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What is went: Definition and 63 Discussions

  1. J

    Pws Newsletter Went to Opt-Outs

    Just saw this on CS...I know some are not on there, so thought I would share. I thought it was odd when I got a very angry e-mail from a customer who was ticked that she got a newsletter when she had opted out -- I showed her opted out and didn't have her e-mail info in P3. Yikes! The...
  2. S

    **Warning** Pws Newsletters Went Out to Optouts

    I just found this out so I thought I would share. I almost got fired from my job! One of the upper level people at my job had signed up for my newsletter and then a few months later she opted out. No biggie, right. Well she just got May's newsletter. They thought that I added her back in and...
  3. vhadley

    Help! On-Line Order Went to Another Person!

    My in-laws were ordering stuff today, even had my picture pulled up so I know they were on my own website. After it was processed, it came up with another person's consultant name and ID #. I called the toll free number and they're shut down today. It was over $100 and I need it to stay...
  4. Kjurich

    I Just Went Though All My Guest Info Cards I Had From Before I Went

    I just went though all my guest info cards I had from before I went inactive, and I was thinking about emailing the maybes to see if they would be interested in hosting now that I have rejoined. So anyone have any ideas on wording. . . . Do I remind them that I they had attend a show of mine...
  5. O

    Online Order Went to Wrong Consultant

    Has this happened to anyone? My niece was on my facebook page, clicked on my website, placed an order, and her confirmation came back with another consultant's name on it. Isn't that strange? How does this happen? I e-mailed HO and she's calling them this morning. If they can't change...
  6. O

    Good Morning!The Newsletter Went Out Last Night From Consultant's

    Good morning! The newsletter went out last night from Consultant's Corner. I am on some of your subscriber lists....somehow - go figure!! Anyway - last month, I shared this with our team and now I am going to share it with you all. PLease look at the newsletter, the week before it is sent and...
  7. J

    American Idol -- Who Went Home?

    DON'T POST IT (don't want to ruin it for anyone) -- please PM me -- we missed it and no TVo!!!
  8. H

    Went From 2 - 7 on My Team in 2 Months!!!

    I started February with just 2 consultants on my team. I have had 5 recruits in just two months and went from looking at my goal for Director to be June 1st (my 1 year anniversary with PC) and that goal changed very fast. I MADE DIRECTOR TODAY!!! The Lord is amazing and He is just continuing to...
  9. brandynichoal

    Celebrating Friendship: My Host Who Went Above & Beyond

    For my Host! who has actually become a good friend (we met in the school we are going to) i dont think i could have asked for a better host! she was super excited, helpful, did almost everything she could do to invite people. and had about 20+ confirm on coming. One of our teachers actually...
  10. aried

    What a Show-Several Things Went Wrong

    Did a show today an hour away from my house. Didn't know what I was thinking on time and left late-realized that on way there. Called host and started driving 80 mph. Made brownies for ice cream sundaes. Made brownies in large bar pan (only one mix) and baked too long they were hard. Thought...
  11. RMDave

    Discovering the Surprising Weight of a Full Family-Size Quick-Stir® Pitcher

    ... I'm not a stupid person. I've traveled the world. Performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Taught. Explored various professional and cultural options. Raised three kids successfully ... so why didn't anybody ever tell me that a Family-Size Quick-Stir® Pitcher weighs nearly 10...
  12. chefkathy

    D'oh! Went to Go Print My Receipts for My 3X Points Shows....

    ...and I have TWO sheets of receipt paper left! Uh oh!I knew I was low and had been meaning to place a supply order but just hadn't gotten around to it.Guess I'll be printing "unofficial" ones today and replacing them when my supply order comes in!
  13. D

    Jan 4 Cheating Attempt: What Went Wrong?

    Is this being held until after Jan 4? I tried to do the cheating thing but it wouldn't work!
  14. cmdtrgd

    Is there too much pressure to recruit in the direct sales industry?

    So, I try not to check out CS too much, but it still calls to me... I did just get a recruit from it and I have gotten some great flyers and ideas... And, I get to stay in touch with some of my friends who aren't over here yet... BUT I HATE THE WHINING! Oh my gosh you would have...
  15. pc_jessica

    No Bookings at My Show- What Went Wrong?

    I just got back from a show...8 guests...$244 in sales...but NO BOOKINGS:yuck:. This is my first show with out getting ANY bookings! I don't know what I did wrong/different. I am just at a total loss. No one even seemed interested. Ugh...I needed bookings too! At least I already have a few...
  16. baychef

    Who Went to Promote Leaders Pronto Lead by Kristi?

