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What is patriotic: Definition and 47 Discussions

  1. C

    forSale: Pampered Chef Patriotic Tablecloth

    This is for the Patriotic Table cloth from a few years back. It's on a 6ft dining room table in this picture. I'm asking $20 for this with shipping.
  2. C

    Patriotic Bag With Large Red Star

    Selling the blue and white patriotic bag with the large red star on it. I'd like $15 for this bag. Out of the bag but never been used. Comes from a non smoking home.
  3. millthayer

    Patriotic Tablecloth

    I am looking for the Patriotic tablecloth if anyone would have it...please email me at: [email protected] thanks
  4. C

    I Have the Patriotic Table Cloth for Sell. $45.00 Never Used

    I have the patriotic table cloth for sell. $45.00 Never used
  5. J

    Fs: Patriotic Apron Nip

    Never opened. $15 includes shipping. Pay Pal only.
  6. J

    Patriotic Apron for Sale

    Just received the Patriotic Apron and I have too many aprons already. Will sell for $15 plus shipping.
  7. quiverfull7

    Iso Patriotic Tablecloth

    I am PRAYING someone out there has an extra Patriotic Tablecloth. I have a VERY upset host who wants one and I truly need to get my hands on one for her. PLEASE contact me and I'll work out whatever I can with you! TIA!!!
  8. quiverfull7

    Director Iso Patriotic Tablecloth

    I am PRAYING someone out there has an extra Patriotic Tablecloth. I have a VERY upset host who wants one and I truly need to get my hands on one for her. PLEASES contact me and I'll work out whatever I can with you! :) TIA!!!
  9. doughmama

    Fs: Patriotic and Paisley Items

    Cool & Serve carrier - $28, includes shipping Patriotic apron - $28, includes shipping Paisley B & W Apron – $28, includes shipping Paisley B & W Lunch tote – $16, includes shipping Paisley B & W market tote – $18, includes shipping Love these items but I just don't need them. Still using...
  10. J

    Fs: Patriotic Tablecloth New in Pkg

    $20 + shipping.
  11. thehaleykitchen

    Iso - Patriotic Tablecloth

    I am in search of a Patriotic Tablecloth for my Mom ~ let me know if you have one and how much you are selling it for. Thanks! Karen
  12. B

    Patriotic Tablecloth

    Did I miss something? Is the tablecloth only available to hosts that hold a show June 1-14? Can they be purchased? I don't see it in the CN anywhere and wondered if I overlooked something.
  13. M

    Fs: Patriotic Tote

    Just came in the mail; this is our patriotic tote for this year. New, in the package; I have way too many totes. Just asking $24 including S&H. (Let me know if that's way off base for the price!)
  14. E

    Looking for Patriotic Recipes/Ideas

    I'm doing a booth next month and they do a theme for all the vendors. This months theme is Red White & Blue. I'm trying to find a good recipe to have there that fits within the theme. However since it's outside I'm trying to stay away from anything creamy that could melt. Anybody got...
  15. jbondr

    New Patriotic Items Available - Shop Now Through May 26th!

    I just checked the outlet and there are new items available. There are some patriotic items only available through May 26th. I will be spreading the word through my host and guest listing today. :)
  16. T

    Fs: Patriotic Woven Selections Liner

    This Patriotic Woven Selections liner fits the Rectangular Woven Selections. It has been washed once, but it is in great condition. Asking $7, plus shipping OBO.
  17. M

    Iso Lettuce Knife, Cake Tester, Patriotic Tablecloth

    I am looking for a, a lettuce knife and a cake tester, any type (for customers) . and the Patriotic tablecloth (for self) - of course by the time I went to purchase it is out of the outlet. Thanks, just PM me or email at [email protected] Mara
  18. beepampered

    Iso Blue Cups From Patriotic Set

    I have a customer who want four blue cups that go in the patriotic set now posted on the outlet. Anyone have those available? Thanks.....BEE
  19. ChefJWarren

    Great Deals on Denim & Patriotic Aprons!

    I have 2 denim and 1 patriotic apron I would like to sell. Denims are used, but in like new condition. Patriotic still in package. Denim $8 for both Patriotic $7 Plus shipping.
  20. M

    Be Patriotic, Be Pampered...

    I'm offering a discount to everyone who places an order on my website (through a catalog show) in honor of Election Day. I'll be sending the following out in an e-mail tomorrow (minus the clip art): In honor of Election Day, I'm having a "Be Patriotic, Be Pampered Sale!" Remember to go and...
  21. emmabelle47

    Appetizer for Patriotic Theme?

    I know there's the salad recipe on CC, but what other appetizer Patriotic recipes are there? I searched the files, but only came up with dessert recipes. I wanted to offer an appetizer and a dessert- I got the dessert covered. (Thats always the easy one :-) ) Anyone got any good ideas?
  22. L

    Where Are the Patriotic Themed Recipes?

    In the May issue of CN on page 7, Just in time for Memorial day...patriotic themed recipes. Has anybody found these on CC? I looked and couldn't find them under "enhance your shows." Am I missing something?
  23. M

    Patriotic Recipes for a Show: Easy & Product Heavy!

    Please recommend a fairly easy, but product heavy Patriotic recipe for a show...I'm not just talking desserts either! (I'm drawing a blank so that may mean I need to get some sleep:indif: )
  24. K

    Patriotic Rufth Mold/Dots Towels for Sale

    I have 2 items for sale: The old heart mold for RUFTH with stars/stripes for $15 (still in box), plus shipping and the lilac/artichoke towels for $12, plus shipping. If you want both, will take $22, plus shipping. Money order only. My email: [email protected]. Thanks for looking!
  25. Stampaholic1961

    Iso Patriotic Tablecloth

    I procrastinated too long & missed out on the tablecloths on the outlet. I kept waiting to get some money in!!! If anyone has an extra I would love to buy 1 (or 2). Thanks for looking!
  26. momoftwins

    New Patriotic Dishtowel Needed

    I did an event this past Saturday with a sister consultant. We did a parade. We were dressed in red/white/blue and had one of the towels draped over our apron like you would at a show. I had never used my dishtowels before (just took them out of the package that day) and one of the sister...
  27. pampchefrhondab

    Patriotic Apron for Sale!

    Hey Everyone, I have a Patriotic Apron for sale. It is not in the package, but is brand new. I never wore it. My neigbor would like it, but I would like to offer it to my PC friends first. I would like $20 plus shipping for it. I can take Paypal or personal check. Please let me...
  28. S

    Patriotic Outlet Items

    Any super ambitious flyer makers out there that have already made a flyer from the email that was sent out today about the outlet items? I really want to pass this on to my customers but am not that great at making flyers. Thanks! Sarah
  29. S

    Patriotic Stoneware Heart Molds

    I have a few of these if anyone is interested... Thanks, Karla
  30. cat

    Patriotic Towels, Basket Liner and Apron for Sale

    I'm looking to sell the Patriotic Towels and Basket Liner, as a set if possible. Oh and I also have the Patriotic Apron, if anyone is interested...