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What is stones: Definition and 61 Discussions

  1. I

    Stones in Self-Cleaning Oven on Clean Cycle

    Hello, my mom inadvertently left two stones in the oven and ran the self-cleaning cycle. Are they ruined?
  2. R

    New Stones in Spring Summer 2015 Line??

    everyone log in to CC and then go here: http://www.pamperedchef.com/cc/thanksgiving-ideas watch the video Dough for it. There are a few pies in a WHITE Stone for pies! I watched this twice...is it a retired product or a soon to be new that was missed when making the video?
  3. C

    What are the prices for these cookie mold stones?

    We are getting ready to move so I'm cleaning out everything and I came across some of the old stone molds. I have 4 heart ones and the bear one. I have no idea what to sell them for so shoot me a price and if you want all of them that would be GREAT! Here is what I have - they are in...
  4. P

    Stones- Self-Rising Pizza Dough????

    I just had a customer ask me about the stoneware. She's been buying Pampered Chef for 20+ years.....and said the old stones you could not use with the self-rising pizza dough. (she just had one blow up in her oven!) Is that still true? Or has the stoneware changed? I don't remember...
  5. DebPC

    Cooking with Stones: What's on Next Month's Menu?

    What's everyone making next month at their shows? If you make 2 recipes are you using stones for both?
  6. C

    Stone Guarantee: Learn About Replacements for Cracked Stones

    I have a customer who has a cracked stone. She wants to know if there's any kind of guarantee on them to be replaced. I have no idea! What is the guarantee on stones? And how does it work?
  7. C

    Fs: 2 Racks for Round/Rec Stones, Grillin' Apron

    I have two racks that will fit the flat 13" round stone and flat rectangle stone. Asking $2 each + shipping. Also, the Grillin' Apron (NIP) for $15 + shipping
  8. F

    I Have a Customer That Is Complaining That She Has Two Stones That

    I have a customer that is complaining that she has two stones that have an odor. She said the food does not pick up the odor, but she takes it off the stone immediately since she realized it. Says she was in her kitchen trying to figure out where the odor was coming from. Apparently it took her...
  9. S

    Blue Cheese Potato Crisps on Stones?

    A couple weeks ago we were talking about doing the potato crisps on stoneware instead of the MMP. I was just wondering if anyone had a chance to try that yet and how did it turn out. TIA, Sandi
  10. Pchefterza

    Rinsing Stones in Dishwasher - Is It Safe?

    Has anyone ever rinsed(washed) their stones in the dishwasher without soap?
  11. E

    Cleaning Stones in an Oven: Is it Safe?

    I had a guest at a party recently who told me that her daughter has some stones, which she loves of course...but she said that she cleans them by leaving them in her oven when she cleans the oven, and they come out looking new. Has anyone ever done this? Is it recommended? Does it make the...
  12. HealthNut

    Convincing Your Husband That Stones Don't Need Washing

    ok - so HOW do I convince my husband that my "dirty" looking stone is NOT dirty? lol. he hates how it looks - it's "gross" to him and needs washed. and he's the kind of guy - no matter how long you sit there telling him something, he only believes what he does! :grumpy: anyyywhooooo -...
  13. C

    Remembering Dad: A Memory Bag of Stones for Father's Day

    Tomorrow will be a hard day for me. It will be the first Father's Day without my Pop-pop. He raised my mom and uncle and then raised myself and brother and sister as well. He was an awesome man. I am thankful to have a wonderful husband who is a father to three wonderful children. Please...
  14. D

    Iso: Tray for Large Round Stones

    I have two customers now that are asking about the metal handles that used to be available for the round stones. I have checked with consultants in my area and also outlet both US & Cdn., nothing. Also there was a wicker type tray that I would also be interested in finding.
  15. Z

    Lead-Free Stones: Independent Testing and Safety Assurance

    I have a few customers who are very health concious and they want to know if the stones are lead free. If there is a testing that has been done? If there is an independent test that has been done. Also cadmium came up as a concenrn also. Can anyone help me with it? I will send an inquiry to...
  16. S

    Looking for a Wicker Basket for Stones?

