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  1. cookingwithlove

    Weight Watcher Points

    I am looking for the points for ALL of the cookbooks. I saw it somewherer, but now I cannot find it. I have the points for SBRC and for the new Stoneware Inspirations
  2. C

    Weight Watchers Points

    Has anyone out there taken the time to tally WW points for PC recipes? I found the old post with the downloaded file, but I was wondering if anyone had done any of the new recipes. You know what they say about recreating the wheel.... :) have a great day, Sandy
  3. D_Patel

    How many points for a new recruit??

    Hi , i have been looking and probably missed it ! I was wondering how may points we earn for getting a new recruit?? Shooting for a trip ! LOL ! Wish me luck !!
  4. J

    Weight Watchers Conversion Points for New Cookbooks

    Does anyone have the Weight Watchers conversion points for the following cookbooks: Let's Eat Una Muestra Grilling recipe cards? TIA Jenn