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What is paid: Definition and 59 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Check Out Our New Gallery - Just For Paid Chef Success Members!

    What do you all think of the our New Gallery? Are you using it? It's only available to paid members of Chef Success. I love being able to picture search quickly and hone in on things I'm interested in.
  2. H

    Ok Maybe I Just Haven't Paid Attention but When I First Started 4

    Ok maybe I just haven't paid attention but when I first started 4 years ago we did teleclasses, is this gone? Are there old recorded ones to listen too?
  3. W

    Did Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone Lead to 7 New Business Opportunities?

    I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go out and find business. Last night my daughter and I drove through town and wrote down businesses where I could drop off old catalogs like hair salons, car repair places and such. We also made a list of places I would offer a Pamper A Business...
  4. pampered1224

    Didn't Get Paid Today? Here's What To Do

    did you all get paid today? The reason I ask is usually I have mine but do not see anything and I really need it. Thanks!
  5. M

    Facebook Success: 4 People Found My Page, 2 Callers in 3 Days

    I've had 4 people find my FB page via Google searches over the last few months. 2 people in 3 days called me. One woman just needed a pizza cutter, which I added onto my last show...sadly I closed that show and the next day a woman called me needing to order a few things. That sale was $151.50...
  6. C

    No Commission Check Yet: Has Anyone Else Been Paid?

    I just checked my account and still haven't gotten my commission check deposited. I know it can be different based on your bank, but I usually get paid on a Saturday when the payday lands on the weekend so I was surprised that it wasn't there over the weekend. Has anyone else been paid?
  7. J

    Will We Still Get Paid on Good Friday?

    Just curious if Friday is considered a holiday since it's Good Friday or if we'll still get paid. My bank is open, but not sure if they all are or if HO is.
  8. ShelbyMichalek

    I Think My Catalog Tote Just Paid for Itself!

    I was at the maternity clothing store to use a gift card my mom got me for Christmas. After I'd paid and was putting my wallet back in my purse (catalog tote) the clerk goes "Oh! I love Pampered Chef, do you have another one of those? [referring to the catalog] I have a long list!" :eek: I...
  9. P

    Successful November: Paid for Wedding in Cash!

    I have to brag.....first time in 5 years I have submitted 3 $1000+ shows all in the same month (November). Just in time for my daughters wedding next weekend. Oh how I love this business. Did not take money from savings for the wedding OR go into debt. Everything has been paid for in...
  10. chefsteph07

    I Love Going to Work and Not Getting Paid!

    Since I scrolled down to see where I shoud put this and didn't see a "B!TCH" category, I guess it's going here bc I don't even know what to say about all this. This is the SECOND time since Oct 15 that I have done a show for a home office lead and gotten NO SALES out of it. The first one had...
  11. HealthNut

    We Get Paid on the 8Th and 22Nd, Right?

    so when does CC usually update with our statements? Just curious as I'm not seeing my end of September sales yet...i got paid on sept 22 - but just wondering when CC updates information. thanks!
  12. A

    Kit Rebate: How Will My Consultant Receive Their $77.50 Payment?

    One of my new consultants who signed during the kit rebate promo just qualified, how are they paying the $77.50 - via check or commission adjustment?
  13. PCGirl77

    Get Paid for Catalog Orders: Check or Credit Card? Tips for Managing Payments

    Do you take checks from each person who places an order or do you ask the host to have checks written to her and then write you one big check? (Run on sentence?) I did a catalog show and the host gave me several orders but not all the money. One of the orders is from a mutual friend, and...
  14. Jolie_Paradoxe

    I'm so Excited!!! I Got Paid as Director!

    I'm home doing a happy dance and wahoooing like a 4 yr old! :sing: My commission statement has me paid as Director! I love my team who worked so hard to help me with MY personal goal....so, Thank you guys soooo much for being so great, and thanks to everyone who helped and shared their...
  15. pc_jessica

    Okay so I Am Just Wondering I Know We Get Paid in Certain Brackets

    okay so i am just wondering i know we get paid in certain brackets that determine our commision amount. well does that start over each pay period or do we get to keep our same bracket the whole month. for instance, for the 1st-15th my sales were over $2000. but know for the 15th-30th they will...
  16. K

    What to Do if You Paid but Still Haven't Received Item(S)

    What would be the proper steps to take if you purchased an item someone had listed on the MB, but you still have not received it? I payed via PayPal over a month ago and there has been only 1 communication since I sent in my payment. I am hoping I do not have to file anything, but I will if...
  17. chefkathy

    Maximizing Earnings: Team Leader vs Senior Consultant in Direct Sales Industry

    My team has fallen apart--no one is working. My director title is gone (but will probably be back in August--woohoo!) Good news is I had one consultant turn in $500 this month, so she is active and working. I signed one new consultant on 7/26 and another on 7/31. Cons Connection shows...
  18. C

    Is a Car Sign Worth It for Generating Business?

