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  1. C

    Bridal Shower Gift Registry

    Just putting a shout out for an upcoming bridal shower that I will be doing. Just wondering what people are using for the registry??? It looks like I could create a wish list on the main site, but don't want the people to buy from the main site as to get the bride/groom more free products...
  2. L

    Increasing Bookings at a Bridal Expo

    :) OK, this is my first time starting a new thread, but here it goes: The local radio station (103.3 wvyb) held it's 9th annual bridal expo this sunday teh 25th. I was invited to be a vendor for the event and the cost was $500. I was a little nervous because I am only in my ss1 and am not too...
  3. P

    Help - I Need a Bridal Show Flyer

    Hey Gals It would just so happen that my Pampered Bride flyers have not arrived yet and I'm in serious need of a flyer for Pampered Bride. I have a host who is trying to sell the idea to some people she works with. I've tried explaining it to the host, but she's not getting it. I'm worried...
  4. M

    Bridal Show for 100

    I am having my first Bridal show this weekend and the Bride is expecting 80 to 100 guest, The Mother in Law and Sister in Law are going to have " regular bridal shower food" they just want me to be there to take orders. I know this sounds simple but does anyone have any suggestions for me to...
  5. letscook04

    Bridal Show Expo

    Has anyone done a Bridal Show Expo? I have one to do next month and the cost for the table is $200. I have never done any Bridal shows . Is it worth doing? Any input would REALLY help. Thanks! :)
  6. S

    Bridal Registry

    Does anyone have a flyer or a letter that they use to introduce themselves and outline their services for Bridal Registry? I know there are the Pampered Bride Showers, I am specifically looking for Briday Gift Registry Information. I thought I'd try here first. If not I'll make something up...
  7. T

    Bridal Show "Blurb"

    I am doing a bridal show in a few weeks. In the middle of the fashion show portion, the sponsor businesses are called up individually on the stage to draw a name of a bride for a prize. The announcer does a 'blurb' or 30 second commercial about the business and tells something about the prize as...
  8. I

    Bridal Shower by Catalog Across-The-Miles?

    Have any of you done a Bridal "across the miles"? I have a friend who wants to do this for her sister, and have her register through me. Does anyone have any suggestions for "games" I can play with them via email? Or a drawing of some sort? Will my friend (the host) get benefits if she puts...
  9. K

    Where to Get Clothes for Bridal Cake

    Hi, I'm planning to make the batter bowl doll cake for a display in a bridal fair this Sunday, but I can't find clothes (top of dress and veil) for her. Any idea where I can find these? I got the doll pick at Michael's, but didn't see any clothes. Thanks!
  10. K

    Bridal Fair This Sunday...need Suggestions Please

    I found out this morning that I have the opportunity to participate in a local bridal fair this Sunday. I'm really excited, but very nervous because I just got my Starter Kit last week! I really need some suggestions. First of all, any suggestions on my display? I will have an 8' draped...
  11. Sk8Mom209

    Done Several Bridal Shows but ..

    [COLOR=Gray]never a surprise show. I am going to modify my invitation to include the fact it is a surprise, but I am not sure how to work the gift. Should I just indicate that each guest bring a monetary gift in a card for the bride and then have the bride open the cards and order after...
  12. N

    Bridal Invitations

    My host is not interested in purchasing the Bridal Invitations, and she wants homemade ones... Any ideas? Please feel free! I am looking to get lots of Ideas! Thanks Melissa
  13. P

    Bridal Fair Help!!

    I am looking for some suggestions...i am participating on a bridal fair on Sunday 6/26. I am looking for some style ideas for my booth. any suggestions?
  14. L

    Bridal Shows??

    I Am In My First Ss Month. I Have Had Only One Kitchen Show And Received No Bookings. I Would Like To Do Bridal Shower Shows?? Anyone Know How I Can Get Started?? Is There A Certain Program Or Training Needed To Do These Type Of Shows?? Lhgegg
  15. J

    Bridal Shower Invites?

