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What is maybe: Definition and 51 Discussions

  1. K

    How Often Should You Update Your Tote Bag Photos?

    a few yeas ago for Christmas, my grandmother gave me a tote bag that you can insert pictures into the front of. This bag is perfect to use like a briefcase to carry catalogs, order forms, pens, ect. Anyway, I haven't changed the pictures in the bag since 2010. I notcied today one of my...
  2. H

    Ok Maybe I Just Haven't Paid Attention but When I First Started 4

    Ok maybe I just haven't paid attention but when I first started 4 years ago we did teleclasses, is this gone? Are there old recorded ones to listen too?
  3. ShellBeach

    Spoilers? Maybe Just a Crumb? Please Send Me a Pm

    I'm dying to find out the news. I don't really have an upline any more. By that, I mean any upline that I have ever met or gotten more than a twice-a-year email from. So if anyone wants to shoot me a spoiler on either new or discontinued products, please do! As a PM only! Just to be...
  4. esavvymom

    Can Anyone Help Us Out with Our Excess Popcorn Inventory?

    I'm freaking out a bit. Our Cub Scout popcorn fundraiser was very low compared to previous years. Part of our sale includes having some inventory items we take door-to-door. Well, we use last years sales to gauge how much to order (I think it was about 50% or so). Anyway, I picked the top...
  5. B

    Turn Your 'Maybe' Customers Into Bookings!

    Hello Ladies, I was wondering if anyone had any letters or specials that they send out to those people that have either booked a show and had to cancel or say they really want a party and keep having me call them every couple of weeks. If I could get them off the fence, I would be golden! I know...
  6. byrd1956

    Locating Consultant Info in P3: Tips and Tricks for Easy Access

    in P3 where do we find all our consultant info. (like the tpc depit card #) I have it saved on my laptop, which is kaput and I need to transmit a show. thanks!
  7. kcmckay

    Can Incentives Prevent a Team Member from Quitting?

    So I have my 2nd recruit signing on Thursday! Yay. I finally sold her on give it a try fulfill your agreement and if you don't want to continue after that you've made some money got some great products and lost nothing really. So she decided to give it a try! I am confident she'll stick with it...
  8. N

    Smart Cart- Maybe a Great Tool for Shows

    Smart Cart I have used this company before and this is where I got my lap boards from. I like the cart
  9. NooraK

    Personal Maybe I Should Throw in the Towel (Really Long)

    It has just been one of those days. I don't know if there's anything else that could make it any worse. I was inactive in August due to just plain laziness on my part. I could say it's because of the baby, but I hadn't lined anything up (like catalog shows) in advance, and until yesterday, I...
  10. C

    Converting "Maybe" Into "Yes" From a Fair

    I participated in a spring fair this afternoon and I have several maybes that I want to convert to yeses. What do you say when you call? I'm not great at the calling part and was looking for some proven word choices. Please help! Thank you.
  11. scottcooks

    offTopic - School Cuts and Maybe You Can Help!

    Lovers of the arts, or of education - read on... Our school district is in a fantastic community that has good industries, neighbors and home to big companies like Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Nintendo, Expedia and T-Mobile. But all these industries and our state budget is in bad...
  12. P

    Humor Hmm, Maybe My Son Is Getting Too Into Pampered Chef Tools

    My almost-20 year old son is making a recipe he got from a friend's mother for Crockpot Mac & Cheese. As a budding cook, :chef: he has called or texted me several times already asking where ingredients are, how many cups are so-and-so ounces, etc. He just texted me asking where the crockpot...
  13. J

    Reaching Out to Maybe Guests: A Postcard Idea

    I'm thinking about putting together a postcard for those guests that checked maybe on the door prize slip, but I didn't get a chance to talk to them at the show. Anyone have any suggestions or anything like this. I can't seem to reach people when I call and most don't put their e-mail address...
  14. pampered1224

    Ponder This - Chillzanne Maybe?

    With gas prices soring to $4.35 a gallon in 2008, and Chillzanne being well, 99% oil base plastics and also in liquid forms, will we get it back with a drop in oil prices? Even though they expect gas prices to hit $3.50 a gallon by September! I can not tell you how many people wanted the...
  15. mscharf

    Is My Hand Lotion Too Watery? Troubleshooting Tips | Website Name

    this maybe a silly question, but I have to ask. Is the hand lotion supposed to be sooo watery? I thought I might have gotten a bad bottle, so I requested it to be replaced and the second bottle is just as bad. Is it just me?:mad:
  16. P

    Started My New Year With Bumps, Bruises, and Maybe Needing a New Car!

