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What is activity: Definition and 38 Discussions

  1. jcsmilez

    Team Activity: Recognition and Incentive

    So, I just qualified as director! Wahoo! It's still so new that I'm waiting for it to reflect on Consultant's Corner. My team basically carried me to this point (it's been a difficult year and I've hardly been active with my business - except to support my team however I can). My team is small...
  2. pjpamchef

    Viewing Activity From Enewsletter

    I want to see who is clicking on what in my newsletter. Instructions say: "You can view which Contacts are clicking on your newsletter links using the "By Activity" filter in your Send E Newsletter group. Simply select "By Activity" or "By Newsletter Lead Type" and choose a fitler option."...
  3. M

    Director What are some effective ways to train on Income Producing Activities?

    I've been hearing about "Income Producing Activities" and i've wondered what others have used to train on this. I was able to find on Consultant Corner a 2 page flier in the Step Up The Business Program. Anyone else have any ideas? At the Director meeting, some of the directors are...
  4. C

    Need a Bridal Shower Activity That Is Not a Game.

    Hi all - I'm looking for a Bridal Shower activity - maybe a fun way to do introductions or something, but one that is not a game. I've seen the 50's Bride vs Modern Bride thing, but I don't care for that. Personally don't find the modern bride part to be very funny, and quite a bit...
  5. A

    Director Where to Find Ticket Activity Q&A Sheet - TIA!

    does anyone have the Ticket Activity Q&A sheet that used to be on the web? I have a recruit I'd like to give it to but I can't find it in my files.... TIA! :D
  6. C

    No Online Activity Emails Since Nov. 29th: Is Anyone Else Having Trouble?

    I have had 4 online orders since November 30th and I haven't gotten any online activity emails. The last email I got was from an online order on November 29th. Is anyone else having trouble? I called HO today and they said they would look into it but they weren't aware of any problems. I did...
  7. A

    Need an Idea - Recruiting Activity

    I need a short recruiting activity for my meeting tonight... any ideas? It is looking like a small group that will be attending...
  8. F

    Director Online Activity Summary: 24-Hour Sales & Registries

    Here's what I got this morning. Usually if they opt out of contact I get at least a name and what they ordered. So does this mean somebody returned something? Online Activity Summary The following is a summary of the online activity for your business over the last 24 hours, including...
  9. P

    Director Last-Minute Inspirational Activity for Recruiter Dinner Party in New Orleans

    We are throwing a dinner party for our recruiters from March as an incentive night...we want to base it around New Orleans (the Canadian Bronze level trip) and we're trying to come up with an inspirational activity that will have them believe they can achieve the trip. The catch is - it's...
  10. pcsharon1

    Frustrated with My Team's Lack of Activity

    I have three girls on my team. Love them. They are great people. But they are simply working their business enough to stay active. Which means every other month, I only have one active person under me. This month I did nearly $2100 in sales myself but only one other person submitted, so I'm...
  11. P

    Understanding Your Online Activity Report: Syncing PWS and Placing Orders

    I just received an email that showd my online activity report. My cousin placed an individual order. Do I have to sync P3 now with my PWS and submit the order or do I just keep this for my records?
  12. P

    Need a Quick Fun Recruiting Activity!

    I need to come up with a quick fun recruiting activity for our meeting in 5 hours!! Any ideas??? :yuck:
  13. The Pickler

    Fall Open House Activity Ideas?

    Howdy all! I'm doing an open house this coming Friday to showcase the new Fall/Winter line. I've got about 10 people coming, 3 of them past hosts and have about $400 in outside orders so I really want to get to $1,000.... Any ideas for activities during the show to kinda keep...
  14. chefkathy

    Director Shop Kitchen Essentials Online - Order ID: 29173801

    Web Order ID: 29173801 Item Qty 1707 Cake Pan Set 1 2874 11" Square Griddle 1 2863 8" Sauté Pan 1 2779 Rice Cooker Plus 1 2797 Stainless Mesh Colanders 1 1332 Deep Dish Pie Plate 1 Total: $272.50 TOTAL: $272.50 Wahoo! Too bad he didn't leave his contact info!
  15. A

    Favorite Meeting Activity Featuring Recruiting

    I am working really hard to create a recruiting climate in our cluster, does anyone have a great recruiting meeting activity?
  16. wadesgirl

    Group Activity Ideas for Company Meetings | Ot - Need Inspiration!

