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What is directors: Definition and 107 Discussions

  1. baychef

    Director Directors’ Thoughts on Leads Going Back to Them

    We have all received the email about leads going back to Directors only. Was reading a thread on the main website in which consultants are not happy with this. Was wondering what thoughts are with Directors on this site?
  2. R

    Fall Rumors & Directors Kit: Excitement for German-Irish Director!

    Any rumors of what fall will bring us? I know there was a super secret meeting in Cali and the fall line was shown/discussed...and im german and irish so im impatient! plus im a director so when should i receive my director kit....this is my first pre-launch kit
  3. DebPC

    Director Forming Friendships & Sharing Recipes at Directors Meetings

    I think when they form friendships with others who attend- they come to see their friends. For me- tasting and hearing about new recipes and tips is key when I attend my directors meetings. My husband and I are empty nesters and try to eat healthy- so I can't try a ton of recipes at home...
  4. K

    Director Free EBiz Subscription for Directors - Is It True?

    A few months back I know I read something that Director's were now going to get a free subscription for EBiz. I wanted to start using the team newsletter this month and when I go to sign up, it still has a subscription fee. Is this because I am not on using the BETA site. Was I just...
  5. kreaser

    New Directors: Experiences with Submitting Shows on the New Site

    I was just wondering if the new consultants out there using the new site are able to submit their shows easily? I think it would be helpful to hear from directors on here or other consultants who have new recruits using the new site.
  6. esavvymom

    Where Are the National Directors Speaking?

    Got this today from my NED: I'm at Charlotte- love Patti...she's a stitch! :)
  7. K

    Exclusive Directors Pin for Sale!

    Just got my Director gift today--it's a pin that is an exact miniature replica of our Round Up From The Heart Trivet. Very cute, but not my style. Up for grabs to first person who emails me for $30 (incl shipping to any US address, except APO addresses): [email protected].
  8. P

    Director Ul Directors - What to Do With Dl Directors and Dl Upper Level Directors?

    I'm wondering what you all do for meetings with your downline directors....do they come to yours and their teams as well? Do they do their own but still attend yours? What about downline UL Directors? If they do come to your meetings, how do you do Recognition? Are downline Directors...
  9. N

    Do Directors Get a Hard Copy of the Directory?

    Hmm- I've been a director for 1 yr and just realized there was this publication- is it only online or does it come hard copy in the mail I have never received mine?
  10. C

    Cheating or Helping? Giving Recruit Leads to Downline Directors

    This might fall into the same "Is This Cheating" catagory. I know that an Advanced Director needs to have a certain number of Directors in their downline. If I were a Director and had enough direct recruits under me, when I would receive a home office recruit lead, I'd give it to my downline...
  11. A

    Director I Hear Other Directors and Higher via Emails, Here and Calls Refer to

    I hear other Directors and higher via emails, here and calls refer to the "Directors Loop". Forgive me if this is a stupid question but what is this and how do you join? Is it email based? Thanks in advance!
  12. O

    Navigating Team Building Woes: Advice from Directors & Above

    I have a close friend who lives in another state who is now hooked up with her 3rd team due to her previous directors’ inconsistencies. I would be interested in knowing for all of you out there who are directors and above...how you build your team deep and wide (I love that phrasing). My...
  13. C

    New Directors: Questions & Excitement Ahead!

    With this new plan I have a feeling there will be a ton of new directors April 1st!!! I will be one of them, so a few questions to the seasoned directors..... Am I just a director, so I have to sign anything, do they email me and if so, when? Will I receive training in the mail, how long does...
  14. P

    Director forThose That Share Meetings With Other Directors

    For those of you that do meetings with other Directors, ADs, etc....how do you split them up? Do you alternate months that each person "runs" the meeting? What about expenses? There are supplies and such to buy, recipe ingredients if you do a demo, etc. what do you do about that? I'm...
  15. N

    Need Flyer for Consultant Incentive to Promote Directors

    I'm wanting to offer an incentive to my consultants to encourage them to promote to a Director level. I'm thinking about offering a $100 Spa Treatment to any one who becomes a Director in the next few months. Does anyone have a flyer for any consultant incentive that I might be able to tweak...
  16. chefheidi2003

    Are Directors Using FB Events for Their Meetings?

