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What is months: Definition and 88 Discussions

  1. P

    How Do I Estimate Taxes for My Pampered Chef Consultant Income?

    Hi All, I'm about 6 months into being a Pampered Chef consultant and I truly love it. I feel I've done pretty well but clearly have a lot to learn yet as I am just stumbling across this in an attempt to figure out how to estimate taxes so I don't get hit with paying taxes at the end of the...
  2. R

    Host Special: Is 6 Months Strict? - Get Answers Here

    Hi, I am trying to figure out just how strict the six month window is for the past host to get the host special. Is it exactly six months? I have a host who booked off a show that was on June 1st and would like to host a show in December, but doesn't want to screw the past host out of the...
  3. K

    Food Holidays & National Food Months

    I found this really neat list of national food holidays, along with a list of food days. Today, September 23rd is national White Chocolate Day. This would be a great way to make the candy corn fudge on Show Talk, since it uses white chocolate. National Chili week is the first week of...
  4. M

    I Have Been Inactive for for 2-3 Months Now ...Will I Still Get a

    I have been inactive for for 2-3 months now ...will I still get a change over kit (catalog package, etc ...not the new products)
  5. chesse

    I Renewed My Pws in Feb for 12 Months. Do I Have to Pay All Over Again

    I renewed my PWS in Feb for 12 months. Do I have to pay all over again to subscribe to the eBiz tools (or whatever its called) on top of that now? I hope not. Char:yuck:
  6. K

    Fundraiser in Different Months, Which Guest Special?

    I'm hosting a cooking fundraiser for a group this upcoming weekend. They wanted a 4 week show since the girls in the group will be trying to sell more. All of the orders are suppose to be in by the middle of May to close it out. Will the guest get the April Guest Special or the May Special?
  7. kam

    Past Host Counting the 6 Months

    Sorry, but I don't do many shows any more, so a lot of the rule specifics have escaped me... I have a host who is having a December catty show that I will be submitting this weekend (12/10). Her last show was a cooking show on 5/24 (May show) - but SUBMITTED on 6/14. I put her as a...
  8. esavvymom

    Inactive Status - More Than 2 Months

    So, if I don't get any sales this month (not looking like it, and i have no shows), it would be my 2nd month inactive. Right now, I don't care. I'm so busy with a few other things the rest of this month, I don't have time or the energy to even try. I have NEVER been one to pick up the...
  9. byrd1956

    Discover Exciting New Products for Fall/Winter - Be Ready for the Season!

    So, March was our new products month for Spring/Summer. What is the new products month for Fall/Winter; a future host wants to know. Thanks
  10. P

    Yes" then "No" - My Business Journey in 4 Months

    My first 4 months of business, I had a really great experience with anyone that said "Yes, I want to host a show", the next 2 months were all "No", and now "Yes" but no call or email or text or smoke signal back after I call them. If I talk to them, I do not get a committed date then no call...
  11. F

    Calling Booth Attendes From 7 Months Ago?

    Quickly and then I'll get to my question. I am new here and so far LOVING it (it's distracting me from my work!!) I have been a consultant since March 2011. Business has been good at times and not so good at others. I got into a rut in the fall (illness with me and my family and other...
  12. chefkathy

    Director Understanding Inactivity Guidelines for Consultants: July-Dec vs. Aug-Jan

    Help me out here.... Consultant last submitted in June 2011. So when does she "expire?" I thought it was December--inactive July-Dec would be 6 months. But now I'm thinking it's January--inactive August-Jan. Which is correct? (I'm behind on all this career plan stuff)
  13. P

    Director Canada's Silver Achievement: 40,000 Points in 2 Months!

    Just earned Silver!!!! 40,000 points away from Gold (canada, don't forget :) ) 40,000 points in 2 months?! eeeeeeek
  14. H

    Went From 2 - 7 on My Team in 2 Months!!!

