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What is clean: Definition and 53 Discussions

  1. S

    Looking for an Easy Clean Kitchen Brush? Anyone have one?

    ISO Easy Clean Kitchen Brush, 3 if possible!
  2. Samantha

    Where Can I Find Easy Clean Brushes for My Customer?

    I'm searching for any new in package easy clean brushes for a customer. Please and thank you!
  3. I

    Stones in Self-Cleaning Oven on Clean Cycle

    Hello, my mom inadvertently left two stones in the oven and ran the self-cleaning cycle. Are they ruined?
  4. pcheftammy

    Retirement Clean Out: Tons of Pampered Chef Products for Sale in Connecticut

    I have retired my business after 10 years and have tons that need a useful home. I will accept trades for my favorite seasoning or cash only. I live in Connecticut, so if you can drive here, you could really load up! Everything must go!Postcards (30+ unopened and more) $10 for all Stationary...
  5. A

    Clean Eating and Paleo Show Ideas

    I've had a TON of requests for "Clean" (no processed foods) or "Paleo" (no dairy, no grain, no legumes) recipes over the last few months. Does anyone have any great ideas to share? I would also love some ideas for Vegan and Gluten Free shows. It seems like these dietary restrictions are getting...
  6. C

    Looking for Clean and Delicious Pampered Chef Recipes?

    Any ideas for recipes that we have that are as clean as possible? Thanks in advance!
  7. kam

    Is Clean Eating the Key to a Healthier Lifestyle?

    No, not a joke. :) I am looking for help in following the eating clean principles. I have just started and have some weird questions and was wondering if anyone here follows Clean Eating! (Little or no processed food.) Thanks!
  8. S

    Help! My Deep Covered Baker Wont Come Clean

    Hi guys. I made Mexican Chickan Lasagna in my DCB and even though I rinsed it right away, I cannot get the red sauce to come out! I have been scrapping and cleaning it for two days and it wont come out. I have a show tonight to make the Rocky Road Brownie Dessert and I am terrified it wont...
  9. cookingwithlove

    Director Clean Office Award: Motivating Employees to Keep Spaces Tidy | Office Tips

    My husband came in my office today. He said, "wow, it sure is clean in here. Maybe I will build you a stage and if your office is clean all month you can get a special award and walk across it" My kids thought that was a great idea!
  10. A

    Director Demonstrate the 8 Inch Sauté Pan: Easy Clean Up with Delicious Recipes!

    I just got these ideas from a Director Call, and thought I would share them... 8 Inch Sauté Pan Demos Want to boost your sales and bookings? Make sure to demonstrate your cookware! Here are some easy, quick ideas for the 8 Inch Sauté Pan (which comes in your New Consultant...
  11. susanr613

    Looking for tips on how to keep your grill pan sparkling clean?

    I've noticed over time that it's more and more difficult to get the grill pan super clean. Any tips? Thanks - Susan
  12. S

    My Grill Press Seems Difficult to Clean...

    Am I doing something wrong? It seems rough like sandpaper and everything sticks to it. Was I suppose to season it or something?
  13. M

    How Do You Clean Your Exec Cookware?

    I am just wondering, I know NO dishwasher. But what kind of handwashing do you do - do you use dish soap? Just hot water? Something else? Thanks. Mara
  14. P

    How Do You Clean the Garlic Slicer?

    I love the Garlic Slicer, and use it quite often. I usually clean it by hand, though, because I try to 'clean as I go' as often as possible. It's really hard to remove the garlic stuck in the blades. Does anyone have a tried and true trick, other than placing it in the dishwasher?
  15. P

    I Have a Customer Who Is Complaining That They Can't Clean the

    I have a customer who is complaining that they can't clean the mandoline "blades" properly and that when slicing potatoes they get caught. What is the easiest way for me to tell her to clean it out?? Any ideas? Thanks!!
  16. A

    How Can I Get Rid of Unused Cooking Show Materials?

    I've been inactive for almost a year now and am just getting around to going through stuff to clean out my "closet" aka spare room that I want to finish turning into a sewing room. Anyway, I've got these things to clean out. Some of them may not be of any use, but thought I would check. I'd like...
  17. F

    Personal Non Pampered Chef--Moldy Green Sand? How to Clean?

