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What is grill: Definition and 190 Discussions

  1. Cynthia Shugart

    Where to Find a Rockcrok Small Grill Stone (#3158)?

    I am in search of a recently dropped item, the RockCrok Small Grill stone (#3158). A customer asked me if I could find her one and I am going above and beyond to try and do so. Shipping to 15644.Thanks in Advance. - Cyn
  2. F

    Iso - Bbq Pizza Grill Stainless Pan or Set

    Hi,Let me know if you have one to sell in new or good used condition. Would like the set if anyone has one. Shipping to 22701Thanks!
  3. S

    Searching for Pampered Chef Weber Grill Promo Gift From a Few Years Back...

    Hello everyone,I know this is a long shot but I was wondering if any of you might by any chance have one of the teal blue PC Weber Smokey Joe grills from 4 or 5 years ago?? or even know someone who might?? I am desperately trying to track one down and would really appreciate any help at all.New...
  4. C

    New Indoor/Outdoor Grill: Pros and Cons from Real Users

    Do any of you have the new grill? I'm on the fence... I have four outdoor grills, so this would be primarily and inside grill for me. Wondering what everyone else thought about it. If you have used it, please let me know what you think... I'm making a list of pros and cons.Thanks!Di
  5. DebPC

    Sell Me on the New Rockcrok Grill Stone

    I have the large white round stoneware one. Is the only difference use wise that it can go under the broiler, on the stove top and on the grill? Easy to clean??? Have you been selling them? Thanks!
  6. DebPC

    Have You Tried Making Nachos on a Pizza Grill Pan?

    Has anyone tried this? Sounds like they'd be good! And great for a show. Here's a pic I found online-
  7. higoobs

    Need to Trade Double Grill for Double Griddle

    Please contact me..... I have a brand new unopened double burner grill willing to trade for a double burner griddle
  8. K

    Double Burner Grill Recipe Booklet

    Hello everyone! I watched a youtube video on Tenille doing a station type show. I LOVE the recipe she used and was looking for it. She also mentions an ebook she sends to her guests for this product and I have been unable to find one. I am doing my first station style show on Saturday and hope...
  9. A

    Help! I Need Fool-Proof Grill Recipes for the Rockcrok

    Ok, grill-masters, I need some help. I have a host who would like me to demo the Rockcrok on her grill on 8/21. When I say I don't grill, I'm not exaggerating. I NEVER grill. ANYTHING. Does anyone have fool-proof recipes I could suggest to her? (And by fool-proof, I mean super-easy and laid...
  10. JanisF

    Grill Pan and Press - Cooking Steak

    I have a customer who lives in a building where she can't have a BBQ, but loves BBQ steak. She bought the grill pan and press, but so far she finds that the steak tastes more boiled than grilled. Does anyone use their grill pan for steak? Do you use the press, and if you do, do you leave it...
  11. T

    Grill Pizza Pan Burning Crust - Advice Needed

    I have a customer asking about her pan. I do not have a grill so I couldn't help her. She said every time she makes a pizza on her grill on the pizza pan the crust is done and starting to burn so she takes it in and puts it in her oven to cook the top. She said she has an infrared grill...
  12. M

    Need a Convenient Bag for Your Grill Pan? Check Out These Padded Options!

    I am looking for a bag that holds the Grill Pan, if anyone has one for sale
  13. P

    Bbq Grill Basket/Grill Tray/Roasting Pan

    Hi everyone! So I am planning a few BBQ cooking shows in the next month and I am torn on which of these products to get. The BBQ grill basket, the BBQ grill tray, or the BBQ roasting pan. I want the one that is the most versatile. Recommendations please?
  14. DebPC

    Delicious and Easy S'mores Recipes: Hot Off the Grill!

    Easy S'mores...
  15. C

    Prevent Sticking on the BBQ Grill: Tips for Using a Grill Basket

    My brother in law is an avid griller and is extremely picky about what he uses to grill. He got the BBQ Grill Basket and used it for the first time on Saturday. He made grilled chicken fajitas and said that everything stuck to it really bad! I told him to try spraying it with some oil with...
  16. natural

    Discover Delicious Grill Pan Recipes | Get Your Free Recipe Booklet Now!

