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What is craft: Definition and 104 Discussions

  1. Jessica Miller

    Iso Table Runners / Table Cloths / Displays for Craft Shows

    I am in search of Table Cloth's and or Table Runners and/or Displays PC branded with the newer logo please. I have several team members that set up at local craft events and we need more items. We currently have two of the teal table cloths and would love at least 3 more if at all possible! Any...
  2. SherryLynn

    Delicious & Affordable Mug Cake Kits at the Craft Fair - $5 Only!

    I have a craft/vendor fair this weekend. I found a recipe online for a single serving cake using cake mix and yogurt. I'm going to try it tonight with chocolate cake and cherry yogurt. If it works out, what do you think about a one-cup prep bowl, a petite bamboo spoon and a cake mix for $5...
  3. M

    Issues With Craft Fairs - Question

    Hello, I was wondering how often craft fairs will not Pampered chef come to their events? Currently, I don't have enough stuff for cash and carry and a fair said I would not be able to be a vendor with them. Does this happen often?? Thanks, Maggie
  4. DebPC

    Create Something Unique: DIY Craft Projects

    Cool idea!
  5. R

    Reagan Seeks Ideas for Fall Craft Fair Letters

    Hello everyone! Just registered to the site and have read a lot of great ideas. Thanks for sharing! With the craft fair season coming up, I am wondering if anyone has any great letters or letter ideas to send to schools, churches, etc. to inquire about fall fair? I searched the forms...
  6. A

    How should I set up for craft fairs?

    Im new to this sort of thing.....How are we supposed to set up for craft fairs? I mean, do we have all brand new items set out still in their packages or have them opened and sitting on the table? I see alot of tables set up with items opened and sitting on the table but what about if the item...
  7. T

    No Sales at Arts & Craft Fair: Tracking Expenses

    I went to an arts and craft vendor fair today that was a total bust. I didn't get one sale. How do I keep track in P3 my expenses of the booth space and the classic batter bowl I gave as a raffle item? Under expenses you have to assign it to a show and since there were no orders for this one, I...
  8. P

    Director Trade Shows / Craft Sales / Etc...

    Now is the time for lots of these types of events....and if you're like me, the sales aren't the focus, but bookings, recruits. HOWEVER....I wanted to share what has been working for me. at one trade show, I brought a microwave and made chips all night. At another, I made chips the night...
  9. D

    Creating a Craft Fair Display: Tips & Tricks for Success!

    I just applied to have a table at a local craft fair and I am super excited!! Any ideas for my display and how to get bookings. Does anyone do a drawing for a free product???? Thanks! Dana D.:chef: Smyrna, DE
  10. C

    Craft Fair Organizer: Helping Nonprofits Host Successful Events

    I like working craft fairs and now have started a hobby of organizing craft fairs for non profit organizations. I am working on one for the Girl Scouts in New Orleans and for a church in Baton Rouge. I let them be responsible for everything except finding vendors. It's a learning experience...
  11. C

    Can You Host a Craft Fair as a Fundraiser for Girl Scouts?

    I asked our local Girl Scout council if I could hold a craft fair in their parking lot. The booth fees would be paid to them as a fundraiser. They liked the idea and are even using their connections with the media to promote it. Link to one local newspaper article. Spring Craft Fair to...
  12. P

    Tips for a Successful Craft Show: Marketing, Planning, and More!

    Ok so I have a craft show in two weeks that I will be setting up a booth at for PC. There are suppoused to be at least 200 people there and there are other vendors who do direct sales but primarily its crafts and homemade products. I have read many threads on booths but I think there may be some...
  13. C

    Make Your Next Craft Fair Booth Come Alive!

    I just did one of my favorite outdoor craft fairs last Saturday. They gave me a spot 10' X 20' so I brought 2 canopys and lots of tables and made several different displays. I noticed that even though there was an opening between tables in the front, maybe two people came in. everyone else...
  14. B

    Thank You for Generous Talents - Using Your Flyers at a Craft Show

    I just joined this site and was looking. I love that everyone here was so generous with their talents. I have downloaded some of the flyers you have made. You have made my day. Our team has a craft show at a local mall next week and I am going to use these flyers. I love the one with the...
  15. suzipooh

    DIY Craft Projects: What Have You Tried?