    Kids haven't been in sand box for a year or so. I'm going to sell it at our YS & when I took off the lid----:yuck: Nasty Sand. Is there a way to clean it? Do I spread it around the yard? The sand has to go b/c you can't move it otherwise. Help?!?!?!
  18. P

    Mom Mad for Asking Daughter to Clean Up...

    I need some non-biased feedback on whether I did the right thing or not. My neighbor/friend has a 8 year old daughter who comes over my house frequently. Last week she was at our house and she wrote her first & last name on my 8 year old son's wooden desk in his room. This desk is not easy...
  19. lacychef

    Time to Clean Out My Storage Closet" - Shop Great Deals Now!

    Time to clean out my storage closet, & hopefully make some extra cash for conference:) All items are new in package unless otherwise noted. All items are retired, and are approximately 40-50% off retail, at least. (out of OLD books, so I'm guessing on a few) Please EMAIL ME, since I don't check...
  20. WLMcCoy

    How to effectively clean the Mix 'n' Chop and other difficult kitchen tools?

    I am soaking my food chopper & apple wedger as I type this. They are the 2 worst products to clean, in my opinion. Anyone have tips on how to clean them? What is your opinion on the hardest products to clean?
  21. A

    How Do You Effectively Clean a Salad Chopper?

    Hi Everyone, I am having a hard time cleaning the salad chopper. No matter how hard I try, chicken keeps getting stuck between the scissor and the plastic. How do you solve this problem? I used them to shred chicken. Thanks! Andrea
  22. KellyTheChef

    How to Clean High Traffic "Dark" Path in My Carpet

    Hey all! We have a light tan freize (sp?) like carpet (cross between plush and freize...hard to describe) that has multi colors flecked throughout. It hides little imperfection stains...but has a darker area where we walk all of the time. I used my carpet cleaner for the hallway and the...
  23. susanr613

    How to Clean a Microfiber Couch?

    I always find an answer on this board, so here's my question. I have a dark red microfiber couch that could use a good cleaning. There are no visible stains, but DS and I eat/drink while sitting on it, and my smaller dog keeps us company on it. I do not want to pay a lot of $$ to have it...
  24. F

    Struggling to Clean Your Grill Basket? Here are Some Tips!

    Used my grill basket for the 1st time last night, but can't seem to get it "pretty" again. Suggestions.
  25. kcjodih

    How Do You Clean Windows/Glass?

    ARGGG! :mad: I soooo hate cleaning windows and glass. We have four tables in our upper family room with glass tops (WHAT was I thinking) and tons of windows in our new home that need to be cleaned (winter residue and construction grime from building because I only got half of them done in the...
  26. daniellemorgan

    Great Way to Clean Your Computer!!

    Often we dust off the cabinet and clean the mouse on our computers. We forget about one of the most important pieces of equipment, the monitor.I have found the neatest program to automatically clean monitors. I used it on mine and it is amazing how it worked! Just click on the link below and...
  27. Intrepid_Chef

    Aw Nuts! How Do I Clean My Stone??

    I bake a lot of cookies at Christmas time and share some of them with my siblings and others. I was really looking forward to using my PC products in the kitchen this year, including my newly acquired small scoop, mix & chop, cookie press and of course ... my bar pan. I was looking forward to...
  28. Y

    Found a New Way to Clean Out Pumpkins!

    We finally got around to carving pumpkins on Saturday. I used a brown scraper to clean out the inside of the pumpkins! Yowsa, was that easy. :balloon:
  29. DebPC

    What Are Your Plans for November Team Meetings?

    November Team Meetings?I have mine with a couple other directors in 1 1/2 weeks. What's everybody doing?
  30. S

    Sue's Moving Sale - Clean Out Items for Sale!

    We are moving and we need to CLEAN OUT! For Sale: Simple Additions Entertaining Set $40 Lift & Serve $8.00 - SALE PENDING Old Style Pizza Cutter $7.00 Kids Cookie Making Set $12.00 Napkin Rings (cranberry tassle ones) and also the pastel ones - SOLD!) Simple Additions Medium...