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What is opportunities: Definition and 22 Discussions

  1. tammy martin

    Personal Looking for Pampered Chef products? Meet Tammy, your new consultant!

    Hi! My name is Tammy Martin. I just recently became a Pampered Chef Consultant. You can visit my website at pamperedchef.biz/tammysupplies
  2. P

    Director Venting Frustration: Consulting Mishaps That Lead to Missed Opportunities

    I had a consultant join in March. She never did anything. I booked a show for her at her show with someone who was VERY excited. She never did it and I felt really bad for this lady because she was SO EXCITED to have a party. Anyway.....I saw another friend of hers at a party recently and...
  3. A

    Great Vendor Show Opportunities in PA - Don't Miss Out!

    Hello All, Hope this POST finds you well and Pampered!:) I have 2 GREAT vendor show opportunities that I would like to share with you; I currently have 3 to 4 slots open for our vendor table 10/22 & 10/23 in Allentown, PA and 11/5 & 11/6 in Reading , PA. Both shows will see...
  4. PampChefJoy

    Girl Scout Cooking Badge Opportunities for Consultants

    Hey all - I am a Girl Scout leader and just got a look at our new badge books that take effect 10/1. There is a rollout of new badges for all girl levels this year that supercedes the previous badge books (this is a transition year, though, so they can still earn the old badges). Across the...
  5. wadesgirl

    I'm Looking for New Opportunities - Please Help!

    What is a tasteful way to say in an email or on the phone "I've lost my job and need help!!" Anyone have something they used before. I know with close friends and family I can just basically say that but I wanted to start calling all my past hosts and send out an email to all my contacts...
  6. TerraOB83

    Excitement of New Opportunities: Selling with Pampered Chef!

    Hi all its been a long time since I have posted, I had to stop pc for awhile to finish school but now Im selling again im in my first 30 days and I had to share bc this has never happend while being apart of pc. Theres a lady my dh works with that not only wants to have a cooking show, but also...
  7. cookingwithlove

    Director Maximizing Bookings: Find Opportunities Beyond Parties!

    I hold once a month conference calls. Tonight the topic is Bookings are Everywhere. I was planning to train on how to find bookings outside of a party. This is the single most asked question I get. Nobody called! I am going to be possitive and assume they are all too busy calling their leads.
  8. B

    Wear Logo Wear: Unexpected Opportunities Await!

    Always wear logowear or carry SOMETHING that identifies you as a PC consultant! Today I had to go in for a Bone Density Scan. It's a rainy, yucky day. I was going there and then right home. The tech saw my shirt and asked. We talked about PC and her little quikut paring knife during the...
  9. B

    Exploring Craft Fair Opportunities in Orlando

    Hi Everyone, I have a question. Please tell me what you think. I did research and found a craft fair. Found out that they had space and rate was reasonable( 125) It is one day. Traffic is 50,000 people. It is outdoors. Well advertised event and one of the largest her in the Orlando area...
  10. cmdtrgd

    Is This New Business Opportunity a Pyramid Scheme?

    I have been approached by other DS consultants to sign with that company and I have a hard time explaining why I can't - um, "I signed a contract saying I wouldn't" doesn't seem to get through to them. So, what do you say? Another issue came up this morning. A facebook friend asked me to...
  11. C

    Exploring New Opportunities: Last Week in May

    I have 2 opportunities the last week in May, vastly different opportunites, and I've never done anything like either of them before.First - My bank does a "business of the week" featured Table in their entry way. I inquired into this last Fall, and discovered it's very popular - the first time...
  12. K

    Where Do You Find Booth Opportunities?

    I always seem to be too late with my discoveries and another consultant is already signed up. :grumpy:
  13. chefann

    Say 'Yes' and Uncover New Opportunities

    (No, not the alternative band compilation album from Sire/Warner Brothers from 1987.) Sometimes ideas that can be applied to PC biz are found in random and unexpected places. This weekend's USA Weekend newspaper insert has an article about Fall movies, with little tidbits about them. In the...
  14. J

    Fundraising with Catalog Show: Benefits & Opportunities

    Is a fund raiser essentially the same as a catalog show, only larger and your commission goes to a specific cause/charity?
  15. P

    Pampered Chef: Turn a 90 Minute Drive Into Recruiting Opportunities

    Yesterday I went to visit my granny. She's 80 miles south of me so it's about a 90 minute drive. I stopped at a McDonalds thats along the way and as I'm paying (I went through the drive-up) the lady asked me what the books were that I had on my passenger seat. (I had a couple of catalogs with...
  16. Marg

    Canadians Travel to Cincinnati for Leadership Opportunities!

    I just got an email - Leadership for us Canadians will be in Cincinnati with our neighbours to the south!! I'm going to start saving now!!! :D
  17. M

    Networking Opportunities: Join Me for a Meeting Tuesday Morning!

    I was shopping the other day, and a woman spotted my PC window decal- and invited me to join her networking group. She said they have been looking for someone in Direct Sales, and I would be the only one invited. The meeting is Tuesday morning, and I will be going. She told me to make sure I...
  18. N

    Learn About the HWC Campaign: Exploring New Opportunities as a Consultant

    The HWC campaign is new to me. I've only been a consultant for about a month. Can someone please explain to me how it works or what special things you do at your shows to promote it? Thanks!
  19. P

    Exploring Trip Opportunities - Your Questions Answered!

    I just read all the exciting info...too much info to take in. I have a few ?? about the trips. I would love to earn one for my family, but i am still kinda new and not sure how possible it is to earn. How do we know how many points are required? How many points do we earn? I am just...
  20. C

    Strategies for Capturing Pampered Chef Opportunities While "Out and About

    Okay - in the past 3 days, while "out and about" I have been approached by 4 different people wanting to know if I sell PC (of course I'm always a walking billboard). In every instance except one - I gave them a catalog with my info, but didn't get info from them in return. I KNOW I should...
  21. C

    Explore Career Opportunities @ David's Bridal Orland Park!

    I was interested a while back with David's Bridal, and today Flo called me and talked to me about the program and whatnot. There is an opening in the David's Bridal @ Orland Park and I was just wondering if anyone was interested in forming a group to do it? She said that we get a leads list...
  22. L

    My First REAL Kitchen Show: Challenges & Opportunities

    :confused: I just started selling PC and I have had a couple of shows,:confused: I just started selling PC and I have had a couple of shows, mostly catalog and they have been around $300. But, last night I had my first REAL kitchen show. I was so excited, a little nervous, but on the bright...