    Have you ever done one? What "recipes" do you do??
  16. Tropicalburstqt2

    Confused About Tax ID Number for Craft Show Booth

    I contacted a local holiday craft show about having a booth & the woman asked me if I had a tax ID number? I wasn't sure how to reply to her & told her I was not sure but I could assure her that we collect sales tax & PC takes care of the rest. She kept telling me that I needed a tax ID number...
  17. AmyP

    Where Can I Create a PDF Flyer for My Craft Fair?

    I have a craft fair this weekend and I still cant find a flyer to pass out! I can only do a PDF flyer for some reason. Thankyou!!!!! Amy
  18. J

    Craft Show Preparation: Shipping Tips for a Successful Event

    Wow - I just got an free table at a local craft show for tommarow!!! I am having a cooking show tonight that I must close tonight and send in tonight (today is my 30th day and I want that extra pc dollards)!! so I am racing around triing to get stuff togeather!! Ok here is my biggest...
  19. C

    Support a Good Cause at the Craft Fair: Join Our Animal Shelter Fundraiser!

    My daughter will be involved in a large craft fair with her animal shelter booth. Since I'm doing a fundraiser for her shelter she asked if I wanted to be in her booth and try to get a few orders to help with the fundraiser. I will not have any kind of display. (no room) Just my catalogs and...
  20. B

    Exploring Craft Fair Opportunities in Orlando

    Hi Everyone, I have a question. Please tell me what you think. I did research and found a craft fair. Found out that they had space and rate was reasonable( 125) It is one day. Traffic is 50,000 people. It is outdoors. Well advertised event and one of the largest her in the Orlando area...
  21. kcmckay

    Craft Fair Booth Ideas - Need Opinions and Suggestions!

    I'm doing a craft fair at an elementary school, this coming weekend and have some idea, just want opinions. I'm a little nervous since I've never done one on my own at all. But I'm excited because although it may seem selfish I need the leads and don't want to share and I could afford the $30...
  22. C

    Organizing a Job Fair/ Craft Show..help!!!!

    My director and I have decided to put on our own job fair/ craft show. We are not sure what to call it for advertising purposes. We have about 13 vendors so far. What would you say on the fliers and newspaper advertising? It isn't neccesarily direct sales as I have a realtor wanting to set...
  23. H

    Sunday School Craft for 5Th Grade

    I'm looking for a good craft for my Sunday School class mostly made up of 5th graders. They do not enjoy doing the same crafts with the younger kids they want something challenging. Any ideas? Thanks:(
  24. Jessamary

    Craft Fair Application Help Needed!

    I'm applying for a spot at our local "Faire on the Square" and I can't figure out which catergory I fit under. Am I a commercial business or a cottage industry? Do I have a retail license #? If I write them a check for an event in May, do they cash it right away? As you can tell, I've...
  25. amerrigan

    Craft Uses of Pampered Chef Products

    I need your help! I am doing a booth at a scrapbook/craft crop next weekend. I want to compile a list of things you can use our products for with crafts. Any ideas??? I will put together a flyer and post on here after I get all of your great ideas!!!!
  26. M

    Kids Craft- Photo Ornament- Help Please

    I am having a Christmas party for the neighborhood kids, and I want to do an ornament craft with their pictures to take home. Does any one have an idea for an easy one that is cute as well. I do not want to have to spray paint, or mess with plaster and the kids age range from 5 to 12
  27. natural

    Ethical Craft & Vendor Expo at Nursing Home: Advice Requested

    Hi all, I have a downline gal who wants to be a part of a craft and vendor expo at a Nursing home setting. There will be another PC person there, but she will be in another room in the building. Do you think it would be ethical for me to give her the go ahead to set up?
  28. J

    E-Mails + Craft Fair + Phone Call = 1St Recruit

    I had been emailing back and forth with a gal that wanted to have a show and she didn't know when she wanted to do it. After a couple of weeks emailing back and forth I didn't hear from her. Last weekend I had a craft fair and she apparently saw my table, dropped by and took some catalogs and...
  29. C

    Craft Show Success: $166 in Orders, 41 Leads, and Fun with Niece!

    Well, my very first craft show was today. My niece helped me out. I ended up with $166 in orders, 41 leads, and three more takers for my mystery host show. But I got stuck with a lot of cash 'n carry. I took: gravy separators slice 'n serves "Whisking you a ..."...
  30. J

    Hello Cheffers,I Have a Table at a Craft Fair This Weekend and

    Hello Cheffers, I have a table at a craft fair this weekend and just got my business license for it yesterday. I will also be applying for a permanent business license shortly. I have a question though. In Guam there is no "tax" but they charge a "retail tax" of 4% to direct sales businesses...