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Selling Higher Priced Pampered Chef Items Activity


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Apr 14, 2004
Take a Pampered Chef sales receipt and highlight everything over $20.00.

Interesting to see that only 1 item is over $20 under Kitchen Companions and Measuring Tools.

Anyway, then print off your top sell list (top 25 sellers) for Feb 1, 2004 to April 1, 2004.

Highlight anything on the top sell list that sells for $20 or more.

How many are on the list? Of those highlighted, where are they on the list--at the top or at the bottom?

Write next to all of the remaining items the selling price. How many are under $10.00?

How many of the new Spring/Summer products are on your top sell list?

This will help show consultants how to put more focus on several things... 1. Selling higher priced items 2. Selling the new products 3. Seeing how many products we have over (& under) $20.00 in our product line...something for EVERYONE. 4. Seeing if they are selling enough cookware and baking stones 5. Consider if they need to be doing different recipes that focus on more higher priced products, cookware and baking stones.

I've printed this report forever it seems, but tonight I just did the highlighting activity and it sure surprised me to see exactly how many products we sell that are over $20 and how many I should be focusing more attention on during my demos. Mary Jo Oyer-