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What is tuesday: Definition and 27 Discussions

  1. K

    Supposed to Do a Show This Coming Tuesday Night

    I was supposed to do a show this coming Tuesday night. The host texted me today, cancelling her show. We are trying to choose an alternate date, but it's not looking good. She is not available on the empty days I have left this month, and they couple of days she suggested I have one show...
  2. S

    Photos From My Booth on Tuesday (Wedding Expo)

    Did my first wedding expo on Tuesday and id say it went fairly well. Not as well as i had hoped of course, but thats life! :D I got 1 potential recruit and 8 potential wedding shower hosts, but no bookings :( . Hopefully my follow ups will be a success!Would like some feedback on my booth set...
  3. cookingwithlove

    Grilling Class: PDF Booklet for Tuesday

    I am doing a grilling class Tuesday. Here is a booklet I made. It was made in publisher and I converted it to a PDF. I cannot convert it to Word.
  4. P

    Director Is There Still Hope for My Team's Show Submissions This Month?

    There are 8 DAYS left in the month. (9 if I am positive and count today) I am the ONLY person on my team of 16 to have submitted shows to date. This is month 3 for me. I am just sick about it. Please tell me that there is still hope, because I'm having trouble staying positive at this point...
  5. finley1991

    Director I Just Signed up to Use This... I Have a Show on Tuesday That I Am

    I just signed up to use this... I have a show on Tuesday that I am doing the invitations for today (oops!) and am using the Phonevite as a follow-up. Has anyone used this? Do you have a script? How soon before the show do you send out the call? Thanks for your help! :)
  6. P

    What's for Dinner? Tuesday, Dec. 15...

    Hi all!!!! It's Tuesday, so that means we are working our way through the week...slooowwlly it seems!! Tonight for dinner we are having Italian Wedding soup....DH will be home a bit late, so that works for me!!! (easy,too!!):blushing: Have a good one!!!!:balloon:
  7. cmdtrgd

    Director $10 Tuesday With the Lemon Aid Lady

    Thought you all might be interested - the Lemon Aid Lady is having a sale on all her audios and books at $10 each! Great holiday gifts for yourself or your team. She has amazingly easy tips and a way to twist your thoughts and make the best of your situation.Today isTEN DOLLAR TUESDAY at the...
  8. cmdtrgd

    $10 Tuesday With the Lemon Aid Lady

    Thought you all might be interested - the Lemon Aid Lady is having a sale on all her audios and books at $10 each! Great holiday gifts for yourself or your team. She has amazingly easy tips and a way to twist your thoughts and make the best of your situation.Today isTEN DOLLAR TUESDAY at the...
  9. Intrepid_Chef

    Friend/Roomate Having Major Surgery Tuesday A.m.

    My long-time friend (basically a sibling to me) is having a cervical spinal surgery tomorrow at about 11:30 a.m. This is a 2 hour surgery and is a MAJOR surgery. Basically, what they do is go in through the FRONT of the neck, move the esophagus aside, remove the discs that have degenerated...
  10. beepampered

    Tuesday Newsletter: Check Out What I Sent Yesterday!

    Here's the newsletter I sent out yesterday (since another thread said Tuesday was the best day). No responses yet but perhaps you'll have better luck. Note, the cute photo of kids is of my kids - please remove when/if you use....
  11. jrstephens

    Cole Is Getting Tubes on Tuesday at 630 Am

    Just wanted to ask for prayers from everyone. My main worry is that he cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight. With the ear infections he is prone to wake up during the night for a bottle. Please, pray that he will sleep until we get to the Dr's office for the procedure. We have...
  12. kaseydee

    Chicago Tax up Another 1% as of Tuesday

    I just read on drudge.com that Chicago sales tax went up 1% today to 10.25% which makes them have the highest tax rate of all large cities.:yuck:
  13. J

    I Had a Show Tuesday Night - About 75 People Invited - 8 Rsvp'd - 2

    i had a show tuesday night - about 75 people invited - 8 rsvp'd - 2 showed up - no sales!!!!!! i want to cry, i did so much work and i am pissed as is the host! just had to vent...thanks!! :cry:
  14. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Aarrrgh! I'll Never Make Until Tuesday

