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What is print: Definition and 133 Discussions

  1. Bren706

    Office Depot Online Print Center

    Has anyone had problems uploading documents to Office Depot before? I have never had problems in the past, but I have been trying to upload, and once I have selected my documents, and try to click on the "Upload and Continue" link, nothing happens. I haven't been able to figure it out. I...
  2. jcsmilez

    Invites, Flyers, Etc. Merrill, Office Supply Store or Print Your Own?

    Curious. What do you use for your mailings? Strictly postcard invitations from Paperwork supply? Merrill? Those that print invitations flyers, order forms etc. Do you print your own, or go through Office Depot, Office Max, Kinkos or somewhere else? What prompts these questions is that...
  3. K

    Discover the Best Deal on Postcards: Only $24.99 at Vista Print

    Does anyone know how many postcards you get for $24.99. I can't find it located on their site. Just the special price. Thanks,
  4. S

    Using Blank Forms to Print Outside Order Forms

    I am trying to use the blank forms included in my business building kit... it has the Pampered chef logo on top, and the back is the same as the back of order forms. Anyhow, I keep trying to print outside order forms on it, and it prints onto the Pampered Chef logo... I can't get it to start...
  5. babywings76

    Fine Print on Feb. Guest Special...new Products?

    Did you notice the fine print? It says: "Ask your consultant for a complete list of selections. *Choose from two new spring products that will be announced to Consultants on Feb. 4. Your Consultant will share the updated flyer that includes the two choices with you at that time."...
  6. scottcooks

    Where Can You Find a Food Chopper in Disney's Family Fun December Issue?

    Disney "Family Fun" December issue Sweet Gifts to Make and Bake - blonde girl in light blue with pigtails chomping gingerbread man's head on conver. page 28 "Let's Cook" French Bread casserole shows Food Chopper :)
  7. T

    How Do I Print Address Labels From Cc?

    Someone suggest I can do that from CC but I don't see where. :(
  8. vhadley

    Is There a Print Out for Ordering for the Holidays

    Not sure how to ask what I'm searching for. Is there a document/pdf that I can print out and give to people to come look at my website to order for the Holidays? Maybe a flyer? Also what do you do to try to increase your orders from your website? Or mainly do you only get orders from your...
  9. pcheftammy

    October Guest Specials: Print & Save!

    For the October one, I just printed the backside from the website guest specials to make my copies.
  10. C

    Can I Print Address Labels for Former and Potential Hosts on P3?

    Is there a way to print address labels for former hosts/potential hosts? If not a way to print them, is there a way to just run a list of these with their addresses? TIA!!
  11. T

    theFirst Few Shows I Didn't Print Receipts for Everyone. I Just

    The first few shows I didn't print receipts for everyone. I just printed a receipt for people who didn't get a copy from the carbon receipts. Then I did a fundraiser and I had a lot of outside orders so I just printed receipts for the chair to give out to everyone. It seemed easier then...
  12. T

    Efficient Guest Special Print Outs for Events and Fundraisers

    Hi, How does everyone do their guest special print outs? So far I have been printing a few for each show I do as they seem to disappear somehow after each show. I have a fundraiser this weekend and a good number of shows in May so I was thinking of printing one and making copies somewhere...
  13. J

    Print a Personalized Gift Certificate for School Fundraiser

    Hello, I searched & can't seem to find a template for a gift certificate. I'd like to print one to donate to my nehew's school fundraiser that can only be redeemed through me. Thanks so much! Jana
  14. C

    Print BINGO Cards - Free & Easy!

    I need help printing BINGO cards - at least 30. It there a web site to do this for free?:chef:
  15. C

    Can You Print Address Labels in P3?

    Can you? Just wanted to see if there was an easy way to address some holiday cards. Thanks!
  16. Y

    Print Issues: Labels Not Aligning with Sheets

    Not sure of the right area for this thread, but is anyone having any problems with the labels (such as the guest lists) not alligning with the lables sheets when printing? Seems like anything I print the first column is fine, 2nd shifts a tad and the 3rd prints on a little of the 2nd...
  17. ilovpc

    Is a Window Decal From Vista Print Worth It?

