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ISO cranberry and sage jaquard towel set

Feb 7, 2006
Hi all,

I have a customer who is looking to get these. This was before I signed on and we were talking today and she said she should have gotten these way back when. Please let me know if you have them new and can part with them and how much or a trade of something. I think we can do that right? I am all new to this.

Thank you,

Michelle Breeding (#473065)


Novice Member
Mar 20, 2006
Hi there,

I seen these on ebay. You can go on there now and tell them what you are looking for and they will send you an email when it is available.


Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
Would you believe you can get them at Big lots!! They had them at both the stores here. 2 towels sold for 2.50! They also had the table runner for $4.00. So, check them.
Feb 7, 2006
Thank you both of you, but I was really hoping to get them through a consultant and odds are I won't find them at Big Lots here. I have a 2 year old and don't like to waste my trips if I am not sure, but I guess I could check. Does anyone have them???

Michelle Breeding (#473065)


Senior Member
Gold Member
Feb 2, 2005
I didn't see the table runner but I did get a set of towels at Christmas time. I will have to go and check it out again to see if they have a table runner.