    The reason I am asking is that I attended one taught by Amy Neal. Amy is a fabulous presentor, however, I saw real excitement and compliments coming from those who attended Kristi's version. I must admit that I was extremely tired and was on the verge of total shut down when I took her...
  17. C

    I Need to Know Who Went Home on Dwts!!!! Also a Recap on American

    I need to know who went home on DWTS!!!! Also a recap on American Idol! I had a show tonight!
  18. T

    Urgent Mp3 Player That Went Through Washer/Dryer

    Not sure where to post this. Is there any way to save a MP3 player that accidentally went through washer and dryer? We've taken it apart to let it air-dry but don't know if that will work. Trish in Texas Independent Consultant
  19. raebates

    Went to a Party for Another Ds Company . . .

    I went to a jewelry party tonight. The company doesn't really matter. I always go to these kinds of things with a couple of ideas in mind. First, I want to do research for my own business. The things another consultant (even from another company) does can be either a good or a bad example for...
  20. PampMomof3

    Are In!!! in Fact, on Thursday, I Went to My Commission and My

    are in!!! In fact, on thursday, i went to my commission and my statement was up for me to view. Yes, the mid month March! Weird!!! They're on top of it this month!!
  21. babywings76

    Oh No! My Cell Phone Went Through the Wash!

    Now what do I do?!! It won't work now. Will it work when it dries out? I'm so mad at myself. I usually check pockets and everything, I can't believe I didn't check them. I was just trying to hurry and get things done, I have 6 loads I'm doing today. Ugg! :(
  22. J

    I Just Went Inactive: Can Orders Still Be Placed?

    i just went inactive - can people still order on my website?
  23. mscharf

    Southwest Rates to Denver Went Down- Check It Out!!

    Just wanted to let you all know that if you booked your flight with Southwest to Dever, I just looked and my flight went down by $80!!!!:eek: I just booked my flight this past Thursday, so in three days it dropped that much! You can't get a refund, but you get a credit. The credit can be...
  24. K_Jurich

    Denied from Welovepamperedcheftoo Yahoo Group: What Went Wrong?

    Ok so today I was bored and was checking out different thing and went to welovepamperedcheftoo the yahoo group and applied to jion the group and I just go a email from them saying my app was denied. :confused: Very confued as to why but I got the link from welovepamperedcheftoo but I don't go...
  25. Intrepid_Chef

    Party Switch that Went Awry: A Lesson in Rescheduling

    (or "the party switch that went awry ...") OK, last week came and I found myself with a full calendar. I had six calendars, and was uncertain where I would fit in another show or craft fair. I was pretty overwhelmed, and stopped making contacts while I managed the shows I already had. One...
  26. K

    My First Pampered Chef Show in Hurricane-Damaged Area: Lessons Learned

    I had my first show this Saturday from 1-3. I am from around Houston and my show was in an area that was damaged really badly from the hurricane. My friend/host asked me for 40 invites and 9 guests showed up. Guess that isnt terrible. Anyways everyone there had heard of Pampered Chef and...
  27. N

    Went to "Sprinkles" Today With My Dd

    my 23 year old dd came home last night (works 30+ hours and is in grad school--lives at home but bless her heart hardly ever here), and said "c'mon mom, we're seizing the moment every Wednesday morning, just you and I. Tomorrow we are going to Sprinkles and having cupcakes and coffee for...
  28. linojackie

    Exciting News: 40 Open My Newsletter, But What Went Wrong?

    I sent my newsletter out this morning, and I've had 40 people open it so far, and six clicked on the links. I even had one lady call me to tell me she was ordering something from the outlet as we spoke! The problem??? When she completed her transaction, she called me back to tell me...
  29. Jennie4PC

    soI Went to Kmart This Weekend. and I Was Wondering Did We Skip

    So I went to Kmart this weekend. And I was wondering did we skip halloween and Thanksgiving all together?? They had all thier Christmas out. Trees, decorations and all. I told the checker it was way to early for Christmas. I know people start shopping early for Christmas but we havent even...
  30. babywings76

    Successful Open House Leads to Bookings and Exciting Opportunities!

    Well, I'm still needing to follow up with some people. But, so far the show is at $357 and I got 5 bookings! Granted, 2 of them were my sisters, but still...I'm so excited. I only had 6 people come to my Open house. I had the Artichoke dip, White Chicken Chili w/ tortilla chips, Satay Chicken...