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What is towel: Definition and 28 Discussions

  1. G

    New Consultant Asks About Bamboo Kitchen Towel (#2306)

    Hello! I just signed up to be a Consultant on Friday! I have a question about an item in the outlet. The Bamboo Kitchen Towel, does anyone know if it has a loop on it to hang on a kitchen drawer knob? Item #2306
  2. C

    Misleading Picture: Only One Towel for $8?

    It is not a set of 2 correct? The picture is misleading to my customers and they don't want to pay $8 for one towel. Thanks for clarifying!
  3. J

    Looking for a Cranberry/White Kitchen Towel Set from Pampered Chef?

    Does anyone have a new Cranberry/White Kitchen Towel Set they'd like to sell? I didn't realize they were already on stop sell and have someone that would like the set.
  4. NooraK

    Personal Maybe I Should Throw in the Towel (Really Long)

    It has just been one of those days. I don't know if there's anything else that could make it any worse. I was inactive in August due to just plain laziness on my part. I could say it's because of the baby, but I hadn't lined anything up (like catalog shows) in advance, and until yesterday, I...
  5. finley1991

    Director Removing a Towel from a Grill Pan - Need Advice!

    When I was making dinner tonight, I used the Grill Pan to grill my shrimp (turn out awesome!). When I removed the shrimp, the pan was smoking a bit so I removed it from the burner and set it on the counter... normally I put it on a trivet/hot pad or oven pad. Not thinking, I set it on a...
  6. P

    Looking for an Iso Pink Microfiber Towel?

    Anyone have a new in package HWC pink towel from last month they are willing to part with? Price?
  7. lisaterwilliger

    Where Can I Find the Value of the Golf Towel from the Denver Conference?

    Did anyone happen to buy the golf towel from the merril booth in Denver? If so, do you remember how much it was? I donated mine to a golf tournament fundraiser and need to know the value of it but can not for the life of me find my receipt...my office is now in boxes since its becoming the...
  8. B

    I Need Encouragement or I'm Throwing in the Towel...

    My fourth show in a row just cancellled! I have nothing for June and a limited calendar in the month of June due to my daughter's graduation and open house and MIL 80th b'day. I just signed on in early February and have had very successful shows, but the bookings I've had seem to cancel on...
  9. heat123

    The Pink Polka Dot Towel: $8.50 for One or a Set?

    The pink polka dot towel is $8.50 for one or a set? Just wondering?
  10. P

    Prep Towel Quality Check: Investigating a Run

    I just took the prep towels we received at leadership out of their package and noticed a very large run in both. Has anyone else found this?:o
  11. J

    Iso Purple Tiles Placemats or Towel Sets

    A host needs 6 placemats, but will take what you have! As for towels, a set or 2 would do. Shipping to 46368. Thank you!
  12. pcmom2abm

    Dots Towel Set-Lilac/Artichoke --New

    $10 plus shipping want to sell asap...need money for disney trip next week...prefer paypal....if not paid for by Tuesday daytime I can't ship till 21st
  13. T

    inNeed of Cranberry Microfiber Towel

    Hi Everyone- I had a guest at my show on Friday that desperatley wants the microfiber towel in cranberry. I checked the outlet but wasn't lucky. Does anyone have any that they would like to sell?? Let me know and we'll figure out the shipping. Thanks- Terry
  14. C

    Can anyone donate or sell a purple tile towel for my office valance?

    If someone would be so kind to donate it or sell cheap, I want to make a valance for my office. My husband just finished the flooring and I am moving into it this week. The walls are lite lavendar and I am having a very hard time finding a valance. Today as I was moving things in I came...
  15. nikked

    Great New Use for Microfiber Towel!

    My water broke at home this morning about an hour ago...decided those SUPER ABSORBANT MicroFiber Towels would help keep me from leaking all over the house. After many false alarms, looks like this is FINALLY it. I'm waiting until the doctor's office opens in a little bit to call and find out...
  16. A

    Microfiber Towel Warranty: Protect Your Investment with Proper Care

    I have a friend who purchased a microfiber towel in March of 2006. She told me that it has stained. Evidently she used it to soak up some iced tea and didn't immediately wash it. Has anyone else had this happen? Are these under a warranty?
  17. KellyTheChef

    Looking for Mix-n-Chop & Microfiber Towel - Price Quote Request

    I have already ordered my sample package (not Package A, though.:( ) So, I am looking for two items: Mix-n-Chop Microfiber Towel (either color) If you have them, can you email me with price including shipping to zip code 44632? Thanks!
  18. dannyzmom

    Cranberry Microfiber Towel Warning

    Hey everyone!! Be sure to let your customers know to WASH the cranberry towel a few times with other red stuff before using it. It bleeds and gets red dye on everything if you don't.
  19. AJPratt

    Does Anyone Know How to Make the Towel Cake?

    This is the pic I got off of this site. It was posted by PamperedGinger. Now, how do I make it? http://www.chefsuccess.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=337&d=1116635388
  20. TinasKitchen

    Is Anyone Selling the Iso Pampered Chef Beach Towel from Conference?

    This item was only for sale at Conference and by the 2nd day it was sold out (Wave 2). If anyone has an extra or doesnt want theirs, etc. I'd be willing to buy it. Just let me know how much. Thanks :)
  21. M

    Iso Cranberry and Sage Jaquard Towel Set

    Hi all, I have a customer who is looking to get these. This was before I signed on and we were talking today and she said she should have gotten these way back when. Please let me know if you have them new and can part with them and how much or a trade of something. I think we can do that...
  22. J

    Did Anyone Else Get the Email From Ho About the Sweetheart Towel

    Did anyone else get the email from HO about the sweetheart towel substitution? So am I getting this correct - they are replacing them with the patriotic towel set AND the cake set? That is great!!! They really go over and beyond to make up for things like this!!!
  23. F

    Has anyone received their Heart Towel from The Pampered Chef?

    I registered for my heart towel in plenty of time. I got a message that said they would be shipped in Mid- December. Has anyone got theirs yet? I am such an incentive hound! Alison
  24. P

    Ethical Question - Kitchen Vs Catalog, Free Kitchen Towel

    I'm a new consultant and have been told by a couple other PC people to submit a catalog show as a kitchen show or to tell home office that you have 6 Jan shows to get the free towel when you really don't have that many booked. Is this standard practice? ~Jenny
  25. pcbrandy

    Consultant Special! Receive the Sweetheart Towel!

    I was on the pc website and saw the Consultant Special! :) If we register 6 shows for January by December 12th, we receive the Sweetheart towel free! :) This is great!!! You can find it under Consultant Sales Promotions!
  26. P

    So Popular It's On Backorder: Incredible Donations Made!

    ON BACKORDER!! Looks like this one was a popular one! I hate to see things on backorder, but if something was to, this is what I would want! THAT MEANS that enough were ordered, and SO MANY donations were made that they RAN OUT! AWESOME! ...but I do hope it won't take long!!
  27. pcbrandy

    Idea for Hwc Microfiber Towel Sales!!! Also, Anyone in Tulsa, Oklahoma!!!

    Anyone that is a league bowler will tell you they dry their bowling balls. The HWC Microfiber towels are great for drying the oil off. Also, anyone in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The women's national bowling tournaments are being held there right now. You could go there and sell, or ask the owner if you...
  28. P

    Cherie's Tips: Amazing Microfiber Towel Absorption!

    Here are some tips about the MicroFiber Towels. THis came from a consultant named Cherie. I use 2 small BB. Fill it to the pint mark for both. Dip a regular kitchen towel in 1, and the micro finber in the other, and let them sit a few minutes. You will be AMAZED when you see how the micro...