea.
  6. kcmckay

    Calling All Weight Watchers Members!

    Hi, I recently started weight watchers and have been doing e-tools and meetings. I'm doing meetings for accountability and to get in front of potential hosts/recruits! ;). This week we were asked to bring a recipe for a swap and encouraged to bring copies. I will be looking tonight, but I was...
  7. wadesgirl

    What is the weight of sugar in grams?

    Totally weird request! I sold my PC scale because I never used it and now I need to know how much sugar weighs in grams :) Googling it gives me everywhere from 190 to 240 grams per cup. Wondering if someone who has a scale at home could measure for me. I'm doing a project for my sister for a...
  8. N

    Favorite Weight Watchers Go-To Foods

    Since I know a lot of you cheffers are currently doing or have done weight watchers, I thought I would start a thread where everyone shares what they like to eat that is weight-watchers-friendly... Lately I have been making paninis on my grill pan with those 100 calorie sandwich flats. I...
  9. babywings76

    Weight Watcher Friendly Recipe Resources

    I'm going to start WW on Monday. I have the file that Ann made with how many WW points all the PC recipes have. I'm wondering if you guys can recommend some family friendly (kid friendly) recipes. Are there any great blogs, websites, etc that you find are good for giving healthy recipes...
  10. lockhartkitchen

    Weight Watchers Program Success?

    Has anyone done Weight Watchers and been successful with your weight loss? did you do it with the in-person meetings or online? My new insurance offers Weight Watchers to us for free.
  11. chefkathy

    Director Weight Loss/Fitness/Nutrition Support Group

    Join us here: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/DCSweightlossbuddies/ I am the moderator and the group is private. When you apply, make sure you tell me your name and your DCS name so I can approve you. Thanks!
  12. chefsteph07

    Boost Your Weight Loss Journey with Alli Weight Loss Supplement

    Has anyone taken Alli as a weight loss supplement? I'm thinking of starting this, (been hearing great things about it and I like that it's FDA approved)or adding some kind of fat burning supplement to my routine, I've been on a low carb diet for about 6 weeks and I'm not seeing very great...
  13. KayPT

    DCB Weight: How Much Does It Weigh?

    How much does the DCB weigh? Thanks!
  14. A

    Weight Watchers Recipe???? Out of the It's Good for You Cookbook!

    I've got a open show right now, she is going to go to her ww meeting and wants some sample recipes to tell them about from the It's Good for You cookbook. We are in different states, so I can't go and show them :( but she is doing great at her show right now! Thank you!!! :chef:
  15. heat123

    Need weight loss support? Join our challenge and win $500!

    Hey All, just wanted to post a thread where maybe we can give/get support, tips, recipes etc for a weightloss challenge! :) I started up a "Biggest Loser competition" among friends and family and we have a $500 jackpot at stake.:D Started Feb 1 Ends April 1 So far we are on week 5.. and I...
  16. L

    Healthy WW Snack Ideas for Vegans - No Onion or Garlic Recipes

    I need a good snack for ww and have a show where they need no meat recipe but also won't use any kind of onion or garlic! help
  17. S

    Need Weight Watchers/Diet Recipe Ideas? Share Them Here!

    Hello Friends! I will be working with a weight watchers group and demo recipes and tips using our awesome products. I was wondering if anyone has some ideas they would like to pass on. I will be demoing the DCB and also the our executive sets. Do you have an outline of ideas to share...
  18. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Table for Weight Watcher Open House

    Got a call yesterday asking if I could participate in a Weight Watcher's Open House. She gave me free rein, "Do whatever you want or don't want". lol I do not know much re: WW other than it's a type of point system. I have a doc now on the list of cookbooks and their points. I am waiting...
  19. T

    Current Weight Watchers Point System for Recipe Books | 2021 Update

    Does anyone have a current point doc for our recipe books? I found some here but they are from 2007 and contain half of what we now sell. Thanks, Rebecca
  20. natural

    Weight Watchers Points Needed Please

    Hi All, I am hosting a couple LITE and FIT shows and these are the 2 recipes we are doing. Is there any way someone can figure the Weight Watchers Points for me? I would be ever so appreciative!! --Sandra Greek Chicken Salad Several boneless skinless chicken breasts cooked with the NEW...
  21. AlowayFamily

    Weight Watcher Point for Cookbooks

    Hello, has anyone done the math and created the WW points for the current cook books? I found a file from 2007, but we have added and dropped cook books since then. Thanks for any help!
  22. urbnk8

    Low-Cal, Low-Fat Recipe Suggestions for Weight Watchers

    Someone in my cluster just posted this on our yahoo group. Thought maybe somebody here could help: "Hi everyone! Does anyone have a good suggestion for a low-cal, low-fat recipe to make at a show? My host tomorrow is doing weight watchers and wants a recipe to fit with that. Any...
  23. Cooking_Mama

    Grill Press Weight: Answering Your Question

    Does anyone know offhand how much the grill press weighs? I have a customer that has problems lifting heavy objects and was wondering the weight on this item. Thanks
  24. yvonnem87

    Weight Watchers/Slimming World Bookings

    Hi guys! I'm from london and I am finding it really hard to get bookings over here. I had a brainwave this afternoon and would like to approach local groups like weight watchers or slimming world over here. There are about 20 local groups like this close to me but I don't know what to say...
  25. crysboo

    Quick and Low-Point Recipes for Weight Watchers - 30 Minute Ideas

    Ok. I needed a 30 min. recepie and you guys helped soooo much but the host :grumpy: forgot to tell me that she and all of her guests are on weight watchers! So now I need a 30 minute recepie and it has to be low points! Help :cry:
  26. C

    Huge Chicken Breasts For Fajitas & Margaritas - Weight Help Needed!

    I am doing a fajitas and margaritas show tonight- but had to buy chicken in bulk. Does anyone know how much the weight is for the chicken in this recipe? (I know it says 3-4 chicken breasts, the ones I bought are huge- the weight would really help!) THANKS!!!
  27. A

    Xp - Demo's at Weight Watchers Meetings

    You may already know, but I just heard this today in my WW meeting - they are now allowed to have business people, like PC, put on demo's at their meetings. Another great way to get your name out there, and if you already attend meetings an easy way to let other meeting-goers know you are PC...
  28. A

    Demos @ Weight Watchers Meetings

    You may already know, but I just heard this today in my WW meeting - they are now allowed to have business people, like PC, put on demo's at their meetings. Another great way to get your name out there, and if you already attend meetings an easy way to let other meeting-goers know you are PC.
  29. ChefPaulaB

    What are some low-point Weight Watchers Easter dessert ideas?

    So, since most of my family is now on Weight Watchers, I've been put in charge of making a WW friendly dessert for Easter. I know that there are some good sites for WW recipes, but I was wondering if anyone has a tried and true recipe.. beyond the diet soda cakes, that would be within 1-5 pts...