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What is postcard: Definition and 111 Discussions

  1. kcnancy

    Affordable Postcard Invites by KCNancy | Limited Time Offer - 66214 Shipping

    Postcard Invites by kcnancy posted May 18, 2015 at 8:50 PMThe price is right on these, just pay shipping from 66214.
  2. M

    Recipe And/Or Name From Old Postcard Invite

    I'm looking for the recipe (at least the name of it if nothing else) for the chocolate dessert on one of the old postcard invites. Looks like a brownie or cake with a basket weave of frosting or whipped topping on top. Any help you can give me is much appreciated!!!
  3. kdangel518

    What Labels for Postcard Invites?

    I believe I have seen in the past consultants print out the info for the postcard invites (location, time, phone # etc.) on labels. Anyone know which labels (either avery # or size) to use for that? I am putting together 20 fundraising packets and want to include some postcard invites, but...
  4. F

    Postcard Opportunity for Back-to-Business Meeting: Don't Miss Out!

    Anyone have a great post card opportunity flier made up? We're having an opp. event prior to our back to bis. mtg. and I'd like something to send out to potentials in post card format.
  5. DebPC

    Director Get Ready for Fall with Our New Postcard Invites - Subscribe Now!

    Hi All, I'm ordering my new fall paperwork. There's a new postcard invite for website suscribers. Did anyone see this at conference? I'm assuming there's a place for us to put our websites for outside orders. But if anyone can clarify this for me- that would be great! Thanks!
  6. PampChefJoy

    Hwc Guest Specials Postcard - 4 up

    Here is my 2011 HWC postcard. Hope it helps!
  7. heather223

    Effortless Postcard Invitations: Simplify Your Host Information with Labels

    Hi! I am considering going back to using the postcard invites and was wondering if anyone has a label they use to put the host information on the postcard? I know some people run them though their printer, but this didn't work so well for me and I find labels so much easier and less frustrating...
  8. pamperedchef.em

    Ramping Up Sales & Recruitment: Twixt or Treat Postcard Ideas!

    We live in a PRIME Trick or Treating area and get hundreds of kids at our door every year. I really want to ramp up my bookings, sales, and recruitment efforts, so I am planning on dropping a Twixt or Treat postcard in each bag for the parents to find after their little monsters return home. I...
  9. A

    Holiday Recruiting Recipe Postcard

    I had a host's show delivered to my house since she would be out of town & I wanted to get the guests their items. Since it was one box (whole bunch of small stuff) I did not do inventory before I started bagging the product. On the host's receipt, in addition to her items, was the following: 5...
  10. S

    Looking for Postcard Invitations?

    I just placed a supply order and forgot to order postcard invitations. Does anyone have some to sell? Thanks, Suzy in Texas
  11. J

    Where Can I Find a Template for Mexican in Minutes Postcard Invites?

    Hey all... I have looked and can't find one!! Does anyone know of or have a template they use to print out thier Mexican in Minutes Postcard invites. I ran out of everything else and this is a last min show!! Please Help!!!
  12. kcjodih

    Send a Postcard from Your Town: Help Make My Daughter Smile!

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there were any cheffers willing to send a postcard from their town/city or state to my daughter. She's in her final year (fourth year) of Pathfinders and it hasn't been too pleasant this year. Very disorganized leader who promises the moon and the stars and...
  13. wadesgirl

    Corrected Date Postcard: Important Update for Upcoming Show Invitation

    I just got a call from one of the co-hosts for a show in two weeks. Apparently the invites I sent out have the wrong date and time!! I have two co-host shows that weekend and apparently I looked at the wrong date! I now need to send out a postcard with the corrected date. What should I say...
  14. KaryCam

    Missing April Postcard - What to Do?

    I'm saving my postcards like they mentioned so that I can turn them in for something. My problem is that I never received my April one and I just got my May one today. Yes, I was bad and didn't turn my show in until April 30 and my May show went in May 8. I would have figured that my April...
  15. K

    HWC Postcard Invitations for Easy and Efficient Party Planning

    Did anyone make up a hwc invitation that they can share with me. I'm looking for one that can be made to have 4 to a page. Thanks, Karen
  16. PampChefJoy

    Need a Convenient Way to Print Your HWC Guest Specials Postcard?

