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  1. M

    How do you do the 40 Guests in 4 minutes?

    I have a host that is worried about having a show b/c of guest attendance and I told her that I would help her w/ a guest list. I have heard about this 40 guests in 4 minutes technique but have never seen it....can anyone explain and/or provide a flyer? thanks in advance! maria
  2. B

    Information Folders for guests @ shows

    Does anyone use folders at their shows that has the catalog, order form, flyers for recruiting, for hosting a show, GIft registry forms, etc? I thought it would be a good idea, as I like to be able to look at the flyers and I thought it would be easier for me to ask them to pull out that flyer...
  3. C

    I'm doing a show next weekend and most of the guests are either repeat

    I'm doing a show next weekend and most of the guests are either repeat hosts or guests. I'm looking for new recipes that will knock their socks off, AND inspire them to continue booking for the fall. Is it too soon to use the new Celebrations shows? I made the Baked Potstickers last, and...
  4. K

    Calling Guests

    I just thought I would share this with everyone in regards to calling our guests. I know we all have different ways and such. And I think calling guests is a great way to establish yourself as being a caring kitchen consultant! But when do you begin to call...... One of my preferred...
  5. P

    Calling guests first OR sending postcards first

    What works best for your hosts... calling guests first then sending a reminder postcard later, or sending postcards first and waiting to hear from invitees?
  6. DebPC

    Merry Christmas Members and Guests!

    Thank you everyone for sharing your ideas and spreading the word about Chefsuccess.com. Every month we get more and more visitors reading all the great information that has been posted and sharing their ideas. The more information that is shared the better we all can become. Wishing you and...
  7. A

    What to do about talking guests?

    What do you guys do when you have guests that just won't stop talking during your demonstration? :mad: