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What is shop: Definition and 125 Discussions

  1. B

    Shop for Oakville Ontario Merch: Hoodie, Notebook, Mug & More!

    Oakville ontario Hoodie is an adult small. $20 Small notebook to add pads of paper $5 Hot drink mug$5 Pins and clip $5 25 year bracelet and bag $15 Travel tote great for shows! $25Message if interested Will ship Canada or USA via etransfer or paypal
  2. chefjeanine

    May Specials for Kathleen | Shop Now!

    Kathleen,Here are the May specials.
  3. P

    Shop 2018 Grad Gifts - Prices & Flyers

    Does anyone have a flyer specifically for grad gifts with 2018 products and prices? Thanks!
  4. C

    Vendor Event Table Cloth: Shop Now for December Delivery

    In need of a table cloth for a vendor event in December. Thanks!
  5. baychef

    Shop Corn Cob Knobs: Find Your Perfect Style!

    Customer looking for corn cob knobs.
  6. mspibb

    Shop My Closet: Free Shirts Just Pay Shipping!

    i have several 2 and 3x shirts I would let someone have for shipping cost. I have lost weight and they are too big but too nice to throw away!
  7. kam

    June Specials: Shop Now for Limited Time Offers and Updated Flyers!

    Here are the latest flyers updated with the June special.I will try to add a 4-block one with the Consultant special tonight.
  8. gsptn

    Appetizer Plates & Caddy Set #3113 – Shop Now!

    Looking for Appetizer Plates and Caddy Set #3113.
  9. M

    Closing Shop: Shipping Available for Paperwork, Catalogs & More!

    Getting out of the business. Contact me for shipping, most will be shipped flat rate.Paperwork-$10 -33 Sales receipts -1 pack Party Planners -5 Join UsCatalogs-$10 -46 Fall/Winter 2014 -18 Spring/Summer 2014Other-$10 -Men’s Aprons-Long -Men’s Consultant Tote Bags-Both Sizes -Tote Bag
  10. J

    Shop for Past Season's Best Cookbooks - Jolene's Search

    I'm looking for past season's Best cookbooks. I would like several of each if possible. Thank you and God Bless, Jolene
  11. sarahb2004

    Shop My Collection of Pre-Loved Home Decor & More!

    I have a few items for sale. All items do not include shipping but I can give prices depending on what I am sending and your distance from me :)PC license plate frame $8PC red solo cup with lid $5PC paisley over the shoulder purse $15PC American flag heart stoneware mold $5 Simple Additions...
  12. C

    Saving Money: Shop the Side Walk Sales

    Shop the side walk sales at the malls for clothes for next year. I just bought my 15 yr old daughter a coat at areopostle for 14.40 originally 119.50. When she was younger a group of women I know all decided to swap clothes for our kids as they outgrew them. Saved me a lot of money as I was a...
  13. B

    Saving Money: Shop Around for Insurance!!

    Quotes are free for home and auto insurance. Do you love your agent? If they are independent, make sure they are checking all their companies to see if you have the best deal. Ask the agent about service (HUGE ASSET). Are claims handled in a timely manner? Check online for complaints...
  14. T

    Shop for Pampered Chef Items - Consultant & Supplies Available!

    Actually shipping charges will be addedI also have a list of current items if you would like the list please pm or email me. Consultant ItemsBow x2 Gray with Gold Pampered Chef $2.00 each Pillsburry Dough Boy $3.00 Top Performer Pin 2001 x3 $1.00 each 8 Blank Luggage Tags $1.00 each Key...
  15. N

    Trouble Showing Wedding Registry and Shop Online on My Pampered Chef Website

    I finally have my first show on 6/29 (what a way to cut the end of month close..lol) and when I tried to connect the link to her fb event it isn't shown in my website. Is it because of the upgrade or should I just contact HO? Thanks
  16. J

    Shop Home Decor & Kitchenware: Great Deals!

