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What is bridal: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. S

    Looking for Left/Right Game and Pampered Chef Bride's Vows for a Bridal Shower?

    Hello! I'm looking for Left/Right game and the Pampered Chef Bride's vows for a Bridal Shower. I found them both on her before but lost them in transition to a new computer! I'm desperately wanting them again as they made the bridal shower so fun for the bride :)
  2. C

    What's the best way to create a bridal shower gift registry?

    Just putting a shout out for an upcoming bridal shower that I will be doing. Just wondering what people are using for the registry??? It looks like I could create a wish list on the main site, but don't want the people to buy from the main site as to get the bride/groom more free products...
  3. byrd1956

    UPampered Chefoming Double Bridal Shower

    A past host is hosting a Bridal Shower for her daughter and daughter-in-law-to-be. I'll be doing a small demo and she will be taking care of most everything else. I have tried to figure out how to look in the files for PC oriented games for a shower along with either a current Well Stocked...
  4. tasoula76

    What can you expect from Pampered Chef at the Bridal Expo this Sunday?

    Hi everyone. I'm doing a Bridal Expo on Sunday. I need to send an email with two lines for a shout out that the dj will be saying about Pampered Chef. Any ideas? Thank you
  5. tayzeanna

    Bridal Show Follow-Up: Maximizing Responses for Hosting and Consulting

    I did a Bridal vendor show last week and am not getting responses from ANY of the people who said they were interested in hosting a PC Bridal Shower/Registry and/or interested in being a consultant. I have contacted them by phone, email and now text message. Any tips??
  6. leshelman

    Bridal Expo and Showers - Registry

    In my other thread, found here: http://www.chefsuccess.com/f52/bridal-expo-showers-81532/#post915153 I stated that I would also share my ideas that I found for the Pampered Chef Wedding Registry. Here are some files I have found and tweaked a bit. Please take my information out before using...
  7. leshelman

    Bridal Shower & Expo: Tips, Ideas, and Resources

    I have recently been looking high and low for any and ALL information on bridal showers and expos. I wanted to take a minute to share what I found here on the website (all in one place to help simplify the next person's search for bridal information!). I have attached a bunch of items and I...
  8. leshelman

    Planning a Bridal Expo: Tips & Ideas for Decorating Round Tables

    I have been invited to participate in a Bridal Expo / Bridal Fair on January 25th and 26th. The cost is $100 for the two days, meals and snacks/drinks provided. They are also supplying us with one 8ft Round Table with table coverings / linens. FIRST- I have no clue on what I need to take...
  9. K

    Online Bridal Shower/Wedding Registry

    Does anyone know if you enter a wedding show in the new program, if there is a way that guests can see the host/bride's wish list, if not, how do you show what the bride wants? Also, I've created an event on Facebook as well with the link, not sure how to show the wish list there too? Any...
  10. W

    Help! Bridal Shower Wish List??

    I'm looking for something to give to a bride to create her wish list. Does anyone have either a checklist or a form that has all products listed? Something like the wish list that used to be included with the triplicate sheets that Pampered Chef used to provide.... I hope this makes sense...
  11. frozenchef

    Bridal Wish List Pictures Fall/Winter 2013

    I did these on the Business Card template this time - Avery 8371. Much easier to just print them on business card paper and pull them apart instead of cutting out each one. Let me know if I missed any products or if something is incorrect. There are 53 pages in all.
  12. M

    Cancelled Bridal Shower: A Tale of Courage and Disappointment

    I drove about 65 miles (each way) yesterday to do a bridal shower for a repeat customer. Her older son got married two years ago and we had a great shower over $1000. Yesterday was a shower for her younger son's fiancée and we currently have $860 in orders. Both bride and groom are young (19)...
  13. C

    Looking for Pictures From Bridal Fairs/Expos

    I have my first Bridal Fair in a month and am looking for ideas on how to set up my booth. Would LOVE to see pictures of booths you all might have done at a Bridal Fair! There will only be 42 vendors and I am the only one doing Bridal Shower/Registry focus - so all the help you can provide...
  14. C

    Need a Bridal Shower Activity That Is Not a Game.

