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What is points: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. V

    Personal Understanding Trophy Points: How They're Earned and Used on This Page

    Hi I was just curious as to what the trophy points on this page are for? I see some with lots and some with none. How are they earned and used? Thank You!
  2. C

    Director Double Points for July Recruits: Get the Details!

    Did anyone save the flyer from CC about this? Either I am blind or they already took it down! I am trying to figure out with the double/triple points, since my July recruits had an extension on their 30 days if they qualify in that time, do I still get double points even though they will...
  3. nikked

    Get Double Trip Points for Irresistible Destinations 2012 - Limited Time Offer!

    For some reason, it's not on the flyer, but in the "See Rules" link of the recruiter side of the promotion on CC, it references DOUBLE TRIP POINTS... Just stumbled across this but hadn't seen a discussion about it, so I thought I would share. It says: Note: You will receive double points...
  4. Bren706

    10,000 Points Club for February! Who's In?

    My hospitality director sent an e-mail a few days ago: What is Your February Vision for Success? Is it your desire to TRAVEL with Pampered Chef in 2012 or 2013? Do you desire to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL for more income, a promotion or more rewards?? Well, earning 10,000...
  5. C

    Calculate WW Points with MyHealthyDietFood

    i found this awesome website that lets you calculate your information to figure how many points for weight watchers a serving is. since PC shows the nutritional value for all of their recipes, this might help at parties...
  6. P

    Director Canada's Silver Achievement: 40,000 Points in 2 Months!

    Just earned Silver!!!! 40,000 points away from Gold (canada, don't forget :) ) 40,000 points in 2 months?! eeeeeeek
  7. C

    Unlocking the Benefits: Incentive Trip Points for Promotions

    Does anyone know if you get incentive trip points when you promote? I know we used to because I did when I promoted to Director. I couldn't find anything about it on the website. Thanks!
  8. kcmckay

    Taste of Travel April Bonus Points?

    Is there somewhere on CC I can pull that flier again? You are supposed to get 4000 bonus points if submitting 4 or more right? I submitted 4 and before end of the month. I looked at my incentive calculator and I see that my miscellaneous updated from 1000 (spring launch) to 3000? I'm...
  9. N

    Can I still earn bonus points if I promoted to Director in April?

    Do you interpret the April bonus points flyer to mean that if someone is eligible for the taste of travel trip b/c they were a team leader on Jan. 1 but promoted to director on April 1 they will not be eligible for the bonus points? If so, that is not cool!
  10. J

    Taste of Travel Incentives Calculator: Is 50% of Total Sales Points Required?

    I was readying over the incentives calculator today for Taste of Travel and am a little confused. It said that 50% of your total sales points must come from Core Sales. Does that mean I have to sell $19000 to earn the trip even if I earn the trip/points without selling that much??
  11. finley1991

    Director Team TOT Incentive Points: Missing 1000 Points for Spring Launch?

    I'm reviewing my team's TOT incentive points and am noticing on my report that no one received the 1000 points for attending Spring Launch. I'm on hold with HO right now to ask but wondered if anyone noticed this on their reports... TIA!
  12. cookinforyou

    Unlock Your Spring Launch Points: Check Your Status Now!

    There is a very good chance I missed this thread but I can not find the answer on CC nor in any search here. Have the Spring Launch attendees received their points yet? I have looked at my detailed points and I have not been awarded mine as of today.
  13. ChefCKHall

    Points! (10670 Doubled) and a New Consultant on 2/28...Went to

    POINTS! (10670 doubled) AND a new consultant on 2/28... Went to Spring Launch..make that 24340 POINTS when she qualifies! FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN...I am gonna get there!
  14. Shelly Flanagan

    When Will the Incentive Calculator Update with 1000 Points for SL Attendees?

    Does anyone know when our Incentive Calculators will be updated with th4e 1000 points we were supposed to get for attending SL? Mine isn't updated yet.
  15. kcmckay

    Confused About My Points: Where is 2000 Points Listed?

