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What is encouragement: Definition and 44 Discussions

  1. Bren706

    Words of Encouragement When in a Slump

    Although I don't post on here too often anymore, I do check in once and a while and lurk :). But I have to say, I love being able to search back and find some great words of encouragement about what to do when bookings and business are in a slump. I have just lost my directorship for the 2nd...
  2. Bren706

    Need Bookings - Need Encouragement to Get on the Phone

    Okay, I went inactive in April (submitted the 1 April show in May) after having a record February and a pretty good March. I have a show next week, but still do not have the guest list. I have a booth at month end. I have been making customer care calls, and got an order for a few margarita...
  3. Dina Atnip

    Personal Find Encouragement to Pursue Excellence Award | Tips & Support

    I've decided to go for the excellence award a little ways away but I am going to give it my best shot. I just needed words of encouragement so I don't loose my mind sometimes it feels like I am going crazy. TIA:eek:
  4. B

    Just a Little Encouragement, Please!

    So, my business, for the first time in 1 1/2 years, is in a serious lull. I got 4 "nos" yesterday! I've never gotten that many in a day (which I am half proud of and half bummed about). I have one catalog show (she wasn't very optimistic that she'd be able to get $150 in sales) and one cooking...
  5. M

    Needing Some Support and Encouragement

    I am so glad I have found this forum, I have been searching and trying to figure out what is best for me to do to keep my business going. I signed up with Pampered Chef in March. The girl who recruited me seemed to be helpful and I believed she genuinely wanted me to be apart of her team...
  6. N

    Turning Discouragement into Encouragement: My Journey as a Director

    I have been working this business for a year now alongside a full time job, and I promoted to director on April 1. I maintained the title in April and will also maintain in May, but I am worried about my business. I am in a bookings slump. I have 2 June bookings (if they hold) and that's it...
  7. pcsharon1

    Encouragement for Reaching Your Dreams | John Maxwell on Leadership

    In case anyone else needs some encouragement I wanted to pass this along. It was posted by a friend on facebook and I thought it was really well said. Fight for your dreams in 2011 | John Maxwell on Leadership I'm gonna work hard not to be a "dream destroyer".
  8. A

    Feeling Defeated in a New Area? Get Encouragement Here!

    Hi, I am new to this site but have been with PC for almost 4 yrs. We are a military family and moved to a new area back in June. I feel absolutely defeated by this area. I have had 3 mystery host/new product launch shows at my house. I invited everyone I know here (50 people), put flyers up...
  9. raebates

    How Is Your Pampered Chef Team Using Insights from NC to Boost Sales?

    I've written a quick note to my team members about NC. I wrote just a few sentences about the new products and am including a mini-catalog with the note. I let them know about the social media announcement and encouraged them to take the online courses. Most importantly, I told them a...
  10. P

    Boost Your Bookings: Tips for Reconnecting with Old Contacts

    Any suggestions on calling people that are on your contact list that you haven't talked to or heard from in a few years??? I am determined to get some bookings on my June calendar! Just not very comfortable with contacting these people out of the blue. Any words of advice or encouragement are...
  11. C

    Needing Encouragement: Struggles of a Consultant

    I need a little encouragement today. I am bummed about my business. I have been a Consultant since October 29 of last year and things are not going well. December was my best month with about $ 1200 in sales, and things have not been the same since. I have not been able to get anyone to book a...
  12. Monty060609

    New Consultant's Grand Opening Show - TIA for Tips & Encouragement!

    So today is my first real real show. I've been a consultant since October but been very slacking the whole time. And when I tried to do shows at my house no one could come, except once when my MIL came. So I'm pretending that I just signed up and this is my grand opening show :) It will also be...
  13. N

    New Thread: Daily Encouragement

    Daily check in just to keep in touch. With no leadership conference consider this to be our meetup instead. I'll start with Linda: How's your dad doing? What can we pray for? How's everyone's biz? Let's chat. Even a single line post is ok.
  14. P

    Inspiring Story of Encouragement: A Pampered Chef Consultant's Journey

    I had an odd experience today but as more as I thought about it, I was like wow, I guess I was the right person for that and hope I was an encouragement/inspiration for this lady:angel:. I had a lady from a booth asking about signing to be a PC consultant but the catch was, I wasn't there at...
  15. raebates

    Just a Few Words of Encouragement . . .

    I already shared this on FB. It was so powerful to me, though, that I decided to share it here, too. Warning: I've been told that it brought several people to tears. I had an amazing experience this afternoon. My parents are visiting from Florida. Mom had something she needed to do at the...
  16. B

    I Need Encouragement or I'm Throwing in the Towel...

