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What is drawing: Definition and 70 Discussions

  1. Sandi Metzer

    Personal How do I create a drawing slip for my business?

    Hi all. My name is Sandi. Im new here. Trying to set up a drawing slip. Not sure how to do it.
  2. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Retrial of Lester Jones Drawing to a Clos

    The re-trial of Lester Jones in the kidnapping and murder of fellow Cheffer Paige Birgfeld drew to a close on Wednesday evening as prosecution and defense teams wrapped up their closing arguments. The original trial was declared a mistrial when the jury could not reach a verdict.The jury begins...
  3. shelleypchef

    Virtual / Facebook Party Drawing Slip

    Does anyone have a drawing slip they are using for their virtual / facebook party?
  4. Jasmine

    Have You Tried Hosting a Free Cooking Show at Your Vendor Events?

    At my last vendor events I decided to have a drawing for a free cooking for and prize, does anyone do this? I find that several of the recipes I make are very cheap and also it has someone booking that maybe wouldn't have. Thought Comments Concerns?Thanks
  5. Kandi2candy

    My First Booth: Cash & Carry, Drawing Slips & Catalogs - Advice Needed!

    I had my first booth this weekend! It was a lot of fun. It was sorta slow, but that was ok! so I could get the hang of things. :) I made enough to cover my booth costs, got 3 potential hosts, and 1 potential recruit!! I however do have some questions... Cash and Carry VS. Free Local...
  6. P

    Can't Decide on Booth Drawing Idea!

    I am trying to decide what kind of drawing to have at my upcoming craft show. Which sounds better???.... 1) A FREE SHOW! What I may do is call it a "party in a bag". In a gift bag or maybe even a Pampered Chef shopping bag I will put everything needed to host a show - including plates, cups...
  7. thehaleykitchen

    Karen Seeking Drawing Giveaway Ideas for Vendor Show

    Hey all ~ So, I am getting to be a part of a vendor show that is tomorrow and I am wanting to do a drawing at my booth for additional PC products if they host a show (show having a min. sales of $300). Does anyone have one that they use? I can't find anything in the files...
  8. DebPC

    Director Surprise Delivery: I Won the Pampered Chef Booking Blitz Drawing!

    oday I came home to find 2 boxes from PC with my name on them. I'm thinking...I didn't order anything... there's been a mix-up... I'm going to have to call CS... yada yada yada. When I opened up one of the boxes, there was a slip that said I won the Booking Blitz drawing. I got the 12"SS...
  9. stayinathomemama

    15 Pads of Invites, Drawing Slips & More

    I have 15 pads of invitations. Some are from last year, some are 4 or 5 years old (some maybe even older.... not sure) but they are new in their plastic wrap. There are another 100 invites that are new but not in the wrap. There are a few pads of door prize slips (probably over 200 slips - maybe...
  10. DebPC

    Director Want to Win Free Pampered Chef Products? Join Our Mystery Host Drawing!

    Every Oct. I have a big Mystery Host Open House. My guests can get extra chances for the big drawing. Just thought I'd share. I get my first 13 usually in the first 2 days. So then I know it's going to come off. I usually end up with about 25-30 actually showing. Everyone attending gets a...
  11. cookingwithlove

    Printing Custom Prize Drawing Slips into a Note Pad

    I use my own prize drawing slip. I would like to get them printed into a note pad. I tried Vistaprint, but their note pads are too big. I just want mine to 1/4 page. Any suggestions?
  12. G

    What Gift to Give for Booth Drawing?

    I am new consultant and had my first booth yesterday. I read on other threads idea to use drawing slips to get contact info. I did well I think (not knowing how booths go) out of 23 new contacts: 1 yes on booking a show.. need to set date 1 strong mb on hosting a show 7 maybes 1...
  13. scottcooks

    Revolutionize Customer Service with Our Innovative Drawing Slip - Try It Today!

    Using a compliation of some others, I've done an expanded drawing slip. I call it a CUSTOMER SERVICE PREVIEW, because it is so different. I'm trying a show today where I put it on one of these on one side of a full sheet of paper, then put on the other side the product wish list - and not...
  14. S

    What appetizer should I make for my Monday host?

    Most things I make for people are more main dish type of things...This host I have on Monday wants an appetizer. I talked with her today and told her about these taco things in the mini muffin pan and the pecan tasses. Well I've never made either but we decided to do those at her show. I...
  15. R

    My First Booth, and My Idea for a Drawing...