    I am not a director..Nor do I hold my own meetings..HOWEVER..I was wondering if anyone who does hold their own meetings can answer something for me. I was thinking that it might be a good idea for my director to start making FB events every month for our meetings..so that people can RSVP..as...
  17. C

    Is the New Directors Reception a dress-up event?

    Is this a dress-up event? I'll probably have on capri's, and a nice shirt/sweater....but wondered if I should be more dressed up for this?
  18. Melissa78

    Are There Successful Directors & Above Who Work FT? Seeking Tips & Tricks!

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any directors and above who work FT (outside of PC) and if you have any contact info for them (website works well) I'd great appreciate it! If you no contact info, I do well as a detective to 'find them'. :D I'm looking to touch base with those who work FT &...
  19. C

    Are There Any Directors in the Savannah, Ga Area?

    I live in Indiana, and my sister in Georgia is thinking of signing up. She lives in Savannah and she doesn't know anyone there who sells it. She would need a hospitality director. I know I can contact home office, but I thought I'd try here first. :) Thanks, everyone!
  20. lockhartkitchen

    Feeling Lost: What's Next for My Pampered Chef Team?

    Last week I found out that my director's director was leaving PC for another company. My director called me tonight, to let me know she was leaving PC too. I know it was a difficult decision for her. Our team will be splitting up to accomodate everyone's locations for hospitality. Outside of...
  21. lockhartkitchen

    Top Directors Leaving Pampered Chef

    I was shocked this week to find a top director in my cluster has left PC for another company. Totally unexpected. I then hear that other top directors have left as well. I found this on the web, "Welcome to Don Funt's Jewels by Park Lane". Shocking! The new director structure is making some...
  22. jcsmilez

    Directors Charging for Cluster Meetings ??

    I was told that some directors are charging for cluster meetings. I'm curious if that is going on in other clusters. If my director started charging, unfortunately I don't think I could afford to go. :( My understanding is that while not all directors provide them, meetings are part of the...
  23. PamperedDor

    Att: Directors and Above! Ribbons??

    I have a nice amount of PC ribbons I earned during the last 3 years of doing PC and really don't need them... they are everything from $1000 show ribbons, $1000 month - $6,000 month (and one $10,000 month), I beat my director ribbon, etc... Does anyone want these?? I would hate to throw them...
  24. crystalscookingnow

    Planning the Perfect Team Mtg: Tips for Directors & Newbies Alike

    For those that are directors or just hold their own meetings - how do you plan it? Do you use the meeting planner as is? Change it up a little? I've got 3 new team members & I'd like to have informational, motivational monthly meetings. I've got one scheduled for October 24th. Should I gear...
  25. DebPC

    Who Are the Newly Promoted Directors and How Can You Introduce Yourself?

    Please introduce yourself if you've promoted for the first time in the last year.
  26. M

    Changing Directors: How to Handle a Delicate Situation

    I have a situation that I prefer not to discuss here that has happened to me, and I'd like to change directors. Is that possible? If so, where do I turn, especially if HER upline is her best friend? I've sent a note via email to her upline to see if I could talk to her on the phone, but no...
  27. C

    Question for Directors Re: Directors Sat Package...

    It's looking more and more like I might be promoting to director on August 1st (can't believe it - everything is all of a sudden just coming together quickly!) and I was wondering if I would still qualify for the Director's SAT package if I meet the sales requirements for the past quarter? (I do)
  28. PampMomof3

    Merrill 15% Discount for Directors....

    Save 15% On Select Director Company Store Products. This is your last chance to purchase these items before they’re available to all Consultants at normal retail prices. All items available while supplies last. Order now and save 15%. *Prices reflect discount. Expires 06/15/2009. Not...
  29. esavvymom

    Wow Calls -2009 Calls W/ Upper Level Directors

    I just finished up a series of great conference calls, called "WOW calls". The topics and the links to the audio recordings:Call #1- "Bookings" with Diane EngleCall #2-"Recruiting" with SED Patty MocerinoCall #3-"Host Coaching/Increase Show Avg." with NED Nancy Jo RyanCall #4-"How to book your...