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  1. Heather Collins

    New Consultant in Mississippi

    Hello, my name is Heather and I am a new consultant. I have used Pampered Chef products for over 20 years. I am excited and ready to start my adventure.
  2. Sharon Roode

    My pampered Chef Story

    I started selling Pampered Chef mainly to get a few products that I wanted in my own kitchen and decided to go all Virtual with it. Soon after (within 10 days) of joining my husband was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia and my whole world changed in an instant! I was going to give up selling...
  3. PeggyB


    My name is Peggy and I have just started selling The Pampered Chef. I also am a consultant for Avon Products and enjoy selling and networking with other people. I am looking forward to selling and meeting new people with this journey.
  4. C

    Recipe in Casual Cooking cookbook

    Hi. I am looking for the Fresh Strawberry Pie recipe found on page 103 in the Casual Cooking cookbook. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much. :D
  5. S

    Cooking class ideas?

    I just booked a show in my community clubhouse however it has to be more "educational" like a cooking class than sales focused. I am planning on using PC tools to make the recipes but I will be focasing on the recipe steps more. At the end I will have catalogs and information availbale for...
  6. N

    Taste of Home Cooking School

    Hi Everyone! I know I chatted with some of you about this a while ago- the cooking school is coming to my town. Some of you are having a booth when they come to yours- who did you contact about that? The website doesn't really make it clear. Let me know! It sounds like a great opportunity!
  7. T

    Nonstick cooking spray

    The Stoneware Inspirations (the new cookbook) is calling for spraying the stones with nonstick cooking spray. Most people are going to think that means PAM. What are you going to suggest? PAM will leave the stone sticky, I know it did mine. Thanks T.Eubanks
  8. K

    Cooking brown rice in the rice cooker

    Has anyone tried cooking brown rice in the rice cooker? If so, can you tell me the directions? I know you have to cook brown rice alittle longer than white rice so I assume it is going to be different. I've cooked white rice in it plenty of times and every time it has come out PERFECT! I...
  9. P

    Cooking Press Tips

    I bought a cookie press. Any tips/hints to share in making perfect cookies?? Thanks!
  10. J

    A Cooking Club

    Hi, I am trying out a new idea of "cooking clubs" What do you think? I know scrapbooking/stamping people do it all the time, so why not cooking!
  11. K

    Cooking Time

    i am making 2 Lemon Herb Chicken Rings tomorrow night. Has anyone done this before. Do you know what temp and how it will take?? Thanks!
  12. K

    Cooking time ideas

    I am doing my second Kitchen Show soon and have at least 18 people RSVPing Yes! During the cooking time at my first show, i talked about stoneware, cookware, host and guest specials and benefits of hosting. i was done a little early (before the food was ready) and just had everyone ask questions...
  13. S

    Ideas for Investment cooking?

    Does anyone have recipes or ideas for investment cooking, once a month cooking or freezer cooking?
  14. S

    Cooking Class Flier

    Does anyone have a Cooking Class or Investment Flier they could post or email to me? Tia Sherri