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What is cookware: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. B

    How Deep Are the 12 and 10 Signature Pans with Removable Handles?

    Hello. Does anyone have the 12:" & 10" signature cookware (the pans with removable handles)? I have a customer asking how deep each pan is. I don't own them and I haven't been able to find the answer anywhere online. Thank you.
  2. Alma

    What are some options for completing an all stainless steel cookware set?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to complete my all stainless steel cookware, I had to purchase them separately because I didn't have enough money and now with them being discontinued, I may never get them :-( I'm looking for the covered saucepans and need all of them the 1.5 qt, 2qt, 3qt and the...
  3. Heather Collins

    Ready to Cook up Success in Mississippi with Pampered Chef?

    Hello, my name is Heather and I am a new consultant. I have used Pampered Chef products for over 20 years. I am excited and ready to start my adventure.
  4. C

    Do you have any Pampered Chef cookbooks for sale?

    12" Steamer, used a couple times- $65.00 Cookbooks- Seasons Best Collection (19), $1 each or $15 for all. Most are good used condition, some are like new. S/S 2000 F/W 2004 F/W & S/S 2005 F/W & S/S 2006 S/S 2008 F/W & S/S 2010 F/W & S/S 2011 2- F/W 2012 F/W & S/S 2013 F/W & S/S 2014 F/W &...
  5. A

    Iso a Lid for the 3 Qt Professional Cookware Saucepan

    My daughter dropped my lid and I can't find one anywhere! Does anyone happen to have one for sale? Thanks!
  6. T

    Need Cookware for Your New Home? Check Out My Wishlist!

    I just moved to a new home and don't have any cookware. I was renting a room prior to my move so I was able to use my landlords cookware. Does anyone have any new or used cookware in good condition? Does anyone have the white ceramic cookeware that was discontinued? Please e-mail me at...
  7. P

    Iso Ceramic Cookware: Find the Perfect Pieces for Your Kitchen"

    Looking for a few of the ceramic cookware pieces!! Thanks much!!
  8. P

    Can Hosting Your Own Show Help Consultants Buy Executive Cookware at a Discount?

    I have been a consultant for almost a year now. I really want to purchase the executive cookware and it is a bit out of my budget. What is the best way to purchase as a consultant? Will November be a good time w/ 2 60% off items?
  9. T

    Does the Stainless Cookware Get a Film on It With First Use?

    I have a customer send me a picture of her stainless cookware and it looks like it has a film. She said she did not spray it and browned turkey........... Any help?
  10. Bren706

    Is Pampered Chef's Ceramic Cookware Safe and Made in China?

    I have a upcoming host (her show is Thursday) that has a guest asking about the Ceramic Cookware. She asked if it was made in China. When I replied that it was, she now wants to know if it is "safe". Any thoughts? I have the sauté pan that we earned for FREE, but my preference is the...
  11. quiverfull7

    Stainless Cookware Introduced When???

    Can anyone tell me when our Stainless Cookware was added to our line? TIA
  12. KellyTheChef

    Date That We Began Selling the Current Executive Cookware?

    I'm trying to return my family size executive skillet...the silicone handles are coming off. I can't find my receipt, and I'm trying to narrow it down by when I got it. When did that line first come out? Thanks for your help!
  13. C

    Executive Cookware Safety: Dupont Teflon

    I have a friend/customer who recently completed treatment for breast cancer. She really wants to purchase a quality set of cookware from TPC and likes the idea of the Executive cookware, however, there is still a lot of crazy information out there on the web about the safety of DuPont Teflon...
  14. DebPC

    Can a burnt rice demo really boost your cookware bookings?

    I am bumping this link to a youtube video for selling cookware by Julie Gizzi. It's great! Burnt Rice Demo for LOTS of new bookings! - YouTube
  15. C

    Troubleshooting Faded Exec Cookware: Tips and Solutions

    A host of mine say her exec skillets are looking "faded" on the inside. She said she is not using high heat or dishwasher. Anyone else seen that happening? Thought I would check here first before contacting HO.
  16. DebPC

    Director Boost Your Sales with Our New Ceramic Cookware - See It in Our Catalog!