    New items 8 inch unglazed mini baker $10 Taupe Glazed Mini Baker $15 White Glazed Mini Baker $15 Set of 4 Cranberry Petite Squares $7 Set of 2 Striped Small Square Simple Additions Bowls $15 Set of 4 Colored Simple Additions Small Square Simple Additions Bowls $20 Dots Martini Glasses...
  17. T

    Bride-to-Be Gift Registry: Shop with Pampered Chef for Special Day!

    Does PC sell cards the bride can put in her show invitations to let people know she is registered with PC?
  18. wadesgirl

    Want to Support Local Businesses? Join Our Vendor Event!

    I'm putting together a vendor event with my sister. I'm trying to come up with a flyer but I'm stuck at what to put on it that will really grab people's attention. I found a few on here but they talk about food and door prizes - which we aren't doing! A lot of them are about holiday shopping...
  19. C

    Setting Up My Website: Can I Let Guests Shop?

    So I just setup my website last night. I didn't think anyone could order until I qualifies... which I haven't yet. But the option to "shop online" is there. Anyone know if I can have guest shop? I also am curious if their order is sent directly to PC HQ or will I get it first and then send it...
  20. winklermom

    Bringing Snacks to My Hair Stylist's Shop

    My hair stylist is a good friend and has told me that I can come and set up sometime at her shop. I'm just wondering what I should bring to eat, if anything. I had actually thought about just bringing some cream cheese w/raspberry sauce and some of the other sauces with pretzel sticks for...
  21. Kjurich

    Set Up an Online Shop for Show Guests

    Ok quick question I set up my personal website yesterday and I know the "shop online" isnt available yet cause I havent qualified yet, but can I still set up a show on there for show guests to shop for online show orders?
  22. babywings76

    Check Out Our Holiday Dinner Ideas - Shop on Your Own PWS!

    This is really cool! But I wish it was on each of our PWS's! I wonder what I can say in the status update to let people know not to order or anything on that site, but instead hop over to mine. https://www.pamperedchef.com/11_holiday_dinner.jsp
  23. babywings76

    How many vendors should we have for our Christmas Stop & Shop event?

    A friend of mine sells 31 and asked me if I'd like to help her organize a Stop & Shop event for the beginning of December. She has a friend who runs a local hotel and might be able to let us use a banquet room for free or at a low cost. Having never done one before, I'm looking for ideas...
  24. vhadley

    Shop Business Items: Catalog Tote & More!

    Is there a place that I can see all the business items for sale? I'm talking about the catalog tote and stuff similar to that. I can't seem to find it anywhere. I found the number on here to order, but would love to see pictures first! thanks!
  25. W

    Shop Holiday Aprons at Pampered Chef

    Does anyone know if Pampered Chef has Christmas/holiday aprons that we can purchase?
  26. byrd1956

    Shop for Totes & Glasses - Shipping Added at Checkout

    I had to edit this as the shipping was lots more than I anticipated for the tote I mailed today. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I will need to add shipping to each item listed. So if you want an item, please send me your mailing address, so I can find out what the shipping will be...
  27. wadesgirl

    Shop Pampered Chef: Best Deals & Offers on Products!

    Please PM me, do not post here I may not see it right away. If you want to see any pictures let me know. Prices do not include shipping. Unless someone wants to explain how to accept PayPal payments where I can get the money without having to pay any charges I will only accept checks or money...
  28. baychef

    Director Shop Campaign 12: Avon Products Without Warranty

    Not the quality or the warranty of our products but if you pick up an Avon book (campaign 12) and check out pages 138 to 145. Orange scoop and drain (called Ultimate Scoop colander) Tilt grinder for peppercorns Battery operated cheese grater Stainless steel and silicone tong set...
  29. jbondr

    New Patriotic Items Available - Shop Now Through May 26th!

    I just checked the outlet and there are new items available. There are some patriotic items only available through May 26th. I will be spreading the word through my host and guest listing today. :)
  30. lt1jane

    Save Money and Help Others: Shop with SHARE & Support Thanksgiving Dinners!

    I purchase some of my groceries every month from an organization called SHARE. (It started in San Francisco and is all over the US or Angel Ministries is another organization that is similar) It is a food buying club (no membership fees) that buys first quality groceries and sells them to...