    This is not a rant, but I will start by saying I'm blaming the whole thing on my boss!!:D I have been on vacation since the Monday before Christmas, but this does not change the fact that it's end of month and end of year (I'm in the finance department of our company), so there is still work...
  17. P

    Janet, Maybe You Can Help Us Understand . . .

    My 33 year old sister is a liver transplant recipient. She leads a pretty normal life, but, because she takes anti-rejection meds, she gets sick quite often. This morning, her DH called an ambulance because she was in pain (we thought she had gall stones), a fever, and vomiting. According to her...
  18. chefann

    It Rocks! Maybe I've Been in the Dark About These

    So yesterday I took a critical look at my kitchen floor and decided it desperately needed to be mopped. (I really hate mopping, and will run a broom around the kitchen, but haven't mopped in more time than I care to admit.) My sponge mop is the pits, so I decided to head to Target to get a...
  19. C

    Is Irving, TX or GA a Better Place to Move My Business?

    Hello Everyone; I currently live in one of the most expensive states-NJ and our family maybe moving to Irving, TX or GA, can anyone give some insights into these areas, as far as cost of living, the good, the bad and the ugly!! Thanks:)
  20. L

    New Computer? Maybe Non-Compatible W/P3

    Sorry to duplicate this from an earlier thread today, but I thought it needed a more informative title.
  21. M

    Director New Computer? Maybe Non-Compatible W/P3

    Below is something I posted on CS. Important to know when signing a new consultant...or buying a new computer for yourself.
  22. dianevill

    Maybe Just an Itty-Bitty Prayer for Me?

    I know that there are a lot of situations that are much more dire than mine, but if you could say a quick prayer for me I'd really appreciate it. I HAVE to go back to work full-time. It was always in the plan that I'd go back once the kids were in school, and come September, they will both be in...
  23. Intrepid_Chef

    Flea Market ... Yes, No, Maybe So?

    There is a flea market in the area where I live ... booths are dirt cheap. I was toying with the idea of setting a booth up just to gain contacts and talk to people. Do these work if you're not selling anything people can take home with them?
  24. dannyzmom

    Older Door Prize Drawing Slips Wanted - "Yes, No, Maybe

    I am looking fo rthe older Door Prize Drawing Slips - the ones that offer "yes, no, maybe" instead of just checking off what you are interested in. If you have some to sell, please let me know...
  25. C

    Need Help Shopping in the US? Any Takers?

    I need someone to buy some stuff for me from the outlet (the US outlet ~ I'm in Canada) Any takers?? I've got funded paypal I can pay with. Thanks, Crystal
  26. Becky0216

    No Blood, but Maybe a Recruit!!!

    I have been going to a local blood center to donate every day for a week now trying to donate. I keep getting turned down for low BP. Anyway, today I had the tech ask me about PC. She saw my Tote and asked if I sold PC. Then said she thought about joining the business a year ago. Her mom...
  27. crystalscookingnow

    Bummed...i Had to Reschedule My Show Tonight. Maybe Tmi

    A little back story..... I had some female trouble last year & had an ablation done. Things were going well until about a month or so ago. I started having horrible cramping & pain again. My doc decided that I needed a D & C, so we did that on Monday. I ended up developing an infection from...
  28. S

    Got My First Recruit Maybe 3 More on the Way

    I got my first recruit yesterday. I am so excited. I have one lady that is really interested and wants to sign up on Saturday night. That would make me a future director. I have 2 others that are really interested so I have them hooked I just need to string them in now. Hopefully I can get...
  29. whiteyteresa

    Rice Crispy Treats Idea - Well Maybe

    My church is having a bake sale next month and they want me to make rice crispy treats When ever I make the treats it is always a mess and it seems to cool too quickly Well here is the idea I have What if I would heat up the large bar pan in the oven (temp would be about 200) line the...
  30. Chef_2_Four

    Not Pampered Chef Product but Maybe Someone Can Help

    I have 12 cup muffin pan, the "outside" is metal but the actual cups are silicone. do you think I can put them in the dishwasher? the outside metal part is all yucky from pam. i use the nylon scrapers but it is still gummy feeling. any suggestions how to make it nice again?