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What is higher: Definition and 17 Discussions

  1. esavvymom

    Outlet Prices Higher Then Used to Be?

    Is it just me, or are the prices on Outlet items alot higher than they used to be? It seems that the mark down is barely 20-25%. You might find one or two items in the 50% category. You used to be able to get some great bargains and deals, but now I barely sell anything on the outlet...
  2. kristina16marie

    Turkey Trot: Drive Your Sales & Bookings Higher This Thanksgiving!

    Here is some info about doing a Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving. Basically it's having a bunch of catalog shows. People who are going to be at family gatherings anyway, can pull out a catalog & gather orders! By making it a competition or offering an incentive can help drive your sales &...
  3. A

    Director I Hear Other Directors and Higher via Emails, Here and Calls Refer to

    I hear other Directors and higher via emails, here and calls refer to the "Directors Loop". Forgive me if this is a stupid question but what is this and how do you join? Is it email based? Thanks in advance!
  4. JackieB999

    Do Commissions Get Backpaid for Higher Payments?

    Hi... when you get your first commission of the month at a certain level, and then your second commission is at a higher level, do they make up the dfference from the first payment? Do they back pay you on the first commision of the month? THANKS :D
  5. K

    Best Recipes for Higher Sales: Your Recipe List for Shows

    Which recipes help you to get higher sales? What is your recipe list that you give your host? I am trying to figure out which recipes I should use for my shows. If you can print your recipe list, that would be fantastic!
  6. gailz2

    Do You Think They'll Announce Higher S&H?

    I need to get some more order forms -- do you think they'll announce higher rates on S&H with new forms coming in Sept??
  7. pcgogetter

    Earnings for Nov 2 Shows: Level 1 or Higher?

    in the earned products for hold and submit 2 Nov shows are the same as what level 1 earnings is. I don't need 2 of those 3 things. JMO Michelle
  8. krzymomof4

    Customer Ordering Santuko Knife: Shipping Costs Higher Than Expected

    I have a customer who ordered the Santuko knife for a Sept catalog show. She lives a little ways away and ordered from the website. She then told me that she would rather have it directly shipped to her, which is fine, until I entered it in and the knife with s&tax is going to be like $90. I...
  9. J.Corley

    Need a Boost to Get Higher Attendance...

    Hey guys! I have a cooking show/mystery host at my house this Thursday and I want to invite my neighbors. I have invited the two I know but I haven't invited others. I want to get the whole street invited. Would putting a flyer I made in their newspaper slot on their mailbox be a good idea...
  10. Chef_2_Four

    Do You Get Your Stripper Star at 800 or Higher??

    do you get your stripper star at 800 or higher??
  11. quiverfull7

    Do I Pay Higher Shipping for Multiple Orders? - Diane's Q&A

    I'm doing a Sample Order... and kind of need to spread out my money over time ... however, will I pay higher shipping if I order more than once or is it like the supply orders where next month I can order for $4 again? Thanks! Diane
  12. U

    Maximize Your Fundraising Success: Tried and Tested Tips from a Consultant

    Hi All, I have been a consultant for a year and a half and have decided to start being more active and earn more money now that I am out of college and have a reasonable full time job. I am wanting to do some fundraisers, first for the sales and second to get my name and business exposed...
  13. lacychef

    After Last Night....anyone Reach a Higher Sellathon Level?

    I hated to start another thread about this, but couldn't find the other one! I am soooo thankful for that extension on the sell a thon; thank goodness for those extra days:) I submitted my final show last night that put me $96 over level 3:D :D I am SO EXCITED!!! This is the first time in 5...
  14. P

    Higher Paid Direct Sales Companies....

    I did a show for a MK Director today. We had a great show ($900 in sales, 3 bookings). At the end of the party when I was cleaning up, she and one of her downline started chatting with me about our companies (note, neither of us want to switch, just a casual conversation) and she was FLOORED...
  15. spoiledchef

    forThose Who Have Higher Show Sales...how Do You Do It?

    Okay, so I've been in this business since June of last year. My highest show has been a little over $400. How do you all get such high shows? I'm at a loss here. Thanks.
  16. janel kelly

    Selling Higher Price Items at Shows: Tips & Tricks

    I can't seem to get anyone at my shows to buy the higher priced items. I don't know if people I've had shows for are cheap or I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. Like the ultimate slice and grate. I show and demonstrate it at my shows and talk about how much I love it and everyone always...
  17. DebPC

    Selling Higher Priced Pampered Chef Items Activity

    Take a Pampered Chef sales receipt and highlight everything over $20.00. Interesting to see that only 1 item is over $20 under Kitchen Companions and Measuring Tools. Anyway, then print off your top sell list (top 25 sellers) for Feb 1, 2004 to April 1, 2004. Highlight anything on the...