    I started February with just 2 consultants on my team. I have had 5 recruits in just two months and went from looking at my goal for Director to be June 1st (my 1 year anniversary with PC) and that goal changed very fast. I MADE DIRECTOR TODAY!!! The Lord is amazing and He is just continuing to...
  15. aried

    First Show in 3 Months Tonight.

    Had surgery at the end of December and lost my motivation. Have my first show tonight in 3 months and hope I get some bookings!
  16. gailz2

    My Sling Bag Arrived Today, 1-1/2 Months Early

    Much to my surprise and delight, I opened my mail box today to find my Sling Bag!! I was so bummed that I wasn't supposed to get it until April, (they ran out) and was shocked and so very happy to get it today!!
  17. E

    Thinking About Quitting After Only 4 Months...

    Hubby and I just found out we're expecting our first baby this summer (YAY!!!) and I am so excited! But I am also a little overwhelmed... I currently work at a full-time job that keeps me incredibly busy and exhausted by the end of the day. I am already feeling a lot of stress trying to do well...
  18. lockhartkitchen

    Prayers for Amy: Losing a Child at 4 Months

    Please keep my friend Amy in your prayers. She is 4 months pregnant and just found out the baby passed away. She is going in today to "deliver". I can't imagine losing a child.
  19. K

    Pending 6 Months: Inactivity & Sales Before Dropped?

    When the consultant connection says "pending 6 months" in reference to inactivity, that means by the end of THIS month, they need to have in sales otherwise they are dropped, correct?
  20. Kenzie09

    Get 60% off for 6 Months and Boost Your Bookings Now!

    I created this to help with my bookings for the upcoming months, thought maybe some of you could benefit from it.
  21. P

    Director Remind Me: How Many Months Before Kits Sent?

    remind me please... they have to be active how many months before the kits are sent in order to receive on??? I can't find it in the guidelines.
  22. dannyzmom

    Director Finding Financial Relief After 6 Months Without $150

    lost after how many months of no $150?
  23. C

    Getting Parties to Hold (That Are Booked a Few Months Out)

    I've been listening to the latest Tammy Stanley training on getting bookings now (not later), and have found her advice to be very helpful - I did have one party that booked just one week out. But this last party that I did on Tuesday I got three bookings on my calendar, but all in September...
  24. M

    6 Months of 60% off Flyer for Host??

    Does anyone have a current 6 month flyer for the hosts? The one where they fill in 6 friends to host shows... ? I found one in files but its very old...
  25. K

    Urgent Maximizing Sales: Understanding Inactive Consultants & Re-Enrollment

    when consultant connection has a consultant listed under "pending 6 months" under inactive consultants, then that means that the current month is their last month to get in sales, correct? For example, I have a girl listed under it now. So if she doesn't submit by April 30th, then she would...
  26. M

    Catalog Show Straddling 2 Months?

    Hi everyone, I have a catalog show planned at the end of April for a coworker. If her show begins in April, but ends in May, which month's host/guest specials should we use? I would really like her to go into May if when I submit that show it will count toward my "submit 2 shows between May...
  27. pampchefrhondab

    Avoid Losing Career Sales: Tips After 1 or 2 Months of No Sales

    Do you lose career sales after 1 month no sales or 2 in a row? Thanks!
  28. M

    Host Specials Bring the $$: My Best Month in 7 Months!

    Ok, so after my chaotic last ditch effort to earn my HWC products this month (and failing) at least my double incentive points are working in my favor! I just closed a $700 show. She only had 4 people attend her show, 2 of which were at the previous show she had booked from so she was...
  29. J

    Lost Flyer: 6 Months of Shows - Need Updated Copy

    A while back someone posted a flyer with 6 months of shows in Pdf that i can not update. Does anyone still have this or have an updated copy thanks Jessica
  30. B

    Understanding Inactive Consultants: Resignation and Notification Guidelines

    Anyone else seeing this on Consultant Connection for their recruits who have failed to be active in the past 6 months? What do they mean by "pending?" Can these people resign now or do they have to wait 6 months? I guess they can resign now. I'm thinking about under the old career plan where...