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What is guests: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Sarah Mitson

    How Can I Gift Items or Shipping to My Online Customers?

    Hi, I'm a new consultant and just had my very first sale (on a facebook show). I want to gift my first customer with either a small product or maybe free shipping but I don't know how to do that. I saw in her cart that I can add items, but how do I pay for the items added. And how can I pay for...
  2. T

    Getting Back on Track: Host Coaching & Guests Specials

    Ok so I have been a bit inactive so I am tryijg to figure a few thimgs out. 1. Can you only buy the new host coaching folders instead of the traditional flyers that were cheaper?also, what are people doimg now that the host/guest specials are not sent im the cn. They looked much better then...
  3. kam

    Shipping Costs for Guests & Hosts on Shows

    What are the shipping costs for guests (and hosts?) within shows?Thanks!
  4. J

    Iso Commision Statement to Show Guests

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone (advanced director and above) would be willing to copy their commission statement that I, and I am sure other people could use it as well, that shows the potential of what we can make selling PC. I do not have anyone on my team yet and my check is $750 last...
  5. 1PamperedMommy

    Planning a Fun, Quick Home Party for 20 Guests!

    I had a baby last year and haven't done a home party in almost a year, but my best hostess has requested that I do a show for her. She tends to have around 20 people over and I want to do something fun, but I'm a bit out of practice. I can't bring a TON of product, and I can't be gone all day...
  6. Sheila

    50 Guests, No Food Allowed. How Would You Do the Show?

    2 heads think better than 1. 100 heads definitely think better than one! LOL The venue doesn't want ANY food in the room. How would you entertain 50 guests? I know I could do a "walk through the catalog" and highlight some of our most popular products. But I'm looking for outside the box...
  7. T

    Easiest Way for Guests to Order Online From Host?

    I need help! I haven't had much success in having guests order online from a Host's party. It's always been a big ordeal and my hosts get very confused. Does anyone have step-by-step directions for me, the consultant on how to set it up? Do I need to enter guest email addresses and names in...
  8. B

    Only 3 or 4 Guests What Do You Do

    Hey I am not sure if I should post this here but just a quick question. Do you do a show even if the host has only 3 or 4 guests. Is there a minimum that you do a cooking show for. Last night the host had 3 but I did get a booking and tonight the host has 4. Do you ever cancel. Thanks in advance
  9. wadesgirl

    Do You Need to Have Guests Sign Credit Card Receipts?

    Do you have your guests sign their receipts for credit card payments? I only ask because right now I'm doing a book party for another company and she is requiring me to mail her all the receipts that paid by credit card with signatures to her for "verification that they agree to pay". I take...
  10. M

    Only 2 Guests Confirmed for a Show.

    I have a show coming up this Saturday. I contacted my host yesterday to find out how many definite yes's she had, and she only came up with 2. One of them is moving on the 1st. Blah. I'm thinking of re-booking her show until next weekend so she can get more people to come. I just don't...
  11. P

    Creating Outlet Cards for Event Guests: A How-To Guide

    Has anyone made Outlet cards that explain how to get the outlet so we can give them to guests at shows?
  12. 1PamperedMommy

    Gluten-Free Show Recipes: Ideas for Hosts and Guests

    I have a show coming up for a host who is gluten-free. Anyone have any ideas for show recipes?
  13. cookingwithlove

    Director Quickly Fix Guest Specials: Update Carts and Check for Price Changes

    If you started a June show earlier this month and did not submit it, the guest special may have been changed to a charged item. That is the guest is now being charge the $8.50 for the peeler. To fix it quickly just hit update cart in the order. Currently the “Select a Host Special” feature is...
  14. C

    New Web Sending Invites to Guests

    Does anyone remember what they said about adding yourself as a guest or the host as a guest to send them an invite, just to make sure it works right? I can't remember!!!! Thanks!!
  15. C

    Credit Card Fraud Strikes Again: My Guests' Experiences

    So with almost every show I've had the last 3 months there is always at least one declined credit card. It's gotten to the point where I dread submitting cause I know I'll get that email them BAM, there it is. One time, it was just the system. I entered her same exact credit card info 3...
  16. C

    Setting Up My Website: Can I Let Guests Shop?