    What if my drawing was for me to provide the ingredients for the show? Can I do that? I'd like to give a product with it, but I don't know if I'll get anything in time in the mail... Ive got til Saturday morning to get this figured out, but I need SOMETHING to get people to fill those contact...
  16. AJPratt

    Drawing a Blank: New Consultant Show Cards

    Are we able to print the new consultant show outline/recipe cards from CC? I can't seem to find them.
  17. K

    Question About Prize Drawing Voice Mail Message

    I'm doing some follow up calls from the booth I did over the weekend. We had a "register to win a prize" sign at our table. On the mP3 download about booths in consultant corner, they say that when you get an answering machine you can leave the message saying that they were the winner of the...
  18. kam

    Can I Still Receive Commissions Without a Personal Website?

    I gave up my personal website last month. I am scaling back, etc. But, now my mom would like to order a few items off the outlet and I would like to put the order in for her. I can't order like a customer and have the commission come to me since I don't have a website?? Is this right? TIA.
  19. P

    Boost Booth Bookings with Effective Drawing Slip Notifications

    Does anyone have any sort of communication that you use to send people who filled out a drawing slip at a fair? Of course, everyone is a winner :-) but some folks only provided me with their email address and I want to be sure that the notification is catchie enough for them to call me back to...
  20. AmyP

    Boost Your Booth's Appeal: Creative Ideas for Drawing in Crowds

    I was wondering what people do at booths. Im looking for ideas. I always do a "giveaway" but I need to do something different. What do you do to draw people to your booth? My display will be christmas theme as these are christmas craft shows. Also was looking for gift ideas flyers.......and/or...
  21. P

    Spooky Salad Spinner Drawing at Our Halloween Booth - Enter to Win!

    I am doing a booth for Halloween. I was thinking about putting the door prize drawing slips after the customer filled them out in my salad spinner and then I could mix them up thru the day to get peoples attention? What do you all think?
  22. pc_jessica

    Help Needed ASAP: Drawing Slip Storage for Vendor Fair

    i am doing a booth tomorrow and today i am TRYING to get my 'to do list' accomplished lol way too much stuff that needs to get done...anyways as i was running around i realized that i have no idea what i am going to put the drawing slips in...any ideas the normal basket i use at shows is way too...
  23. G

    Do Not Call List - Can We Call Drawing Entrants?

    I did a booth today and the gentleman I was talking too, made the comment about, "you know you can't call the people on your slips?" I asked him what he meant. He said that because we have drawing slips for prizes, we aren't allowed to call people who didn't check any 'yes' or 'maybe' boxes...
  24. pampchef.angel

    Creative Drawing Ideas for an Open House Event

    I am probably not posting this in the correct place, but it didn't really seem to fit anywhere else?? I am hosting an Open House on Sunday and have several items that I would like to give away in drawings. They are mostly small items, and I have HWC pins as well. Anyone have a creative...
  25. L

    Should I Wait for the Mom's Approval to Book the Booth Winner?

    I think I have this in the right place for this question. Okay I had a booth 2 weeks ago --got some really great contacts. Was sick and just now getting around to doing my drawing for a free cooking show. So I called the one that was picked out of the bowl (yes I was honest with it) called...
  26. kcmckay

    Boost Bookings with a Door Prize Drawing | Live Cooking Show Tonight"

    I have a live cooking show tonight. First one since November:eek: And like always because my cooking shows always seem to be so spread out I feel like I'm starting over every time. Which is frustrating because I've been doing this over a year:rolleyes: Basically I'm curious when everyone does...
  27. babywings76

    Back to the Drawing Board on How to Do My Shows

    Seriously, I don't know what my problem is today. Please bare with me here.... I had a terrific November, no bookings in December. I did one cooking show a week ago and was so nervous, feeling very rusty. Well, the show felt chaotic. They were a loud and rowdy group but fun. It was a...
  28. P

    Did You Win a Leadership Bonus Today?

    Isn't today the day that HO draws names of 100 new directors for Leadership bonuses? 50 get free airfare and 50 get 1-night hotel stay - right? I'm just wondering because, they haven't called me yet ;) and I could really use one of these :pray:
  29. babywings76

    Create Your Own Door Prize Drawing Slips - Free Printable Template

    I just made these, thought I'd share. Hope it came through okay...
  30. P

    Following up on Craft Show Drawing Slips

    I have some follow up calls to make to a few people that I met at a local craft show. I have about 4 or 5 people that did mark "maybe" on hosting a show. I also did a drawing for a free cooking show. So, my question is this: Does anyone have some wording suggestions or a script on what to say to...