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What is office: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. mspibb

    Orders Piling Up: Home Office in January Rush

    Home Office must have gotten slammed with orders end of January. I submitted 2 show Tuesday - one early am- and both are still showing "received."
  2. byrd1956

    Home Office Phone Number: Find the # for Your Home Office in # Format

    Anyone have the # for the home office? In # format.
  3. DebPC

    Fast Home Office Delivery: Order Yesterday, Delivered Today!

    Sent in a show yesterday around 11am. On my door step at 1pm today. I do live about 100 miles from HO but still!
  4. DebPC

    Is Home Office Not Including Holiday Brochures With Orders?

    Just had a huge show shipped to me and didn't see them on the shipping slip.
  5. Bren706

    Office Depot Online Print Center

    Has anyone had problems uploading documents to Office Depot before? I have never had problems in the past, but I have been trying to upload, and once I have selected my documents, and try to click on the "Upload and Continue" link, nothing happens. I haven't been able to figure it out. I...
  6. jcsmilez

    Invites, Flyers, Etc. Merrill, Office Supply Store or Print Your Own?

    Curious. What do you use for your mailings? Strictly postcard invitations from Paperwork supply? Merrill? Those that print invitations flyers, order forms etc. Do you print your own, or go through Office Depot, Office Max, Kinkos or somewhere else? What prompts these questions is that...
  7. M

    Want to Do Office Parties "Shop While You Eat"

    I am looking to cater to the businesses in my small town by offering a Shop While You Eat parties. Has anyone ever done this and have a flyer already made? Thanks, kimberly harrell Statesville, NC
  8. W

    Understanding Home Office Paper: Tips and Tricks for Printing Receipts

    Hi, I am new to this site and I am sure there has already been a post about this somewhere but I haven't seemed to find it. So my question exactly is: What is home office paper? I would like to print off a receipt for a customer but for it to be valid, it must be on the Home Office paper...
  9. DebPC

    Buy Office Supplies in July and August

    If you can take advantage of the "Back to School" sales- you can save alot. I buy pens, white out, school folders for my host packets, notebooks etc. then. Sometimes I'm there 3-4 times in a week if they have a maximum you can buy at a time. I am always going past there anyways so it's not...
  10. K

    Creating a Business Binder: Organization for Working Women without Office Space

    Most of my girls work other jobs and don't have the luxury of an office at home. I remember a training I took once at Conference where the lady talked about a business binder. I'm sure I took notes but I have no idea where they would be (maybe organizing notes should be a new year's...
  11. naekelsey

    Organizing Your Home Office: Inspiration from Real-Life Setups

    I am really wanting to get organized!! Would any of you post pics of what your "office" looks like? I have some ideas but would love to see what you have that may work better....
  12. 3

    Why Did Office Depot's Shipping Restrictions Frustrate My Fundraising Efforts?

    I live in Illinois and I am having a fundraiser in Arkansas. I wanted to order 600 copies front and back of outside orders for the girls to use when taking their orders. I was also ordering envelopes so that my mom could put everything in each for the girls. I had my order all ready online...
  13. chefliz

    Label for Envelope to Go Around the Office?

    :blushing: I hope this makes sense to someone...Does anyone have a label that you can put on a large envelope to send around the office so that people can sign off that they have seen it. (like office mail?) This is for an Office Pampered Chef Party.
  14. P

    Daily Tasks for My Office Hours?

    Well I have been on bed rest for the past seven weeks and after I got over complaining about it I decided to use the time to get all of my bussiness stuff in order. I have binderized everything, weeded out and shredded old paperwork, and followed up with contacts I have not touched in years. It...
  15. 1PamperedMommy

    Mobile Office, or Office in a Bag

    Who has a mobile office, or office in a bag? I've heard of this rather recently through Thirty One and I'm trying to decide if I should implement one. If you use it, or have used it, what are the benefits? What do you include? Any tips?? TIA!!
  16. A

    What Items are Available for Purchase in this Office Cleaning Sale?