    I searched the files and couldnt find any grill pan recipe.. anyone have a Grill Pan recipe booklet to share?
  17. esavvymom

    Is the Professional Grill Pan with Accessories Available for Sale?

    I am selling a used Professional Grill Pan. It was gently used just at my home. I just upgraded to the Exec. pan with the last special. I am asking $25 plus shipping - to a good home *Paypal please*...
  18. T

    Grill and Broil $4.00"Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Items for Sale - Consultant List

    Please PM or e-mail for a list of current items I have Fall Winter 2012/2013 items for sale PM for the list! Consultant Items NEW Patriotic Apron New in package $15.00 Large Envelope $10.00 No Longer Available Items NEW in box or bags Oval Cutting Board $7.00 x6 Reversible Tiles...
  19. P

    Exec. Cookware on Charcoal Grill??

    Can we use Executive Cookware on a Charcoal grill? I've never used a charcoal grill before, but if we can use it on a gas stove, is there a reason we couldn't use it on a grill?
  20. esavvymom

    Looking for a Professional Grill Pan and Press Scraper?

    I am selling a gently used Professional Grill Pan and a new "Grill Pan & Press Scraper" tool, still in it's little bag. It was gently used just at my home. I just upgraded to the Exec. pan with the last special. :DI am asking $35 plus shipping - to a good home ;) *Paypal please*Thanks!
  21. vanscootin

    Fs - Exclusive Pampered Chef Weber Charcoal Grill

    Remember that grill that was a recruiting incentive back in March? I chose the grill... brand new, never used, but out of the box. I have no use for it and don't know why I chose it. :( Cost on the 1099 will be $100. Asking $50 plus shipping.
  22. VeronicaW

    Recipes for the Pizza Grill Pan?

    I'm hoping to find out if someone made up a recipe booklet for the Pizza Grill Pan?
  23. esavvymom

    Watch Out for Loose Grill Brush Bristles; Eating Them Is Dangerous

    Very interesting article.....be careful!! i am replacing our grill brushes! Watch out for loose grill brush bristles; eating them is dangerous :: WRAL.com Watch out for loose grill brush bristles; eating them is dangerous Reports of people ingesting the bristles from grill brushes...
  24. M

    Executive Cookware on Bbq Grill Side Burner

    Probably a stupid question, but can the Executive sauce pans be used on the side burner of a BBQ grill? I can't be inside cooking a side dish and outside grilling the main dish so I was hoping I could do both steps on the grill, but before I invest in a grill with a side burner I wanted to make...
  25. chefsteph07

    What Are Unique Grill Ideas Beyond Pizza and Fajitas for a Large Party?

    I just booked a grill show for June and there is the potential for alot of guests there...this is a past host of mine who last did a 1k show back in Jan 2011- all teachers, she wants to celebrate end of the year w/ her friends! My question is...I am not wanting to a pizza on the grill (did that...
  26. C

    Delicious Pizza Grill Pan Recipes - What's Your Favorite?

    I have a customer looking for recipes for the new pizza grill pan. Does anyone have any they want to share? I told that any recipe would work but she wants specifics......
  27. Intrepid_Chef

    Join Jean's Grill Challenge | Share Your Story & Win Prizes!

    I got a grill challenge and what the heck, sent in my story of my May booking, how she and her husband are already so excited about the new products, and how we're doing a gluten free pizza for her guest with celliac. Then I wondered what kind of stories she's looking for, and what the point...
  28. gailz2

    Pizza Grill Pan--Use in the Oven, Also??

    Is there any reason a customer couldn't buy the pizza grill pan to use in the oven? It would probably be at a lower temperature than what a grill could be, so I don't see why not. I tried to talk a customer into a stone for it, but she wanted the grill pan.
  29. esavvymom

    Executive Grill Pan Vs Previous Version (Professional?)

    I have an older version of the grill pan. i think it is from the Professional line. ( whatever was the line before Executive, but it was before my time). I have never been "in love" with my grill pan, barely "in like". I am wondering.....is there a big difference in the two lines that...
  30. K

    Bbq Roasting Pan - Care & Grill Question

    I have a show coming up and several guests have already asked the host on a number of items relating to the BBQ Roasting Pan (# 2714). 1. Can you close the lid on the grill with this item in there (along with the chicken on it)?? 2. How is the cleanup on the item?? 3. Can you put foil at...