    Okay, here is the finished 4-up on a sheet for printing (there are fillable fields for your personal info). Also is a 1-up design ready for VistaPrint per their printing guidelines.
  17. kreaser

    New HWC Postcard Design with Vista Print | Get Inspired and Create Yours Today!

    Hi was wondering if anyone has done up a new postcard for HWC with vista print thanks in advance
  18. babywings76

    New Postcard Invitations Question

    I ordered the new Postcard Invitations for the S/S season. I was all ready to print out show info labels for them, when I realized that they changed the look of the invite. It looks great, but the info section is really large now. I need huge labels to cover over them. I guess the new ones...
  19. J

    End of the Year Thank You Postcard

    Does anyone have wording for a postcard put together that would thank customers for helping me earn Disney (I'm almost there)? I want to do it on vista print, and I want to offer a discount if they order by the end of the year. Anyone have anything??
  20. dannyzmom

    Help! Old Postcard Invites Needed!!

    It's that time of year again - getting ready for the BIG fundraiser. This year they are inviting...ready for this? ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE!!!! I was expecting the usual 300-500 postcard invites, but this year she hit me with ONE THOUSAND!!!! I don't have enough!!!!! Does anyone have old, outdated...
  21. kdangel518

    Get $5 Gift Certificate from My Postcard - Honest Opinion Requested

    I developed this postcard on Vistaprint, the intent is that I will bring these to local flower and bridal shops and ask if they will give them out to brides, and I will do the same with their information if they desire. Not sure I LOVE it... what are your honest opinions? I definitely feel it...
  22. kdangel518

    Holiday Postcard I Made Thru Vistaprint

    I made these super cute holiday cards through Vistaprint- another CS'er gave me the inspiration (forgive me, I can't recall who you were!) but I got 100 free! I will send these out around late Oct/early Nov. And I got adorable matching address labels free too! SO cute! I can't wait to send them...
  23. Kathie's Kitchen

    ....I Can't Find the Postcard Referred to in the Files Section for

    ....I can't find the postcard referred to in the files section for Wedding Registry. There is a letter for Bridal Showers I found on here and it refers to an informational postcard. Thanks y'all in advance.
  24. J

    Reaching Out to Maybe Guests: A Postcard Idea

    I'm thinking about putting together a postcard for those guests that checked maybe on the door prize slip, but I didn't get a chance to talk to them at the show. Anyone have any suggestions or anything like this. I can't seem to reach people when I call and most don't put their e-mail address...
  25. crystalscookingnow

    Fs - Display Cards & Postcard Invites

    I have the following that I'd like to sell: Display cards (1.50 each set) 6 O'Clock Salads - 2 sets Trifle Bowl - 2 sets Forged Cutlery - 4 sets Executive Cookware - 2 sets Stainless Cookware - 4 sets Chocolate Bliss - 2 sets Real Food, Real Fast - 3 sets Bites & Bevs - 2 sets...
  26. P

    Maximize Bookings with our Booking Benefit Postcard - Order Now!

    What do you all think of this? I want something I can send to the host before her show to remind her of the Booking Benefit. I don't want to make it month-specific because I'm going to order from VistaPrint. If I try to give them the month-specific DYLAB flyer, it won't happen. I need...
  27. PampChefJoy

    Looking for a Special Postcard Design? Check Out Our Hwc Guest Collection!

    There should be room to fill in 3 lines at the bottom right. I also have the VistaPrint-ready version if anyone needs it.
  28. cwinter474

    Create Custom HWC Postcards with 2009 Collection: Tips and Tricks from Carol

    Last year someone posted a postcard sheet they had made, with 4 cards to a page of the available May HWC products. It looked like the Guest Special page shrunk down to get 4 on a page. I have tried to do this but it doesn't come out readable when I do it. Anyone? thanks, Carol PS -...
  29. kreaser

    Deep Cranberry Baker Postcard Flyer

    Here is what I am stapling on all catalogs (especially those for book shows) It has helped tremendously in the sale of the baker. I have a book show closing out at $600.00. 3 bakers were sold straight out. Hope it helps karlene reaser
  30. wadesgirl

    Need to Get Rid of Old Iso Booking Benefit Postcards?

    Nancy's artwork used to have an orange Booking Benefit postcard that you send to the past hsot. Anyone have any of these they would like to get rid of??