    I've looked on CC but still confused. I looked at my incentive calculator and I have 5548 points under Irresistible destinations but under Taste Of Travel only show 3548? Where is it listed that the extra 2000 for December recruits wouldn't count towards TOT??? I'm confused. Also when will it...
  16. kcmckay

    Book February & Get Rewarded: Catty Specials & Double Points!

    So I really want a solid February to accrue as many double points as I can because I am going to New Orleans and Europe! :) So I just want to offer something that will get people to book February because people always feel like it's too soon and I have no early bookings. I have one on the 20th...
  17. P

    Director Will Paid As Points in December Count for 2010 or 2011?

    Will the points for being paid as a director in December be credited to the 2010 trip or the 2011? HO told someone yes, but reading everthing it looks like it will be credit and count in Jan???
  18. finley1991

    Director Double Points in February! With a Twist

    I posted this incorrectly a few minutes ago... http://www.directorchefsuccess.com/showthread.php?t=3210 The correct info is in the December Consultant News... To receive Double Incentive Trip Points: At least TWO Cooking Shows, Catalog Shows, Fundraiser Shows and/or Wedding Showers of at...
  19. finley1991

    Director January Double Points: Discover Our Next Destinations on Consultant's Corner

    It's in the December CN on Consultant's Corner!!!!!!!! Any guesses on our next destinations??? :sun:
  20. S

    I Still Got Points for My Recruit!

    So, I signed a recruit 2 years ago. She's been active off & on but never quite made her $1250 until this month. I still got the 2000 points for her submitting $1250 in sales.
  21. DebinIA

    WW Points for the New Cookbooks: A File Sharing Update

    Has anyone figured out the WW points for the new cookbooks? I know there is a wonderful file here with all of the past cookbooks/Season's Best, but it hasn't been updated for fall with our latest additions. Thank you so much to the generous soul who shared the filed in the first place!!!
  22. K

    When Will We Receive Our Director Bonus Points? Get Your Answers Here

    When do we get our director bonus points? I still don't have May's. Just thinking it's kind of late.
  23. J

    Director "Paid As" 250 Points for May?

    My "Paid As" Director points haven't shown up yet for May....anyone else? If so, I will call HO --- if not I will wait and see. TIA!
  24. J

    Omg - Triple Points Dates -- I Got 4 Out of 7!!

    Wow, the last 2 triple points dates are in the Newswire on CC and I got both of them. Small shows - $550 each, but hey, it all adds up! I had 2 other dates also (each $900+ shows), so I am up to 44,000 points. Thank goodness. I had to cancel a show when my MIL died 2 weeks ago and took...
  25. NooraK

    Phil Called, Triple Points Day Was...

    ...May 6th. got a message from HO just now, from "Phil." He said that last week's triple points day was Thursday, May 6th, and that there are still 6 more triple points days that are going to be picked. Triple points are earned for shows and orders submitted on that day.
  26. chef131doreen

    PHILL Rewards: Triple Points on May 6th - Submit Shows Now!

    I just got a call from PHILL ( recording ) Triple points so far was Thursday May 6th Yuk I submited shows on May 1,4 ,5 so far
  27. Jen1409

    Earn Rewards Points: Shows & Dollars Converting to Points

    You earn them for every 4 shows and/or every $1250 right?
  28. pamperedpals

    Triple Points Days in May: Earn More Rewards with Pampered Chef

    I was just on CC and saw that there will be 7 days in May to earn triple points! All show's must be held and submitted May 1 - 31. https://www.pamperedchef.com/images/cc/us/pdf/cs_10may_triple.pdf
  29. heat123

    WW (Weight Watchers): Momentum vs Points - What's Changed?

    I am looking into trying WW again (for a 3 month subscription) but can anybody tell me about Momentum? Do they combine that with Pts. system or are they seperate from eachother? Pts. Vs Momentum?? I was confused when I went to the website. I swear when I tried it before it was called something...
  30. I

    What Are Your Current Trip Point Goals and Challenges?

    Where is everyone on their goals?