    Hi all - I'm looking for a Bridal Shower activity - maybe a fun way to do introductions or something, but one that is not a game. I've seen the 50's Bride vs Modern Bride thing, but I don't care for that. Personally don't find the modern bride part to be very funny, and quite a bit...
  15. D

    Bridal Shower Recipies for a Crowd

    HELP!!! I'm doing a bridal shower next weekend and need some help with fixing for a crow. There is going to be anywher from 30 to 50 people there. It is to start at 11:00 with me demoning stuff. What would be something springy and feed a crowd? All help will be greatly apperciated. Thanks...
  16. DebPC

    Bridal Shower Flyer: Elegant and Affordable Designs for Your Special Day

  17. C

    Need Help Crafting a Bridal Expo Follow-Up Email?

    Does anyone have an email that they use following a bridal show? Like, nice meeting you, etc... I am having trouble finding the words!
  18. C

    Ready for Your Big Day? Get Bridal Booth Info!

    I have my first bridal booth on monday night! I made this pamphlet to have out, but I'm also putting together basic folders for the interested folks (wish list, bridal planner, dear bride and groom letter). What do you think? I couls use any and all advice!
  19. 6

    Needed Asap Bridal Shower Apron

    My Order is on hold and I never received an email. Just so happen to see it today and its been on hold a WEEK!! Bridal show in 1 week! I need an Apron!! If anyone has one they can send me, I can pay you VIA PayPal for Shipping and Apron... Or Pay you Via PayPal for shipping and Send you the...
  20. M

    Facebook Bridal Shower Not Selling Much.

    My daughter is getting married next month and is hosting a facebook bridal shower since we are in Korea and wants all of her friends back home to be able to participate. She has 18 guests saying they are going, 5 maybes and 100 invited. She only has 2 orders and it's been open since the...
  21. DebPC

    Maximizing Bridal Shower Opportunities: Tips from Experienced Consultants

    I would love to do more of these. i only end up doing 1 or 2 a year. Are there consultants on here that do a lot of PC Bridal Showers?
  22. C

    Where Can I Find a Bridal Product List for Fall 2012 with Pictures?

    Has anyone seen or made a product list (with picture) for a bridal wish list Fall 2012? I could make my own, but where do I find pictures of the products? thanks in advance.
  23. C

    How Much Do You Pay for a Bridal Expo?

    I recieved a flyer today for a Bridal Expo . .. I was wondering if I should even invest in something like this?!?!? Here is what they are offering - Platinum Sponsor: 8’ x 10’ booth with Pipe and Drape Table covering and skirting for 8’ table 40 :30 second commercials on either KMCD or...
  24. H

    Organizing a Bridal Shower: Gift Certificate Questions

    Hi Everyone, I am doing my first Bridal Shower and want to offer the guests the opportunity to buy a gift certificate for the bride to be. But I don't think they are offered anymore...is that true? thanks Cynthia
  25. K

    How to Create Fall 2012 Bridal Shower Pics?

    Has anyone made up these. If not can you give me directions on how you do it. Thanks
  26. O

    Shipping Bridal Shower Gifts: Tips & Ideas

    Can you tell me how you do the shipping on your bridal showers? The bride lives too far for me or the host to deliver. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  27. O

    Bridal Shower Etiquette: Dealing with a Bride's No-Gift Request

    I just got off the phone with the mother of the bride to be. She does not want me to mention anything about purchasing a gift for the bride! Huh? She doesn't want anyone to feel like they have to purchase a present for her. Thus, no bulletin board, etc. Anyone know how to deal with this...
  28. babywings76

    How to Prepare for an Amish Bridal Shower as a Pampered Chef Consultant?

    I just found out yesterday that tonight's party is actually a bridal shower for the host's best friend. A lot of the girls coming are all young and single and engaged or recently married. In the Amish community, they have their weddings in the Fall, so right now they are all doing their...
  29. wadesgirl

    Bridal Shower for a Family Member

    My 2nd cousin is hosting a bridal shower for her soon-to-be sister-in-law to which I'm invited but also the consultant for. How does that work as far as me getting a gift for her? I always put the orders under the guests name but I can't put myself in as a guest. Should I just put the order...