    I've had my PC sign with my cell phone # on my back window for about 6 months with only one person following behind calling and asking for a catalogue. Now within the last week I've had a lady approach me while I was talking to one of my recruits at IHOP. She asked for a catalogue and bought a...
  19. A

    When Do We Get Paid? Understanding Your Payment Schedule

    when do we get paid?
  20. babywings76

    Submitting Show, Guest Hasn't Paid

    I am getting ready to submit a catty show I threw together. I have one friend who ordered an ice cream dipper. She is on vacation and is going to pay me when she gets home. So how should I handle that w/ P3? Do I pay for it under my host order payment tab? I want to pay for it w/ my...
  21. Intrepid_Chef

    Get Paid Today? Payday Confusion Explained | April 2 Submission Trick

    I think today was payday ... did I miss it? I submitted a show on April 2 but it was a March 21 show. I did this purposely so I would be active under the new plan and the old one.
  22. pamperedcheermom

    Can't Sign in to Tasty Tidbits!! Just Paid Today! Help

    I've been using the 15 day trial of Tasty Tidbits and really like it. I've been signing in daily and checking things out. My trial runs out tomorrow so I went ahead and subscribed today and paid the $15 through PayPal. Now when I try to sign it, it won't do anything. Also, why do we have to...
  23. amy07

    Director Help My Consultant Get Paid for January Show

    I appreciate any help you can give me on this: I have a Consultant on my team who submitted a show on Jan 30th. She received a confirmation email. However, the show is not showing up on my tracker NOR is it showing up on her IPT, incentives calculator,or shipment status. She NEVER received...
  24. khergatt

    Woohoo! Facing My Phone Fear Has Paid Off!

    Well, I decided tonight I was going to STOP being afraid of my phone. I shut myself in my office and got busy! In just one night of calls, I got . . . 2 February cooking shows 2 February catalog shows 1 March cooking show 4 possible recruit leads WOW!!! I CAN do this! YOU can, too!!!!
  25. smilesarepriceless

    Anyone Have a Phone Contact for Her??I Emailed and Paid Through

    anyone have a phone contact for her?? i emailed and paid through paypal 5 days ago...and haven't heard a word.... not off to a good start at all.....
  26. lauradahl

    Just One Show Paid for My Booth....plus

    I have read so much here (OK, lurking) the past few weeks getting ready to have my very "own" booth. I have always tagged along with a more experienced consultant/director 'til now and was very confused trying to figure out how to put it all together:confused: The Expo was a super success...7...
  27. jrstephens

    Comparing Garmin Models: Free vs. Paid Updates

    Which one has free updates and which one do you have to purchase them? A friend of mine had the Garmin in her car the other nigh,t and I thought it was so neat. I did not ask too many questions b/c it would be her husband who would now the answer:D I am thinking of telling Russell I want...
  28. Cindycooks

    Once Again My Merrill Stickers Paid Off!

    My daughter lost her keys so I had to go pick her up from work (call it an omen!) We were at the stoplight and my phone rang - a lady ask me if I could get her a bar pan. She mentioned that she was short on money and could I call her when they were on special. I talked her into a book party...
  29. GourmetGirl

    Have You Ever Found Unexpected Cash While Cleaning Your Office?

    So I am procrastinating my final 2 papers for this summer school class (am just fried from the 5 I did since Thursday) and decided to go through stuff in my office (I haven't fully cleaned it since last August, maybe Christmas as I had my mom staying with me)... it paid off - literally! I found...
  30. Cindycooks

    My Merrill Car Decals Paid off Today - Woohoo!

    So today I was picking up my little granddaughter from PlayDate (a drop in childcare center here) and at the same time the manager of the local sports bar (awesome food...we love it) was picking up his little boys. We happened to walk outside at the same time and he saw my car. Ask me if our...