    I have someone wanting a basket that she thought was offered for the 9x13 stone a while back. Does anyone know what she is talking about? And I know this is a long shot but does anyone have anything like this that want to part with? Thanks.
  17. B

    Diagnosing Kidney Stones in a 18yo - Pain and Urine Straining?

    My 18 yo DD has had pain on lower right abdomen which is now wrapping around to her back. She's had blood in her urine visible by her for about 1/2 those days -- but only once a day. Pain started one week ago today she can almost pinpoint the time. First diagnosis bladder infection. That...
  18. K

    Why Are the Stones Not Available With the

    codes from the sheet? Every one that I add says not available yet. Does anyone know what this means?>
  19. M

    Microwave Recipes for Round Stones?

    A host just got her round stone and of course the use and care card says it can be used in the microwave. So she asked me what the heck you'd make in the microwave on a round stone. I'm new - she's my first host - so of course I'm stumped. I just spent 30 minutes trying to search out recipes...
  20. jbdowd0798

    Help Needed: Stones for Ovens in Korea

    Hey All, I have a very good friend/customer heading to Korea in 3 weeks and needs to know what stones will fit the ovens. We have a friend their already and just said hers didn't fit. I'm thinking the large bar pan and/or the round stone with handles. Anyone (military/civilian) there or...
  21. S

    Removing Bumps from Stones: An Interesting Inquiry

    Interesting question at my show tonight - "How do I get the bump off my stone? It's like a zit and everytime I scrape up my food, I hit the zit. But, it never goes away." So my question, can one "sand" a stone in any way to get rid of this imperfection? She doesn't have a receipt and...
  22. merego

    Are You Experiencing Issues with the Round Stone Pizza Pan?

    I have had 8, yes 8 people contact me about the large round stone with handles breaking. Anyone else had this problem? Is it possible there was a bad batch of stones? They all said the same thing, the stone was in the oven and they heard a loud pop. Most people were nice, I had one woman...
  23. candiejayne

    Mystery of the Missing Pampered Chef Stones: Sisterly Shenanigans?

    Years ago my grandma downsized her kitchen and I inherited ALL of her stones from PC! At the time, I was like what am I going to do with these, but I put them in my kitchen, and used them a little bit. Well, when I moved out of the apartment I was living in then, my box of stones went into...
  24. J

    Boost Your Holiday Sales with Unique Stones at Our Downtown Booth!

    :balloon:Booth/ cash 'n carry question...I am going to set up a booth at a downtown holiday fair. I see here that most people that offer cash and carry do small dollar amount items, understandibly. But my thought was, the commission is so small on those things. What about focusing on a few...
  25. kam

    Using a Warming Tray with Bakers: Safety Guide

    I was wondering if anyone knew if it was safe to put one of the bakers on a warming tray? Thanks!
  26. D

    Grilling Pizza Stones - Has Anyone Tried It?

    Just had a customer ask me if she could put her stones on the grill? I thought i saw a thread somewhere here about it but can't find it. Whats everyone take on putting the stones on the grill and has anyone actually done it? I don't want to tell her the wrong thing.
  27. babywings76

    Getting Dark All Over: Seasoning Your Stones

    Okay, I have a question...it's probably stupid, but please don't throw anything at me! :) What is the seasoning process like for you? How do your stones get dark all over? My bar pans and rectangle stones and baker are staying light where the food is, but changing color around the edges...
  28. krzymomof4

    Troubleshooting Self-Rising Crust Pizza on Stones

    I am having a problem with cooking self rising crust pizza on stones. The crust doesn't rise or get done. Like the DiGornos(?)
  29. beepampered

    Deciding Between Two Pizza Stones? Advice Needed!

    What do you order a guest that tells the host she wants the Pizza Stone? Do you get the new one with handles? The old one since that was what she was thinking? Make the host go ask and delay the show? This has happened several times and I have a host that has gotten two requests for the stone...
  30. A

    Free Keepsake From Sticks and Stones

    Rating: -1 Posted By: zinnia11 Views: 153 Replies: 0 Sticks and Stones is a studio that creates and sells personalized keepsakes crafted with photographed letters, matted and framed artfully. "Want a free keepsake? If you know a boutique or specialty store in your area that would be a...