    My first show is going to be a bridal shower for a coworker. I am looking for a simple invite or insert with the info. (My boss already bought regular invitations). I don't have time to get them from PC or Nancy's Artworks. Thanks!
  16. R

    Bridal Show Invitations

    Does anyone have a Bridal Show Inviation that they would be willing to share, I know we can order them from PC, but I would like to create one that can be personalized a little more, and didn't want to recreate the wheel if I didn't have to. I have check everywhere on here, and can't find...
  17. K

    Bridal Shower Online

    I am doing my first Bridal Shower and she wants to do it online. Does she do her gift registry as her wish list? Any ideas on how to make this a go? Thanks!
  18. M

    Bridal Shower Pictures Needed!

    Does anybody have any pictures that I can use for Bridal Shower flyers other than the ones listed on the website? My friend is printing a newsletter and the Pchef ones are trademarked/copywrited so we can't use those. It would REALLY be appreciated! Any good shots of decorated pc tools would...
  19. M

    Menu Ideas for Bridal Show Needed!

    I'm having a bridal show in a couple weeks and want to offer the host a few options for the menu. I know that one of them I'd like to select is the Tempting Tapas, but I'm needing some help in determining other suitable options that will work well for a bridal shower. What has worked well for...
  20. J

    Bridal Shower - May 30

    I need some help !!!! My sister in law is wanting to throw a PC Bridal Shower on Monday, May 30th. Its for one of her friends at work. She is from out of town and doesn't know too many people but she does know everyone at work and has other friends, not to mention all her friends and family...
  21. C

    Bridal Shower Questions

    I'm doing a Pampered Bride show this weekend. I've got plenty of ideas for games, food, etc. But what I really need to know is how to start my show. Do I plan a show like normal or is there some other "script" you use? I'm not sure how I'm going to promote my products with it being just a...
  22. C

    Internet Bridal Shower

    I just did a craft fair this weekend and had a lady accidentally mark bridal shower on the info form and when I asked her about the wedding she meant to mark kitchen party but does have a son getting married soon, but her future daughter in law is in another state. I mentioned that we could do a...
  23. N

    Bridal Shower Host Coaching

    I have a couple bridal showers this month, and I was wondering how everyone host coaches for them. Do you do all the normal things? The post cards I usually send out don't really seem to fit a bridal shower. Please post how you host coach for bridal showers. Thanks! :o
  24. C

    How to Get Bridal Showers

    I'd like to do some bridal showers, but I don't know how to go about getting the bookings. I'm looking for something other than a just-by-chance approach. Has anyone sent letters to bridal consultants or bridal shops? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks, CHEFINGREEN
  25. P

    Bridal Barbie Cake...

    Any fun ideas on how to decorate the Barbie Cake for a Bridal show? Please feel free to email me pictures! [email protected]
  26. D

    Bridal Showers

    What would be a good idea for a PC bridal shower? Any cute suggestions?
  27. DebPC

    aCouple Bridal Show Tips

    I buy the Pampered Chef invitations for the shower- I have heard of some consultants who have the host pay for them. I give the host the option of buying the apron and pens. Although some consultants will buy it as their gift to the bride to be. I will usually suggest that I make the...
  28. DebPC

    Giver Wants Bride to Open Presents at Pampered Chef Bridal Shower

    How about setting it up on your website? Put in the bride's name as the host; then have the person inviting tell people to go to the website to order their gifts by three (four?) weeks before and then you can send the orders in, have them shipped to the host, and have them there for the day of...
  29. DebPC

    Interested Bridal Shower Host Letter

    Thank you for your interest in Pampered Chef Bridal Showers. There is no better way for new brides to acquire all the high quality , well designed kitchen tools they need. Guest enjoy the entertaining and informational cooking show. Guests may purchase items for themselves as well as for the...