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What is clip: Definition and 25 Discussions

  1. raebates

    FooF Queens' Twixit! Clip Poem - Can You Complete It?

    On Foof Queens' fb page they posted a picture of a host packet that included a Twixit! Clip poem. From what I can read easily, it begins: A bag of salad won’t turn brown, And cereal won’t spill if upside down, Brown sugar won’t get hard like rocks, And in the laundry you won’t lose socks...
  2. T

    Iso Striped Simple Additions and the Clip N Spead.

    ISO striped simple additions and the clip n spead.
  3. pampchefrhondab

    Clip N Spread: Original Price Inquiry

    Anyone know how much the Clip N Spread cost originally? I have one I'm selling to a customer, but I got it in a group of products from the outlet. I didn't know what a fair price to charge would be. Thanks,
  4. esavvymom

    Bamboo Towels: Clip Breakage Issue - Experiences and Solutions

    Has anyone else had the clip on their bamboo towel break? I opened one of my towels last week for the first time to clip a towel on the handle of my display crate for a booth. I had a "father's" section with BBQ tools, etc and the towels and such. I had clipped it on. When I went to do the...
  5. jbondr

    Director What are some creative ways to use Twix-it Clips?

    Does anyone have a listing of uses for Twix-it Clips? I am planning on putting one in each goody bag for the local MS Walk. I would like to make a small card with creative uses and my contact info on the back.
  6. T

    Clip N Spreads: What Was the Sale Price?

    Does anyone know how much the clip n spreads were sold for?
  7. T

    Upgrade Your Spread Game: Discover Iso Clip and Spreads for Butter Bowls

    Iso 3 clip and spreads. (the speaders that goes on the butter bowls.) Please let me know if anyone is willing to part with new or used ones. Thanks
  8. P

    Clip Art - What's a Good Source?

    Where do you all find your great Clip Art? I'm using MS Office and the clip art that came with it is okay, but I want some of this great stuff I see on your flyers! I'm leary of downloading the 'free' clip art for fear of a virus - is there a good trusted site that you can refer me to? Is...
  9. N

    Where Can I Find Free Clip Art for My Fajitas and Margaritas Flyer?

    I'm in the middle of making a flyer for my Fajitas and Margaritas show. Does anyone have any favorite free clip art sites? Some of you make some awesome flyers and I'm having a hard time finding actual "free" clipart. Thanks! Leslie
  10. V

    Fs: 2007 Conference 5 Charm Clip on

    I hope you know what I am talking about...LOL The Charms that clip on to a backpack or purse.:D The charms are: LIVE YOUR DREAMS Luggage 3-2-1 Deep Covered Baker PC Chef Hat Comes in black velvet box. Got it last year, never used it. Hoping someone else can. It will grab...
  11. lisa717

    Get Extra Kitchen Clips from the Outlet - Must-Have KITCHEN ESSENTIALS

    Anyone else have a clip and spread out of the KITCHEN ESSENTIALS package in the outlet that they want to get rid of????? I ordered the set but would like 1-2 more clips as my SIL has been asking for years for more of those!!!
  12. V

    What's the Best Offer for the Clip and Spread Set? Free Shipping Included!

    Make me an offer... A good friend told me to get the forged knife, so I am not trading for the knife anymore....sorry! MAKE ME AN OFFER ON THE CLIP AND SPREAD!! Highest offer gets it....FREE SHIPPING!:D MONEY ORDER PLEASE
  13. M

    anAmazing Clip for Parents and Children---

  14. purrbal

    What Is the Holder for Twixit Clips?

    Does anyone have one and can tell me what it is? I know what the Twixit Clips are but what is the holder???
  15. pamperedape

    Searching for Clip Art? Here's Where to Look!

    Anyone have any good sites to get clip art from? Somewhere on here today I opened something with the cutest little chef lady and I can't remember what it was. :mad: Anyone know?
  16. rayday

    Audience Loved Clip at Show: Testimonials Helping Sign Up!

    I decided to try playing a clip of this at my show tonight and it went over VERY WELL!!! I told them all I was testing this out on them and wanted there feedback on if they thought it was good to show & informative. And I told them to honestly tell me if they thought I SHOULDN'T play it...
  17. J

    Did You See Rachel Ray's Video Clip Today?

    did anyone see the video clip on rachel ray today?
  18. P

    What Are Some Ideas for Military-Themed Business Cards?

    My recruit, who is active duty Air Force, is using "Cookin' in Combat Boots" as her catch phrase. So, I'm trying to help her design some awesome business cards and I'm looking for suggestions. I'm going to check out Microsoft's Clip Gallery but what other free galleries would you suggest...
  19. T

    Fun Twix-It Clip Game Ideas for Kids in the Kitchen!

    Any ideas for a fun game involving Twix-It clips? I am doing a Kids in the Kitchen show on Saturday and I read about an orange-peeling race but I don't have any orange peelers, just Twix-Its. I was thinking of a "funny hairstyle" contest involving Twix-Its but thought you guys might be able to...
  20. C

    Is the Help Whip Clip magnetic?

    One of my customers asked me if the Help Whip Clip was magnetic -- does anyone know? Beth in PA
  21. P

    Pampered Chef Folders: 15 Hard Flip Clip Folders, Excellent Condition!

    I have 15 Pampered Chef Guest Folders for sale. The folders have clear flexible covers, but are hard enough to write on. All folders have the clear stickers on the front that say "The Pampered Chef" with the chef's hat, stickers measure 3" tall x 5" wide. Folders are the flip clip style (the...
  22. P

    Where to Find Black and White Product Images for Flyers?

    Does anyone know where to get those little black and white images of different products for making flyers? I called PC and they told me that they were only available to directors and my director says she doesn't have any. I'm trying to make some host bonus flyers for my host packets. Any help...
  23. S

    Can I Use Host Special Images on My Business Cards?

    Good morning! Since I couldn't sleep last night I figured I would start on my buinsess cards. I copied the stoneware image from the host special pdf and wanted to use that on the side of my card - But I don't know if thats allowed. Any thoughts? I looked under the consultants corner but...
  24. C

    Pampered Chef Clip Art: Logo and Chef Hat Designs for New Consultants

    I am a brand new consultant...my starter kits hasn't even arrived yet! :rolleyes: But I am in the middle of creating some things for my Open House and was wondering if there was Clip Art for Pampered Chef logos, chef hat, etc. available anywhere? Thanks!!
  25. P

    Order Help Whip Cancer Items for Your Show | Item #9885 or 9884?

    I need to order some of the help whip cancer items for display at showI need to order some of the help whip cancer items for display at show I am having. It shows two different item #'s in PP. 9885 and 9884, which should I use. Thanks