    I just ordered a window decal for my truck (XTerra) from Vista Print. I have ordered some other stuff from this website before and I liked everything. This is the first time ordering a window decal and I am now worried if its going to be of a good quality. Have you order a window decal from...
  18. sherri lynn

    Can't Print Receipts on P3? Need Help Fixing It?

    I see how to print them, but when I try to do it microsoft works says file cannot be opened. Help!! Am I doing something wrong? I hope there is an easy way to fix this. Thanks
  19. L

    How Do I Print Receipts From P3?

    I thought I was supposed to be able to print reciepts for my customers off of P3. I can't find how to do it? Anyone know?
  20. B

    How can I get registered symbols to show up on Vista Print?

    I am trying to create some of my own materials. I have used Vista several times before. My problem is that i can not get the registered or trade mark symbols to show up. I have seen several things on here that do show the registered symbol. Help me out here im stumped! Britt
  21. RCKmom

    Create Custom Invites with Vista Print: Share Your Ideas Here!

    I just received an email from Vista Print with free post cards. I was hoping that some of you that make your own invitations on Vista would be willing to post them so I can get some ideas. I did do a search and found several post cards but not really invites, they were mostly thank you post...
  22. chefheidi2003

    Do I Need to Print Receipts for Website Orders?

    I didn't know where to put this so I just picked a place. Anyway..I have a question I know that I should know the answer but I don't as I don't get a lot of people ordering from my website until lately. If someone orders on a show from my website do I still need to print them a receipt? I...
  23. chefkathy

    Director They Fixed the Consultant Planner--You Can Print a Month at a Time Now!

    https://www.pamperedchef.com/images/cc/us/pdf/month-at-a-glance.pdf Hallelujah!
  24. kreaser

    New HWC Postcard Design with Vista Print | Get Inspired and Create Yours Today!

    Hi was wondering if anyone has done up a new postcard for HWC with vista print thanks in advance
  25. PamperedSD

    Need help with Vista Print customer service?

    I wasn't sure where to post this :) I placed an order on Vista Print and then when I checked out realized I had a typo on my business card! :cry: I tried to cancel right then but it would not let me. I clicked on live chat with customer service. They were able to cancel my order for me and...
  26. babywings76

    Vista Print Banner and Yard Sign

    I took a picture of these to share since a few people were curious about the quality. I'm sorry about the look of the banner. I had it rolled up and so it's still has the bumps in it. I took a picture of the corner of it, so you can see how on mine some barcode thing got printed on it...
  27. L

    Print More Cards Per Page - A Landscape Layout

    i couldnt help but notice that most of us who are priting our own cards are printing 2 colums of 5 (10 cards) per page. I just wanted to share that if you were to do a landscape design, you could put 3 colums of 4 (12 cards). Although 2 cards doesnt seem like much, it is 20 percent more cards...
  28. ChefMary412

    Printing P3 Receipts: How to Transfer Show Info and Print on Another Computer

    I have my P3 info on a netbook that is not currently set to a printer. Is there a way to save and send a receipt to another computer with P3 on it to print? I need the help of my brother to set up the printer with this thing, and he is out of town... I need the receipt now. I think my...
  29. F

    Get a Free Vistaprint Banner & See if It Holds Your Merrill Banners!

    Does anyone have the Vistaprint Banner? You can get a small one for "free". Stands are 30ish. Was considering ordering one but wanted to see if anyone had one first. Also curious if the stands would hold my Merrill banners? Sometimes they are hard to attach to table/canopy at fairs.
  30. chefkathy

    Director Outlet Postcards on Vista Print

    I know Carolyn shared an outlet "card" that she hands out, because this is where I originally got this idea and wording! I made it into a postcard on Vista Print and got a whole bunch for free--much better than printing and copying and cutting them myself! I hand these out to everyone with...