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What is simple additions: Definition and 110 Discussions

  1. Y

    Looking for Dots Dishes: Dallas, Tx Area

    I lost half of my beloved dots dishes in my divorce. I’m looking for replacements in the Dallas, TX area to avoid having to ship. Anyone?
  2. Corey

    Looking for Simple Additions White Platter #2022

    My new puppy jumped up and dragged my table cloth to the ground and this platter that I love was on it and smashed into a bunch of pieces (puppy is ok!) along with some hot sauces that were on it. Anyways, I'm looking to replace this. Does anyone have one? If so, how much?I've attached a...
  3. C

    Looking for Simple Additions items for wedding in 85209?

    Hello! I'm in search of some Simple Additions items for my upcoming wedding this summer. I am looking for any platters, plates, bowls in white or cranberry. My zip code is 85209. Thanks!
  4. H

    Shop the Best Selection of SA Dots Pasta Bowls - Iso Certified

    Looking for dots pasta bowls especially, but almost any of the SA Dots collection, really.
  5. B

    Seeking Simple Additions White Square Plates

    I am looking for 6 of the medium diner plates (10 inch) and 6 of the small plates. Will pay $6 per medium and $4 per small. My zip is 12209. Thank you!
  6. sarahb2004

    inDesperate Need of Simple Additions Large Platter!

    Hi everyone. I recently broke my directors Simple Additions large square serving platter. (Item 1942). Does anyone have one they would like to sell? TIA!
  7. P

    Needing: Simple Additions Square Plates

    I have a customer looking for the old Simple Additions square plates
  8. R

    Iso Simple Additions Large Square Bowl for a Customer

    Hi everybody!!! I am on a mission to find a replacement for a customer.. she broke her sons bowl :( Looking for the Large Square Simple Additions Bowl.. I attached a picture of the one I am after.. will take new preferably or gently used!! Thanks so much Becky!!
  9. S

    Find Affordable Simple Additions in White - New or Used Plates, Bowls and More

    Looking for simple additions white, plates, bowls etc, new or used. Let me know if anyone has and wants to sell.
  10. K

    Searching for Lost Light Purple Simple Additions Bowl

    I am looking for the light purple Simple addtions small square bowl. It matches the tiles square retangle platter, and other related items. The bowls came in egglplant( dark purple) cranberry, and green. I used to have them all. I took my light purple one to church, and forgot to take it...
  11. Bren706

    Simple Additions Small Square Bowls

    Do the small square bowls that are in the current catalog fit into the discontinued square bowl caddy? My SIL had the set, but one of her square bowls have broke, and I would like to replace it for her.
  12. J

    Simple Additions & Woven Traditions: $25-$60 + Shipping

    Simple Additions: Large Square Bowl Large Square Platter Woven Traditions: Square Handled Basket (hold large square bowl) $25 each + shipping or $60 + shipping for all three.
  13. S

    Iso Simple Additions Large Square Bowl or Platter

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has any Simple Additions large square bowls or platters for sale. My husband dropped my bowl down the stairs and I was so upset! Somehow I missed the fact that they had been discontinued :cry: I would have stocked up! If anyone has either that you are...
  14. C

    Iso One Large Square Simple Additions White Plate

    I am looking for one of the large square dinner plates. Please let me know if you have one to sell! Thanks! [email protected]
  15. C

    Iso: Large Woven Square for Simple Additions Bowl

    ISO: Large Woven Square for Simple Additions Bowl please email me at: [email protected] if you have one:) Thanks!
  16. C

    Fs: Simple Additions Small Colored Bowls Set (Retired)

    Asking $40 including domestic shipping PayPal preferred Thanks! :D Candice
  17. T

    Iso : Simple Additions Large Square Bowl

    I have someone looking for 5 of these crazy huh? Thought maybe some one on here might have some
  18. heather223

    Fs- Simple Additions White Square Plates

    Hi! I have a customer who would like to sell her gently used square plates. There are 12 medium square plates in white. (Originally sold for $11 a plate) and 12 small square plates in white. (Originally sold for $8 a plate.) Any offer will be considered. If interested please send me the quantity...
  19. N

    Fs: Old Style Simple Additions

    I have some old Simple Additions stands that I am looking to sell. These are the black/brown metal stands. I've had them since about 2003.Stands: three tiered stand hospitality stand small bowl caddyDishes fondue accessory set (with 6 forks) hospitality set 2 black trianglesPictures...
  20. U

    Iso 3 Large Simple Additions White Plates/Bowls

    I need 3 of the large simple additions white plates and 3 of the bowls that fit the three tiered stand. Anyone have these willing to part? Thank you, Jenny:)
  21. KateInTheKitchen

    Simple Additions: Comparing Corelle to Lighter Dishes

    Can anybody tell me more about the new Simple Additions? When they said "lighter" I pictured them sort of similar to Corelle. Is this accurate?
  22. Kristin Radunz

    Simple Additions Rectangular Platter for 1954 Stand

    Hi. My friend is looking for the platter that goes with the stand (#1954). We think the platter is #2022, but we are not sure. Does anyone have one they would like to get rid of? Thanks!
  23. F

    Large Square Simple Additions Platter

    I am still desperately searching for a Large Square Simple Additions Platter. I found one, but she can't find anything to ship it in. If anyone has one, please let me know.
  24. T

    Iso Striped Simple Additions and the Clip N Spead.

    ISO striped simple additions and the clip n spead.
  25. K

    Do you have the Tiles Small Square Bowls and Plates in stock?

    I am wondering if anyone has the Tiles Small Square Bowls (would love 4 of them) and/or the Tiles Small Square Plates (would love 2 of these). I have a customer who wanted them, was having issues ordering on my website under my outlet and now they aren't on there anymore. If you could e-mail...
  26. M

    2008 Simple Additions Pumpkin Plate

    I found a pumpkin plate from 2008 I believe. I have no idea what they are worth. Best offer gets it! PM me with your offer! Thanks!
  27. G

    Need LARGE square platter or Iron Three Tier Stand? Contact me!

    I am looking for some Simple Additions pieces that are gone from the catalog. If you have a LARGE square platter(white) or the Iron Three Tier Stand that has the moveable legs please email me. I am in GREAT need for these two items. Thanks, Laureen [email protected]
  28. F

    Looking for Tiles Simple Additions pieces? Want to get rid of yours?

    Hi I'm interested in any tiles simple additions pieces, bowls, plates, platter etc . . . Please let me know if you have anything you'd like to get rid of. Used is fine as long as they're in good shape.
  29. Jennie4PC

    Simple Additions Breaking: My Experience

    has anyone had their simple additions break? I have the dots set and love them, but since I have had them I have had one mug crack(that was under warranty) so that was replaced. One saucer the rim basically peeled off, it looks like 3 layers were chipped away. And one of the bigger bowls cracked...