    We have weekly meetings between two similar departments in two differe locations. We spend the first twenty minutes doing some kind of group activity. People have brought in games such as Scattegories and Apples to Apples, we did a riddle together one week and this week we even played Guitar...
  17. C

    Resurrection Story Cookies - a Family Activity

    My girls enjoy making these cookies each year. I love that it gives them a different way to experience the Easter story. This had been posted on here a few years ago and that's where I learned about it. Why not try this recipe and create a meaningful way to celebrate the resurrection of...
  18. etteluap70PC

    Activity Help! Kids Fair Event Tomorrow

    I need some ideas please! I have been searching for an hr and cannot find the thread where we talked about kids event ideas. I have a kids BTS fair tomorrow. Each booth must have an activity. So far all I have is the guessing game. I filled all 4 of the glass pinch bowls with skittles and...
  19. Jane the PC

    Online Activity Email - Wedding Registry

    Good Morning Chefers, I am still within my 90 days, and I have not done a wedding registry before, or received an order from someone I didnt know on my website yet. (So this is pretty new) I got an email stating that there was "online activity" and These two women are listed under the...
  20. chefcharity

    Fun Booth Activity: Win Prizes at our Home & Garden Event Tomorrow!

    I have a booth set up tomorrow at a home and garden type of thing. I am batting around the idea of doing something fun there. I just cannot put my finger on what it is. I am thinking some sort of game at my booth where they can win a prize. My show is a lot of fun and I would like to convey...
  21. Veevahchef

    Directors- What Is the "Stretch Activity"?

    I have seen mention of a "stretch activity" that is being done at some team meetings, apparently this is something that was in the U.S. meeting planner last month. Can anyone e-mail me a link to this or send me info? I would love to use this at my meeting tomorrow night. Thanks!
  22. amy07

    My Day Just Got Better: Online Activity in My Inbox!

    Can I just say that nothing makes my day more than opening my email and seeing "Online Activity" in my inbox. Even more so, when you read it and it's more than a $10 item!!;):party::D
  23. janetupnorth

    Resurrection Story Cookies - a Family Activity

    Why not try this recipe and create a meaningful way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with your children/grandchildren?! These cookies are made the evening before and cooked in a warm oven overnight so they will be ready to eat on Easter morning.Resurrection Story CookiesIngredients...
  24. A

    Wild About Healthy Vision: Activity Book for Ages 9 to 12

    Rating: 4 Posted By: kidsmom Views: 557 Replies: 5 http://catalog.nei.nih.gov/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=26&idproduct=71 Contains pages of word puzzles, family surveys, projects and experiments, and more designed to help children between the ages of 9 and 12 learn about parts of...
  25. DebbieJ

    Got an Online Activity Email Today

    Saw that a customer bought the Mix N Chop and thought "Oh shucks, what a small sale. Then I did a double take and saw that the total sale was $108--she bought TWELVE!!!!! Woo hooo!!!! I love free money. :)
  26. K

    Logging Non-Purchase Activity in P3: Get Your Friend Credit!

    Hi If a person attends a show and doesn't buy anything but books a show how do I log that in P3 so her friend the host get credit? Thanks
  27. DebPC

    New Product Cross Sell Activity: Get On Your Toes!

    New Product Cross Sell ActivityWe do this when the new products come out. We have a table with a display of them(directors package). We have a bowl with pieces of paper with numbers in them and every consultant picks 2. If you have very small meetings they could pick three or large meetings have...
  28. jrstephens

    Taxes - What Business Activity Code and Busines Type?

    How do you describe you principal business type? Just say "direct sales" What Business Activity Code do you use? I have NO IDEA about that and there is SO MANY to choose from! I NEED HELP FROM YOU CHEFFERS! I think I can do everything else, notice I said think.
  29. K

    Get Started on your Website: Tips for Generating Activity

    Well, I just signed up for my website last night. What are your recommendations for getting some activity on there?
  30. dannyzmom

    Missing Online Activity Emails? Check Your IPT and Shipment Status!

    I have received 2 online orders in the last three days. I know this because they are showing up on my IPT and on my Incentive Tracker and on my Shipment Status page. But I have not received the Online Activity emails that usually alert me to these sales. Hmmm.....