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  1. K

    Simple Additions

    okay, I know I'm not crazy in spite of what my hubby says but I need your help. Anyone. :o Up until a month ago ('cause that was the last time I saw them) there were Simple Additions ideas in movie format. I don't recall the file extension type but I swear it was there. Does anyone know the...
  2. ChefNic

    Old Simple Additions on My Website!

    Does anyone else have the same "skin" on their website... either the greenish one or the purple one, with the Simple Additions, Ent. Set with the green rect. platter on there. I chose it because it looked nice, and I still like it best... but is there a way I can change that picture? Isn't it...
  3. Y

    Simple Additions Recipes

    I wonder if anyone can help? I have been sending out an e-mail newsletter for a number of months now, with a different recipe attached each month. At first the recipes were random, but now I have hit on the idea of featuring a recipe for whatever product is on the Host Special that month. The...
  4. kimcooks4u

    New Cd How to Sell the Collections:stoneware, Cookware, Simple Additions

    I listend to this new CD the other day on the way to a show. It is very good! Be sure to make it part of training new consultants on how to sell... It's great to have "the words to say" right at your finger tips to play over and over. Has anyone else played this CD?
  5. DebPC

    Selling Simple Additions

    Selling Pampered Chef Simple Additions SOME IDEAS ON HOW TO SELL SIMPLE ADDITIONS- The first step to selling these is to use them, They are beautiful, durable, and go with any decor. I say "Pampered Chef has bridged the gap between preparing food and serving food with our Simple Addition...