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What is woven: Definition and 72 Discussions

  1. csnteacher

    Iso Woven Tray Care & Instructions

    If anyone has the care & instructions for the Woven collection, could you please email me a copy. I recently obtained a lovely pizza woven tray & would like to know the do's & don'ts. Appreciate it very much!! [email protected]. THANKS!!
  2. C

    Interested in Buying a Woven Selection Tray for $25?

    I have this woven selection tray for the simple addition long rectangle serving tray. I'm asking $25 plus shipping. I do take PayPal.
  3. J

    Simple Additions & Woven Traditions: $25-$60 + Shipping

    Simple Additions: Large Square Bowl Large Square Platter Woven Traditions: Square Handled Basket (hold large square bowl) $25 each + shipping or $60 + shipping for all three.
  4. C

    forSale: Discontinued Woven Selections

    I have all three that were available in the catalog (9x13, round pizza, and large square). I'm asking $20 for each plus shipping.
  5. C

    forSale Large Square Simple Addition Woven Selection

    I am asking $20 plus shipping for this.
  6. C

    forSale Rectangle (9X13) Woven Selectiom

    I am asking $20 plus shipping for this.
  7. C

    forSale Large Round Stone Woven Selection

    I am asking $20 for this plus shipping.
  8. C

    Fs Carafe, All Woven Selections, Gold Rimmed Plates

    I am interested in selling all of these items, just no room for them anymore!! Let me know if you are interested and we can figure out a price!
  9. C

    Iso: Large Woven Square for Simple Additions Bowl

    ISO: Large Woven Square for Simple Additions Bowl please email me at: [email protected] if you have one:) Thanks!
  10. C

    Fs Discontinued Woven Selections

    I have been digging around these for some time and finally decided to sell them. I have all 3 sizes/shapes. The Large Round, the Rectangular and the long Rectangle one. I'm asking $25 each plus shipping. If that price doesn't seem right to you maybe make me an offer and we will see. Only...
  11. E

    Is the Medium Square Woven Basket Still Available?

    Hi!.... Looking for the Medium Square basket. I believe it was a consultant only item. Hoping for 2...but I would be delighted to find one. :) Thanks!!
  12. raebates

    Looking for NIP Iso Round Woven Selections? Let us help!

    One of my customers is looking for one NIP. Thanks for looking.
  13. C

    Woven Baskets: Rectangle & Round Styles

    Woven Selections Rectangle Basket & the Large Round Woven Basket
  14. C

    Wanted: Large Round and Bamboo Woven Trays

    I have a customer looking for these Woven Trays. If you have them gently used or NIB that'd be awesome. She wants the large round woven serving tray and she's saying the Bamboo Serving Tray (I'm guessing it is the long skinny one for the Simple Additions). Please let me know ASAP! Thanks...
  15. R

    Iso Medium Square Woven Selections Basket

    I believe this was a Consultant only item(before I signed), but I NEEEEED one :blushing: Thanks!
  16. C

    Need Woven Basket for Rectangle Baker

    I have a great customer who would really love a woven basket for a rectangle baker - if you have one - let me know cost and shipping - thanks Candy
  17. doughmama

    New Woven Rectangle Server Needed

    does anyone have one that they would be willing to sell?
  18. B

    Help! Looking for Round Woven Tray in 27302

    Anyone have a round woven tray? They were just in the outlet and I have a customer who JUST missed it. The item was there but it wouldn't let her put it in her basket. Shipping would be to 27302.
  19. pcgogetter

    Looking for a Woven Pizza Tray? Let's Make a Deal!

    Anyone have a Woven Pizza Tray? I have a customer who wants one BADDD
  20. jbondr

    Outlet Updated With Woven Items

    I just checked the outlet this am and noticed the woven selections are now available. :)
  21. T

    Fs: Patriotic Woven Selections Liner

    This Patriotic Woven Selections liner fits the Rectangular Woven Selections. It has been washed once, but it is in great condition. Asking $7, plus shipping OBO.
  22. jbdowd0798

    Looking for a Rectangle Baker Woven Basket?

    Hi All, I have a customer who'd love the Rectangle Baker Woven Basket. If you have a new one please let me know what it would be to purchase & ship it. Thanks, Becky
  23. P

    Woven Traditions Baskets Needed

    Hello everyone...my director just moved to Japan and asked for my help in finding any of the discontinued Woven Traditions Baskets. Please see her note and contact her if you have any of the baskets you are wanting to part with....her information below.... "I'm looking for anyone who has any...
  24. scottcooks

    Iso Woven Selections Rectangle Basket for Rectangle Baker

    New preferred. For a fantastic customer (and my boss!)
  25. A

    Interested in a $25 Woven Round Platter?

    I have this for $25 plus shipping. Let me know if you are interested. Amy
  26. P

    inSearch of Woven Basket for Med Simple Additions

    Hi! Take pity on me someone. I need the basket for the medium simple additions square bowl . Not that this has anything to do with it, but I am on my second ( out of 6) chemo for non- hodgkins lymphoma, and I really want the basket. Chemo stinks, but it will help to keep me alive...
  27. PCCHeather0506

    Need Help Cleaning Woven Selections

    My mother has the woven selections baskets for her stones and can't get it clean. Any suggestions on what works best??
  28. pampered.chris

    Iso: Woven Traditions for 9X13 Baker

    I have a customer that is very interested in the Woven for the 9x13 Baker. Does anyone have one? Shipping to 16915. Thank you,
  29. jwagner75

    Where Can I Find Affordable Woven Items for Sale?

    Woven Rectangle Tray Woven Large Square Server Anything Woven etc. Please let me know your prices, I have been checking on ebay but I hate supporting people selling one ebay. Thanks Jess
  30. K

    Is the Woven Rectangular Server (Item #2147) Still Available for Purchase?

    Hi all - I am looking for a recently retired item, at least i think it's retired. My bride is looking for a woven rectangular server (item #2147). Does anyone have one that is new in the box? Thanks for the help.