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What is new member: Definition and 86 Discussions

  1. Sheilainwv

    Ready to Cook Up Some Fun with Pampered Chef?

    Hi! I’m new here. Glad to be a part of learning and sharing new things about Pampered Chef. Much thanks for this forum.
  2. tsmarr

    Who is the newest member of Pampered Chef? Meet Tonya!

    Hey there! I'm Tonya, and I just joined Pampered Chef at the end of May. I look forward to learning more about the business and appreciate everything I will gain from this site.

    Who is Carol McGeehan and what group did she just join?

    Hi, My name is Carol McGeehan and I just discovered this group.
  4. W

    Personal How can I be successful without using Facebook?

    Hi everyone I’m new to the community. I’ve been a PC consultant since January 2023 and need to find a way to be successful without using Facebook! Also trying to figure out how to be successful on Table, Project broadcast or messenger!
  5. Tad

    Looking for Delicious Recipes? Meet New Member Janae from Pampered Chef!

    Hi I'm a new member. I have been enjoying pampered chef for many years!
  6. D

    Ready to Join the PC Consultant Community?

    Hi I am a new PC consultant for just over 30 days. Super excited!!
  7. Cyndi Reeder

    Who is the Newest Member of the PC Consultant Community?

    Hi everyone! My name is Cyndi. I am a new consultant, joined in June. I'm not new to PC, I have been using the products for over 20 years. I came across this support community page and found some really good resources and information.
  8. ChefSBell

    Are you a new member of Pampered Chef?

    Hello - My name is Sheri Bell and I joined Pampered Chef a little over a year ago! Just found this forum and looking forward to finding more neat tips and tricks and sharing my ideas as well! :)
  9. Desy Maus

    Who is Desy and What Makes Her a New Member of PC?

    Hi everyone! My name is Desy. I've been with PC almost 2 years. I love everything, the company, my team, the products. My org is 50 strong and still growing. I live near St. Louis, MO, have 2 adult kids, a grandbaby, 3 mastiffs and an errant Roomba named Hazel. I'm looking forward to...
  10. Cheryl Dodge

    Who is the new member from California joining our community?

    Hi all, I am a new member from California. I was a consultant back in the early 2000's for a few years. I just happened upon this site as I was searching Google to sell some PC items :)
  11. Judy David

    Are You Ready to Expand Your Pampered Chef Team?

    hi, I am new to a pampered chef. I have been a consultant for about 5 months now. I met my fast trackgoals in the first three months.i was thrilled with all the great products I recieved. Things are a little slow right now and I have yet to add anyone to my team. That is my newest goal.Judy
  12. Christina S Garcia

    Ready to join the PC community as a consultant?

    Hello! I have been using PC for over 20 years. I am excited to be hare as a consultant and look forward to the possibilities that the future with PC holds.
  13. SweetMelissaV

    What can I expect as a new member of Pampered Chef?

    Hello all, thanks for having me here! I just joined the forum here and have been with Pampered Chef since the beginning of March 2020. I have been having A LOT of fun doing parties and meeting new customers and hosts!! Looking forward to the new season coming up!! Thanks for having me here!
  14. Deb Hagen

    Ready to add some fun and extra income? Meet new member Deb Hagen!

    Hello and thank you for having me here! I am a brand-new Independent Consultant still setting up my new business and in the middle of co-hosting my Virtual Launch Party. I have lived in Pavilion, NY for about 45 years. By day, I am a licensed attorney mainly representing kids in Family Court and...
  15. C

    Can I Find Baking Recipes for My PC Products in this Community?

    Hi all, I live in the UK where sadly PC no longer operate but I have a cupboard full of product from several parties due to friends who were consultants. Never been a baker so during lockdown thought I’d have a go but need some recipes so hope I find then here.
  16. Rebecca Clive

    Personal Are you ready to join my team and party for a living with Pampered Chef?

    My name is Rebecca and I started out as a independent consultant in March 2020 with Pampered Chef along with being a full time Mom!I signed up to sell Pampered Chef so that I can financially support our family along with my husband. We are preparing for my husband to retire in a few years, so I...
  17. B

    Who is CS Beth and What Does She Bring to Pampered Chef?

    Hi all, Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm new to this but I have had pampered chef products for several years. My name is Beth and I am a married mother of 2 teenagers.
  18. Cheryl Peters

    Who is CS Cheryl and How Long Has She Been with PC?

    Cheryl signed as a Consultant in 2018 after taking a year off. Think of myself as having been with PC for 15 years
  19. S

    What can this site teach me about consulting?

    Hi, so excited to find this site. Look forward to learning and being a better consultant.
  20. amyday

    Personal Ready to Take My Business to the Next Level?

    Good afternoon everyone! My name is Amy, and I started as a Consultant in Aug. of this year. I live in Central Illinois with my hubby & 3 daughters. I’ve recently added 3 team members and I’m excited to hopefully become a Director this year. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this site and...
  21. PCpenguin71

    Ready to join the PC community and start earning extra income?

    Hi I’m Stacey and have been a PC consultant since June of this year. I joined PC originally to earn some extra money but that has changed, not only do I enjoy the extra money, I also enjoy being a consultant.
  22. Your Pampered Foodie

    Excited to Be Here and Learn From You All

    Hi Everyone! My name is Tanya and I'm known as the Pampered Foodie by friends and family. I've been creating recipes to share with family and friends for years, and have been purchasing Pampered Chef products and solutions for over 20 years. But, it wasn't until the past summer when I happened...
  23. danielle simons

    Ready to Party with CS Danielle? Join Now!

    I'm Danielle! I've been a consultant since 2010, but my business has fluctuated over the years because of life!! I have started doing virtual parties but I prefer in-home parties. I'm very excited about all the new fall products, can't wait to get my blender!!! I
  24. P

    Personal Who is the Newest Pampered Chef Consultant, Pat Tana?

    Hello Everyone! My name is Pat Tana and I am a Pampered Chef Consultant! I started my business in August 2018. I became a PC because I love their products and have been purchasing them for a long time. So, I decided to try making some extra income by selling these great products to friends...
  25. Tina B.

    Looking for community and advice as a new consultant?

    Hello! I've been a Consultant for a year but have just found out about this forum. I'm hoping to learn from others on here, as well as provide help and/or tips to others when possible.
  26. LyndaAnn

    Personal Ready to join my Pampered Chef team?

    I am a retired school teacher and have been a Pampered Chef consultant since 2011. I love the products and at the present time, I'm trying to form a team and be more consistent with my business.
  27. CrockedUp

    Personal Who is CrockedUp? Welcome to our community!

    Hello, I'm CrockedUp. I'm a new member.
  28. Morgan Tau

    Personal Who is CS Morgan and How Can Their Tips Help Me Succeed in Consulting?

    Hi, I'm Morgan Tau and became a consultant in Sept 2018. I'm looking forward to gaining more knowledge and tips of the business so that I can be successful in this business!
  29. R

    Who is the new member from Mass walking the stage at NC'19?

    Hello my name is Rachael & I have been a consultant for about 17 months. I am currently growing my team & will be walking the stage at NC'19. I look forward to learning & sharing here on Chef Sucess.
  30. D

    Are You a New Member of CS Since April?

    Hi new member since end of April.