    My fourth show in a row just cancellled! I have nothing for June and a limited calendar in the month of June due to my daughter's graduation and open house and MIL 80th b'day. I just signed on in early February and have had very successful shows, but the bookings I've had seem to cancel on...
  17. natural

    June Sellathon Team Encouragement

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had the flier of the last items given during the Sellathon for Spring product. I would like to send my team an email about the June Sellathon coming up, and then give them some concrete info about what was earned last time. If you could scan it or post it...
  18. S

    Finding Motivation After a Setback: My Journey to $200,000 in Sales

    This may turn into being something long... I lost my Directorship, but I am ok with it. I did a lot of praying & that's why I am ok. I started working part time, but I still need to do PC. I haven't really done much for a couple months, I am still active - almost to $200,000 in career...
  19. P

    Boost Your Sales: Tips for Reaching Your 30-Day Goal

    My 30th day is Monday. I have a goal of submitting 4 shows with over $1250 in sales. Right now I have submitted 2 shows with $462 in total sales. I have a show on Saturday that I have told the host I will need to close on Sunday so she knows to get outside orders together beforehand. I am also...
  20. Bren706

    I Need Encouragement to Make the Calls!

    Okay, there are a number of people that I have not called to follow up with on orders from January and February, March, etc..... shows. (well, even earlier than that too, but I figure I would tackle with this year's). Although, I have made a few calls from those shows, I have not made a call...
  21. T

    Homemade Postcard Ideas for Team Encouragement and Celebrations

    Does anyone have a template of a homemade postcard you send to your team for encouragement and congratulations for accomplishing a goal or having your highest month, etc? Thanks.
  22. janetupnorth

    How Can Bible Verses Provide Strength During Trials?

    I just realized that today really seems to be a day with people going through trials of various shapes and sizes. For those of similar faith, I wanted to post some verses to encourage those out there who need them today and remind you to focus on God for your strength and to meet all of your...
  23. ted122781

    Finding Hope After Losing My Job: Coping with Unforeseen Changes

    I just lost my job. It had nothing to do w/my performance. My position is no longer necessary. I am so upset right now. I'm stressing. I haven't really digested everything. I'm scared about finances. We were going to close on a house next Tuesday, but now we can't. I'm just so sad right now. I...
  24. S

    Struggling to Reach Directorship: Any Tips for Encouragement?

    Hello there! I am working soooo hard to get to directorship and I can feel it all crumbling at my fingertips. I have 6 girls....and 3 in the works. 2 are qualified, 2 only need 2 more, 1 needs 3, and 1 needs all of them. I have done all I can to make sure they all have the support they...
  25. C

    Phone Call Results & Next Steps: Encouragement Needed!

    I am so happy that some of us are doing well on our phone calls :) I just need some encouragement as I was on the phone tonight and should be on the phone again tomorrow night (not looking forward to it after tonight's results) This is what the results were: I made 28 calls tonight to...
  26. M

    Find Encouragement and Boost Bookings for Your Show | P.C. Performer's Guide

    Hi Everyone, I just need some words of encouragement because I do not seem to get bookings at shows. I believe people have a good time at my show. I would hate to think that no one wants to book because of me! Anyway, I do love being a part of p.c. I'm just needing a little push. thanks:o
  27. krzymomof4

    Finding Encouragement During Nicotine Withdrawal | 36 Hours Smoke-Free

    Okay, I know this is going to sound silly, but I really need some encouragement right now. I am as of right now 36 hours smoke free. I am having a really hard time with withdrawl symptoms even though I am using the patch. I could really use a pick me up because I am really :grumpy: :grumpy...
  28. C

    Had a Bad Day, Need Encouragement

    So I have a Bridal Shower tomorrow over an hour away. I am still up and have not even started getting ready for it. We got hit by someone with no drivers license and no car insurance on Sunday and I have no car worked out to get to the show yet. I have spent all day trying to get my Feb host...
  29. S

    Boost Your Hosting Confidence: Words of Encouragement for a Discouraged Host

    I have a host who was going to book a late July/early August show. She just sent me an email saying she just had a jewelry party and barely anyone showed up. "My friends are lame" she said. Now, she's not quite sure she wants to host another party and asked for words of encouragement. Please...
  30. N

    Boost Your Direct Sales Business with Effective Advertising Strategies

    I guess I'm just down a bit. I only have one booking left for June and one for July and then nothing much til September! I have no leads, people I thought would definitely book (people I've known for many many years!) haven't even acknowledged that I'm selling TPC, one even blocked half her...