    So I just setup my website last night. I didn't think anyone could order until I qualifies... which I haven't yet. But the option to "shop online" is there. Anyone know if I can have guest shop? I also am curious if their order is sent directly to PC HQ or will I get it first and then send it...
  17. Kjurich

    Set Up an Online Shop for Show Guests

    Ok quick question I set up my personal website yesterday and I know the "shop online" isnt available yet cause I havent qualified yet, but can I still set up a show on there for show guests to shop for online show orders?
  18. P

    I Currently Have a Catalog Party Going. One of the Guests Ordered

    I currently have a catalog party going. One of the guests ordered online from my website and put in the hostess' name and placed her order. I got an email today that said I had online activity and I saw that it was this guests order. When I went to my PWS, and clicked on the catalog show...
  19. vhadley

    How Long to Wait on Guests Addresses?

    I'm doing my first party next week and I'm still waiting for my mother in law to send me her guests addresses. I have set up an invitation through evite.com. I also have another just , same problem. I really don't want to aggravate and hound then, but I'm getting really annoyed. How long do...
  20. S

    Spanish Speaking Host and Guests

    I have a show next month where the host and most of her guests are Spanish speaking. The friend the host booked the show from will be there at the show to help out-as I speak very little Spanish. Do any of you have any host coaching letters or any information for hosts in Spanish? Thanks in...
  21. B

    How Should Guests Order Replacement Parts?

    If I don't order replacement parts for my guests, can they order them themselves online? I do have a website. Thanks.
  22. B

    Catalog Show- Guests in 2 States..help!!!

    I'm very new to pampered chef. I currently have a host in VA who is doing really well on her catalog show. She has an equal number of ordering customers in VA and in CT ( where I am located... and most of her family is here as well) I'm trying to find a way that her guests that live in CT...
  23. K

    How to Handle 27 Confirmed Guests?

    I have a "good" problem :) My show for Wednesday night has 27 confirmed guests. While that sounds great, I know that sometimes large parties don't end up producing the best results - sometimes lower "per-guest" orders and difficult to generate bookings. Does anyone have any words of wisdom...
  24. T

    Saturday Show Success: $250 in Orders and 25 Guests!

    I have a show Saturday and my host just e-mailed me that she already has $250 in outside orders, 25 confirmed guests, AND a possible recruit lead for me! :D
  25. S

    40 Guests Will Be at Sunday's Bridal Shower

    I'm so excited about the Bridal shower this coming Sunday-40 guests will be there! Apparantely this is the only shower for the bride. It's from 1-4pm on Sunday. In an effort to "keep things moving" which is sometimes hard with a big crowd, I probably won't do the Prize Drawing slip/customer...
  26. P

    Did My Guest Really Just Leave Without Ordering Anything?

    At my show last night, everyone was laughing, eating, and really enjoying the catalog and what I had to say. This one lady was making my job real easy. I went to pass around the garlic press and she said-thats the best press I ever had! I was talking about how things with a sharp edge, like...
  27. L

    How can I thank my guests and promote my services after a successful party?

    I had a show last weekend that finally got me "out of my circle" with 8 guests. I am still waiting to close in a day or two. Even though I know everyone had a great time and loved the food, I know there were a lot of things I did not get a chance to say. :blushing: For an example, explain about...
  28. B

    Planning a Sunday Feast: 23 Guests and Counting!

    My Sunday host just informed that she has 23 people confirmed for her show. We are doing DCB fajitas, salsa, and a trifle. Do I need another dish? If I do, what do you suggest?
  29. gailz2

    Am Ex Gift Card--Use Towards Guests Order?

    I received an American Express Charge Card Gift Card ($50) yesterday as part payment for an order. Has anyone had experience using these for payment? It has a crediit card number and expiration date, but not a billing zip code. I think they should be accepted, but the guy I just spoke to in...
  30. P

    Cookie Exchange Show: Invite Guests & Collect Info

    I am looking for an insert to guests on a Cookie Exchange Show. I am sending out invitations for a host using the mini catalog. I am going to put them in a holiday envelope but want to include what the guests are suppose to bring, have them call the host with the type of cookie they are...