    For Sale:Set of 5 packets of Congratulations cards- $10 Red PC Cell Phone carrier- $5 Set of 10 post cards- see picture $12 Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul $8 New in Package- glass storage tote $15-----SOLD!Prices DO NOT include shipping
  17. J

    Director Home Office Leads Question (No, I Wasn't on the Call)

    Hey, quickie here --So I just got Home Office Leads back -- no recruiting for me, just did more than the $1250 required last month --They also go to regular Consultants now who do the $1250 also, right? As long as they have a PWS.....Done with the dumb questions --Thx!
  18. pampered1224

    Uncovering a Rare Home Office Open Memory: Have You Seen the Cookie Mold?

    home office open? I remember it was warm but think it was late September or early October and I remember that you needed to sell $4000 in the month of August to attend a special grand opening tour. I did. I also remember getting a very limited edition stoneware cookie mold that is a replica of...
  19. NooraK

    I Will Be Sending an Email to Home Office When I Am at Home, but I

    I will be sending an email to Home Office when I am at home, but I wanted to get your take on this. The PG states, in regards to Social Media sites: I consider Pinterest to be a social media site. The way I interpret the PG is that as long as I clearly identify myself as a consultant, I...
  20. wadesgirl

    Office Max Labels - Save Some Money!

    I went to buy labels today and found a great deal at Office Max (at least my location). At first I noticed they had their Office Max labels on sale 750 for $10 - thinking I had a great deal I grabbed two of them. Then at one of the end caps they had a huge package of Avery labels - 3600 (bonus...
  21. K

    Plan the Perfect Office Bridal Luncheon | Gift Suggestions & More!

    Hi everyone! I am a soon to be new consultant and am already planning an office bridal shower luncheon...It will just be a come/go as you please kind of thing but didn't know if anyone had any suggestions/recommendations!? The bride is developing her wish list and I was going to make a nice copy...
  22. ShelbyMichalek

    Get Affordable Document Printing with Office Depot FTW!

    (By the way, FTW is geek speak. It stands for "For The Win!")So, did you know you can upload a document (for example, the host information form, the list of 100 form, host special flyers, etc) to Office Depot (use the Pampered Perks to sign up for an account) and get copies printed and mailed to...
  23. NooraK

    Is Free Shipping Available for Cyber Monday Deals?

    HO will be sending an email to PWS Newsletter subscribers' lists about the Cyber Monday Free Shipping Deal. You can opt out, but you need to remember to opt back in for the December newlsetter. https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/incentives/ri/cyber_monday_11.jsp
  24. M

    How do I mail an order to the home office without a PC debit card?

    I need to submit a show today for a host that is ordering a gift and wants the turkey voucher. The problem is that I am right in the midst of switching bank accounts and no longer have my PC debit card linked to the right account. I know when I first started I was able to send my first two...
  25. P

    Pampering" the Dentist Office: Ideas & Experiences

    Both of my children have appointments this afternoon, so I am trying to think of a way to "pamper" the dentist office - anyone ever done anything for a dentist office before?
  26. S

    Recovering Lost Home Office Leads: How Long Will I Have to Wait?

    I lost my HOL at the beginning of this month due to lack of recruiting for 4 months. I have enough in sales and team members being active for Team leader status. I just recruited a new consultant a few nights ago. Does anyone know when I will get my leads back? Does she have to submit first or...
  27. thehaleykitchen

    Looking for a Flyer for My Husband's Office...

    I have been looking around to see if there is any flyers that would be good to send with my husband so he can hang it up on the community board at work. Does anyone have one that seems to work well? I did have one hung up with little tabs people could take but I never got any sales from it...
  28. vanscootin

    Stamps.com Vs. Driving to the Post Office

    I've been staring at a Stamps.com offer on my desk for almost 2 months now. I loathe, abhor, and detest going to the post office and I'm thinking about doing the Stamps.com... I was wondering if anyone has tried or uses it and what you think of it.
  29. NooraK

    Best Prices for Office Supplies

    It's that time of year: School supplies are going on sale. There are lots of great items that many of us use in our businesses on sale as well. The coupon website I follow put together a compilation post of all the best prices this week: Best School Supply Deals Roundup 7/12 :: Southern...
  30. cookingwithlove

    Director Clean Office Award: Motivating Employees to Keep Spaces Tidy | Office Tips

    My husband came in my office today. He said, "wow, it sure is clean in here. Maybe I will build you a stage and if your office is clean all month you can get a special award and walk across it" My kids thought that was a great idea!