    Are you showing it in the catalog? Taking a piece with you to shows? Using it during your demo? Doing nothing to promote it? Finally- are you selling some?
  17. pamperedalf

    Cookware for Induction Burner: Executive or Stainless?

    I'm looking to replace my single electric burner I take to shows sometimes when I demo in the living room. I started looking at an induction burner, does our executive or stainless cookware work w/ it? I know HO said not to use our ceramic cookware on induction burners. TIA
  18. M

    Pampered Chef Ceramic Cookware ...Is It Lead Free????

    I've read that if ceramic cookware is not glazed properly it can release lead into our food. Also, who is the manufacturer's of the cookware?
  19. ChefPeg

    Pamphlet for the Ceramic Cookware (Fillable, I Think...?)

    I created a pamphlet for the ceramic cookware and included recipes. (original had an erroneous picture and so I removed the document. revised version below)
  20. C

    White Ceramic Cookware in the Dishwasher?

    Question: Has anyone tried to put their white ceramic pan in the dishwasher? I'm fully aware that Pampered Chef says that it is not dishwasher safe...but...I put a lot of PC products in the dishwasher that are not "dishwasher safe" and they come out fine. Any idea what would happen with the...
  21. P

    Exec. Cookware on Charcoal Grill??

    Can we use Executive Cookware on a Charcoal grill? I've never used a charcoal grill before, but if we can use it on a gas stove, is there a reason we couldn't use it on a grill?
  22. maldvs

    Finding Cookware for MIL: Professional Line vs. 2005 Non-Lifetime Warranty

    My mother-in-law has a cookware set from 2005. It is in pretty rough shape even though I KNOW she does not use metal in them. I just tried to call HO and to make a long story short, they didn't help, so that's why I'm here asking you all! How do I figure out what type of Cookware my MIL...
  23. M

    Ceramic Cookware - Sell Me on Why

    Can you tell me why would someone want to buy the ceramic cookware? Is it better than stainless, or nonstick? I understand that we can buy it as an open stock and it's cheaper than our other two lines, but I want to know WHY a cook would choose Ceramic to cook in... So educate me please :)...
  24. M

    Pampered Chef Cookware Comparison

    Does anyone have a CURRENT flyer on cookware comparison? I have the old one, but the prices are not correct...thanks in advance!
  25. M

    Expert Tips for Selling Cookware: Boost Your Sales with These Proven Strategies

    I don't sell a whole lot of cookware. In fact, the only cookware pieces I've sold have been to customers who already have it and love it. What's your best tip for demonstrating and selling cookware? My favorite is the 12" Stainless Skillet. I love it and want to use it all the time. The...
  26. M

    Executive Cookware on Bbq Grill Side Burner

    Probably a stupid question, but can the Executive sauce pans be used on the side burner of a BBQ grill? I can't be inside cooking a side dish and outside grilling the main dish so I was hoping I could do both steps on the grill, but before I invest in a grill with a side burner I wanted to make...
  27. straitfan

    Exec Cookware in Convection Oven

    Is it okay to use the Exec. cookware in a convection oven? I can't find anything anywhere that says not to.......Can someone point me in the right direction for info. if it's stated somewhere? Can't find it in use and care or the "tip sheet" for consultants. Thanks!
  28. esavvymom

    Stainless Cookware on a Gas Stove- Discolored

    My MIL got a set of SS cookware for Christmas from us. She was just telling me that she has used it so far mainly to boil water for pasta or hot dogs, and the inside of the pans have discolored that purplish color. The bottoms got discolored also. She has a gas stove, which she doesn't use...
  29. S

    Recipes for Showing off Cookware at Show

    March is just around the corner and I have a couple of parties booked. I love my cookware and I would love to feature this in March since it is a Hostess Special that month. I am new and was wondering what would be best to Show off this great cookware?
  30. P

    March Recipes: Cookware Shopping Tips

    What recipes are you doing for March? Cookware is a hard one to sell...