    The Wisconsin Primary is next Tuesday.Obama and Clinton have both rolled out new ads that run about every other break. Thank goodness they're going to go away on Tuesday and some of the rest of you are gonna be stuck with 'em.In the interest of equal time, McCain isn't advertising (he doesn't...
  15. pcmom2abm

    Gently Used Item - $15 | Need Payment by Tuesday for Shipping

    Maybe used once-great condition $15 plus shipping want to sell asap...need money for disney trip next week...prefer paypal....if not paid for by Tuesday daytime I can't ship till 21st
  16. whiteyteresa

    My Tuesday Finds: 9x9 Door Prize Box & Key Chain

    I know some people haven't had a good experience with them but on Tuesday I decided to order two things from them - 9 x 9 door prize box and the key chain. I just received both of them. The box is GREAT. Last spring my boss (don't tell her that I am calling her that) ordered the other box 6...
  17. ChefJWarren

    Paige's Secret: Missing Woman's Story on 20/20 Tuesday

    I was watching 20/20 tonight and they were talking about a story they are going to do on Tuesday about a missing woman keeping a secret from her family. They said she was working for an escort service! Then they said her name was Paige. I assume that is the same as our Paige? I can't believe...
  18. L

    Tuesday, July 17 Daily Update (Paige)

    Please read this article with caution.... Note: For a full update, read the various threads from last night (Chef's Lounge). The police are searching the local canal because of a POSSIBLE siting....not a conclusive one. This morning's GJ Sentinal article: Canal searched for possible...
  19. L

    Missing Woman Linked to Erotic Webpage - Grand Junction Update 7/10

    Attached is a clip from a local Grand Junction news station (after the 'commercial'). Paige was the lead story...it focuses on the escort service development, but the closing comments by the police chief (sheriff?) put the priority back on finding her...
  20. naekelsey

    What is a good gift to share with my daughter for her high school graduation?

    Was hoping to get some suggestions. For my daughter's high school graduation we have bought her a Herstyler Straightener (the thing is AWESOME), planning on buying her a green journal with her name on it (green is her favorite color), a plane ticket to Virginia for a week in August (my dad...
  21. M

    Networking Opportunities: Join Me for a Meeting Tuesday Morning!

    I was shopping the other day, and a woman spotted my PC window decal- and invited me to join her networking group. She said they have been looking for someone in Direct Sales, and I would be the only one invited. The meeting is Tuesday morning, and I will be going. She told me to make sure I...
  22. N

    Help Needed for Appetizer for Tuesday Night Show

    Ok I am doing a show next Tuesday night and need help with an appetizer? Also any input on how good these receipes are we are going to do an appetizer ???, main dish - crawfish bread, and desert deep covered baker peach cobbler. I will cook the appetizer and desert first before guest arrive...
  23. varga11

    Boost Show Schedule: Open House Tuesday & Book Calendar Q&A

    I need to boost my show schedule. I am currently staying afloat with my business. Life has gotten in the way, I am now ready and able to make PC a part-time job and maybe even my full-time job. I am having an open house on Tuesday to order any retired products and see the new products. I have...
  24. P

    Help! My Cluster Challenge Show Scheduled for Monday, Not Tuesday!

    I have a show booked for this Tuesday..I was counting on it for my 2 shows for the Cluster Challenge. Well I host coached shortly after I mailed the host packet, even had another consultant mail her a french catalogue at her request. Well I just got a hold of her for her 2nd call...and she like...
  25. C

    First Kitchen Show Nerves: Have You Prepared Enough?

    and I am getting nervous. Did you make an outline of what you wanted to say? Practiced in front of your kids? Fly by the seat of your pants? I guess when I've been so busy booking shows that I haven't let myself think about the prospect of talking and cooking in front of everyone :rolleyes:
  26. M

    First Show on Tuesday: Join Me for a Mystery Host Party at My House!

    Well, my first show is on Tuesday...yikes. I actually had DREAMS about doing shows. I guess I'm a bit nervous huh? I'm doing a mystery host party at my house. Good news is, at first only ONE person said they could come... ONE. 3 were no's and 5 were Maybe's. I used evite for the...
  27. B

    Hi Everyonei'm Very New to Pampered Chef I Just Signed up on Tuesday. I Cant

    Hi Everyone I'm very new to PC I just signed up on Tuesday. I cant wait to get going. I definitely have 4 shows for September and possibly more in October. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for invitations. I would feel more comfortable sending the invites out myself and then letting the...